Still NO to Loot Trading

And you’d be wrong. On all counts.

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Same here. That’s why I can accept them confining it to raids. Accidents happen.

While DKP does have its short comings, Loot Council is demonstrably worse… unless of course you are on or friends with the council members. It also takes FOREVER unless they meet prior to the raid and have stuff preassigned.

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The only issue with this is loot trading in ML pugs, and loot trading/roll stacking in free roll pugs. This is easily mitigated by the players and community by blacklisting players that do these things.

100% wrong. Period. I will only run groups with people that I am friends or guilded with. I want this so that accidents can be addressed immediately or we can pass gear to the Enchanter at the end of the run.

There is no loot trading in Dungeons

they are confining it to ML groups. that is fine with me as it eliminates the need to do tickets for misclicks.

does it bring in the whole guildies selling loot to other guildies or some other such garbage?

ya but they would do that anyways and its your job as a guild leader or officer to handle that.

all things that are personal responsibility and accountability.

Because people cried about things that were not going to happen.

I am simply relaying information that has been stated by Blizzard. These things do not apply to dungeons because dungeons will not allow loot trading.

i disagree . people farming pre raid bis would be taking advantage of it if they diddnt quite have all the people needed for the run.

and for the other people , ML groups will still have it . so it would be ubrs and the like doing ml for most groups .

that way in a ml group the ML can decide on who gets it by a fair roll or whatever the group agrees to.

technically it could happen in any group content. just have to have ml on.

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fixed that for you

Really? I never saw any of that.

So OP… if you give a piece of loot to someone. And someone else in your raid sends them a whisper like “Hey, I could use that a bit more then you do, can I have it?” and the person who got the item gives it them, and you saw none of the chat because it was in whispers, what do you do then? Or are you just a jerk who thinks you know better then everyone else?

If your’e running with guildies that would sell their loot, you have more problems than loot trading lol.

Btw, chicken little wasn’t intended to be a roll model, man.

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First of all, in vanilla this was not possible.
Second, being the guy who clicks the loot is not the same as being a loot tyrant who unilaterally makes all the loot decisions in a guild, lmao. Sorry but that’s kind of ridiculous.

In a loot council guild, the loot council aka the entire officer roster decides where the loot should be assigned to best suit the guild’s needs. If the chosen person wants to give it to someone else, they should tell an officer and the loot council should consider the request. If the loot council aka officers still feel it’s not in the guild’s best interest for the item to be traded to that person for some reason (maybe they know a bit more about that person’s inconsistent schedule/internet connection than the raider does) then they should explain why that decision was made. If the raider goes through with it anyway and gives it to the guy that would be a problem and appropriate action should be taken, such as possibly lootbanning the guy who gave the item away.

I feel that example provides enough of an answer as there would be a similar process in a DKP guild.

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Because a core raider isn’t going to be aware of someone else’s lack of participation. You answer boils down to “Yes, I and/or this group of people do know better then the plebs in my raid and so they should just do what I told them.”

You’re grasping at straws at this point. If two people trade an item and don’t involve you after it was looted to them, that’s a decision on them that you ultimately have no say in because they are the only ones who really know if the item was traded.

And just going to point out, your entire worry isn’t going to happen until guilds are almost completely geared out in a raid tier and people who have gotten really unlucky with drops, rolls, decisions, what have you are trying to get themselves caught up to everyone else.

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Correct, like with most chicken little theorists.

And just going to point out, your entire worry isn’t going to happen until guilds are almost completely geared out in a raid tier and people who have gotten really unlucky with drops, rolls, decisions, what have you are trying to get themselves caught up to everyone else.

Correct again. Ty for your logical points.

Personally if I joined a Loot Council guild I would not feel I had any right to trade an item away without asking the Loot Council’s permission first.

Loot Trading was not added to give players the option of sharing master looted items. Loot Trading was added to allow players to correct mistakes when items were accidentally looted to the wrong person.

Personally if I joined a loot council guild, or any guild for that matter, once I have the item, it’s mine to do with what I please.

Yeah and you completely missed the last point. People aren’t going to be trading items until almost everyone is geared and people who have been unlucky or screwed over in the case of loot counsels, are trying to catch up.

I think some percentage of people would willingly sell an upgrade for $50+. Of course, once people are geared and the upgrades become more minor the temptation to sell them obviously increases.