Loot Trading in Classic *updated*

I know we said no QoL changes, but I won’t mind waiting until the end of the run to hand out raid loot…


Now where’s my guild bank… :upside_down_face:


Doubtful. You make that mistake once and you’ll learn

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Lmao I can see it now, you’re just standing there with a band of acc and there’s a line of people in front of you with the tank in front

I’m already going mad with power :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


aww. nice. :sparkling_heart:

The answer to the UBRS question is: loot trading will be available in content that has a raid lock. UBRS will not have a raid lock.

A big part of loot trading (in a 2-hour window) as a solution to a concern is that raid locks require you to wait a week (or 3 days) before you can try again for the loot that was accidentally given to the wrong person.


God damn. The Classic team keeps earning my… trust?

That is a word I have not used in a while.

Good job with this project so far! Really appreciate the communication.


I still don’t think Loot Trading is necessary in any form. I think a disclaimer before opening a ticket, telling players that under no circumstance will mislooted items be moved from one player to another and that opening tickets for that purpose is a misuse of the ticket system is a better idea.

Loot Trading, even in raids, changes the looting dynamics. With this system in place, the Master Looter will be able to hold onto multiple bosses worth of loot to better distribute the loot.

Say for example; a Quick Strike Ring drops and a Rogue wants it. The Master Looter holds onto the ring and when they defeat Ragnaros, Perdition’s Blade drops. Perdition’s Blade is a larger upgrade for the Rogue, so he gets the dagger while the ring goes to a DPS Warrior. I guess this could also be done by leaving the loot on the boss but that’s much more of a hassle and I don’t know how long the loot remains on a fallen raid boss in Vanilla.

Just my opinion. It’s a lot better now, but I personally don’t think it’s a necessary system.


Thanks for clarifying!


Wonderful. Perfect compromise and intelligent solution.


Good compromise. Thank you.


Thank you for listening to us and going the extra step to make sure Classic will maintain a good community atmosphere. That’s one big concern put to rest.


Thanks for the clarification on UBRS !


Cool, sounds good. Honestly, I don’t really see this being an issue. It sounds like a problem for the GM staff etc, so I agree it should be considered.

The bigger issue in my eyes is people reserving gear, or even ninja reserving gear in 5 mans.

THAT is something we need to be discussing action against, because if you agree that this type of abuse can happen in 5 mans but not very easily in raids, then you should also agree that switching to master looter right before a boss then taking an item you want is just as bad.

The entire concept of masterlooting a 5 man makes no sense to me, and I think the solution should be to just make it so you have to be in a raid group to be able to access Master Loot.

I’m sure there will be other concerns if you do that, but for me the prohibitive element of pugging that really turned me off was how frequently tanks would either charge for their services or players would “reserve” gear just to speed up their already finite gearing process.


Why are you guys removing solo DM tribute runs? How will you prevent people from farming books??

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Nice one. No one is going to cancel their sub, if boots from scholomance go into a missclickers pocket even, if there is no safe net to save the situation. I guess same doesn’t apply for the ashkandi, so we can live with this.

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OMG!! Blizz thank you SOO much for listening!! Keep this ball rolling and Classic will return WoW to its former glory! :exploding_head:


good. i am happy you listened.


Lmao any warrior who isn’t masterlooting Ironfoe is low IQ when the poop tier rogue takes it from them

who said they are removing solo runs of DM?