Stop forcing us to be sweaty speedrunners for loot

Most likely this

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Sadly, that’s probably the biggest target audience of retail right now. Wouldn’t be surprised if majority of current WoW players are M+ runners.

I personally detest the timer just for its existence. As soon as clock starts ticking it turns people into the competitive junkies, even if the time is irrelevant.


so they gave beta to 20 streamers and thousands of non streamers, they’re delusional crazy?

dude come on


One could argue that your statements about m+ are a brand of delusional crazy.

They could. But I heard if they remove the timer, we’re going to end up with a mode where we are standing around waiting for cooldowns between pulls and slowing down dungeons quite a bit. I’d rather go fast and get out faster than have a slow slog especially if the rewards are going to be the same

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Well yeah.

Who in their right mind would buy into this?

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ok… and? their marketing team did a marketing thing

do you also get all ragey when you see a mcdonalds promotion you don’t like?

I didn’t watch it because it doesn’t interest me. but it doesn’t mean anything more than “marketing does things, news at 11”

Why not a mode that splits the difference so that those who can manage it all, including time, get the best, those who can only handle some get decent rewards and thsoe who really can’t handle anything, ot the worst rewards, if anything.

Tells me that someone has their priorities wrong.

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What do you feel are the correct priorities that should have stopped this?

they’ve done that

those who can handle it all get extra loot and a key bump and credit towards weekly
those who can only handle some get loot (but not the extra), maybe a key bump and credit towards the weekly
those who do badly but still complete still get loot and credit towards the weekly, but not the key bump

that’s… exactly what you described. m+ is incredibilly* lucrative to failure.

*i can’t spell that and don’t want to look it up :confused:

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They come down from their spires and actually talk to us on this forum.

Or at least hire some admins or customer service.

So you feel this event stopped them from doing that?

What if I told you that you could press W pull 1 pack at a time and make b line to bosses and time
Every dungeon with easy on 15s?



Money and effort that could’ve gone elsewhere.

Ok. And we were talking about being crazy delusional was bad right?


You can play Mythic+ on your own time without having to be worried about competing for world first in speed runs either. In fact, doing 15s, you’re not even in the competition at all.

No, it’s not. You don’t design a game because and I quote :

I know why they do it.

I’d be surprised if they make a single positive buck out of it.

But it is all based on the timer, nothing for say like beating the last boss, which should end the dungeon, with less then 100% mobs.

What I would be after is something that is not really lucrative to failure, but where failure is pretty much wipe city, massively over time, and barely any mobs done.

Where as doing well on at least 2 of them can salvage the grade to a “pass” and doing well on only one just knocks them down a key level.

To put it bluntly, using the argument of:

Would mean they might do well on deaths and mobs, but so bad on time it would amount to a C, which would be a key of the same level and, I am willing to go this far, vault loot being the same as end of dungeon loot.

Why do they do it?