Still NO to Loot Trading

I was in a guild in early vanilla where our guild leader frequently “accidentally” looted items to the wrong person. There was no way to fix this at the time. We’re pretty sure he sold them for gold or whatever.

Their proposed system is an improvement in my view. Sure, someone could get an item, then sell it. Kick them out of the guild then if you discover it. No matter what Blizzard does with loot, someone on one end of the system or the other will do something unethical with it.

Forced personal loot in modern WoW was probably largely part of Blizzard trying to finally solve all loot drama once and for all, but that was hated too.

They’ll never please everyone, but a short loot window in raids helps them on a customer service side while still maintaining the basics of classic looting.

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You have no excuse to peddle this misinformation after Blizzard has said that it wouldn’t happen outside of raids.

How is that different from the raiding guilds who will sell Naxx runs for $$ when Naxx is finally released?

Is this dude really worried folks are gonna get that lucrative classic wow black market going?

Does this dude not understand how rare that would be and how large of a punishment would be attached to getting caught?

The lootrading option is more of a benefit than any hindrance, real or imagined.


Small problems are still problems. Never said the sky is falling. Just not satisfied with the introduction of this non-vanilla mechanic into Classic raiding. Why you gotta be so rude?

You are trying to convince people that your small problem is an issue that warrants action.

You’ve changed your original scenario to appear more dramatic, you conjure random and rare ‘what if’s’ in an attempt to enforce your fragile PoV…

You do not acknowledge the positives, in any way.

You are grasping at improbable maybes , trying to make them appear more of a threat than they are -or ever have been- so as to warrant your fear/point. Then you wrap it neatly in a nochanges bow.

Imo, its strawgraspy and chickenlittley.

Yeah and it’s not a big deal, just fix it.

Loot trading will resolve more issues than it causes. They know this to be true, from years of experience.

They’ve stated they don’t wish to run two high maintenance MMO’s.

It is a practical solution and welcomed or at least understood by most.

Yeah I obviously completely understand that Blizzard stands to save millions of dollars by not having to hire dozens of staff to answer tickets about loot redistribution. I’ve stated my solution in this thread already: just don’t offer GM support for mislooted items.

That way we don’t need to have loot trading, which not only is exploitable in the way I’ve described but affects loot in so many other ways.

Fixing a broken system with another broken system thats as exploitable maybe even more so is not a fix its just change to accommodate the lack of GM’s and CS overall, nothing more nothing less.

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Honestly guys, the exploitable nature of loot trading is not even my main concern. It’s really about the feel.

I hate how gamey loot trading is. It feels bad to watch a Druid loot Ashkandi because he’s ML and is gonna use loot trading as an excuse to hand out loot later.
It feels bad to receive a treasured upgrade in a trade window while fighting trash without any announcement in raid chat.
It feels bad to see your guild decide the optimal strategy is for somebody else to use your item for an hour and a half because it’s better on them just for this one encounter. By the time you get it it’s no longer “brand new,” it feels “used.”
It feels gamey and bad to shuffle the last boss’s loot around based on what the following boss happened to drop.
It feels bad to be told to trade something to someone for any reason.
It feels bad to have actually no idea who currently has that bomb item that just dropped.

It feels gamey and bad when soulbound items aren’t really soulbound and when receiving an item isn’t really receiving an item.
It feels gamey and bad when a system that exists to reduce GM tickets becomes a common gameplay element.

I admit it, this is the real reason I want loot trading removed from Classic entirely. Go ahead and roast me.

Once someone equips something, it can no longer be traded via loot trading or any other method save a GM moving the item…

If you made into Naxx with a raid leader like that, you’re kind of asking for things to be ninja…

Personal opinion, nothing more.

Again once items are equipped they can’t be traded…

Tell them no then.

Personal problems.

If you received it, it’s yours, that how it works. If you decide to trade it that’s on you.

Oh, did they add that to retail? Last time I played that wasn’t the case. That’s an improvement although it doesn’t solve all the issues.
And yes, obviously anything that talks about feelings is my opinion, thank you for clearing that up lol

They have to do stuff to justify even making Classic. When looking at what they have to do to make Classic a reality, I keep in mind - We won, we got Classic.

W/e the company needs to do to justify Classic, is what they need to do. If added, loot trading will be one of those things. It is what it is and it is a small price to pay.

It has been in the game for years. It works more than it doesn’t. Sure, it is exploitable , but they have established penalty systems in place to discourage exploitation. They work too.

It isn’t gonna wreck Classic, in any way. It will solve more problems than it causes. I am confident they have internal data , from years of loot trading being in-game, that proves that.

And if it doesn’t, they remove/change it to satisfy their low maintenance needs. W/e, Classic is on the way and it will be glorious.

#Data > feelings. Truth > feelings.

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yeah i mean thats why i began the thread with actual facts instead of my feelings

Nah, you began with a hypothetical that you changed to appear more dramatic :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t bother replying too much man. I’m done bumping this silliness =)

i updated the op because people have a limited capacity to imagine the possibilities. a lot of people didn’t seem to imagine that it could be an applicant or selling could involve real money

Oh, I see. It’s our fault you had to change your PoV -a false/made-up PoV- then later called it a truth…

Gotcha. Take it easy man lol