Still NO to Loot Trading

I’m glad there’s no loot trading in dungeons. Loot trading obviously causes more problems in pugs than it does in guilds.
My point in this thread is to demonstrate that it still causes problems in guilds. There is no reason to be satisfied with a version of loot trading that only introduces some problems instead of a lot of problems. There is an idea in the air of “let’s quit while we’re ahead” which makes no sense to me.

I would much prefer if GMs offer no support for item reassignment than to give that power out to players in any capacity.

A new applicant on his first raid should not have the ability to offer $50 via paypal to random raid members in exchange for important items.

So you all agree scumbags can and will abuse this non-vanilla system.

But you support it because you are pretty sure there aren’t any scumbags.

That isn’t remotely close to what they are saying.

No it doesn’t. It’s just you saying you want Blizzard to change the system because you are unwilling to put rules in place beyond using a flawed loot system.

No. I don’t agree. However, IF it happens you kick the parties involved. Blizzard is not going to help you because the player who won the item is willingly selling it to someone else. Make it known anyone caught selling/trading loot will be kicked. Then make them famous on your server.

Players will police the server with right click reports…players can police their own loot distribution by verifying equips and creating consequences for doing otherwise.


Works for pugs but I wouldn’t use it in an actual guild run tbh. Because that’s how you end up with the new guy winning the roll on Onslaught Girdle or Azuresong Mageblade.


yea I dont see that system working unless the new players entering the reserve pool were put behind everyone who was previously in it.

That’s why you either don’t bring pugs OR tell the pug ahead of time they can roll on anything except the mageblade. That item is reserved. They agree and join or they don’t join. Problem solved.

It’s not pugs, it’s the fact that the new guy/trial can win X big item if they put their +1 on it, despite the fact that it’s their 1rst/2nd raid and other raiders have been there for much longer. You can tell them that they can’t do that, but at that point you aren’t doing reserved items/+1/roll system, you’re just doing LC with more steps.

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Here’s an even better solution.

Don’t bring trials to raids.

I don’t run in guilds who use roll/+1. DKP or loot council for me with LC being preferred.

Uhhhh… what? How are you supposed to know if they are a good fit or not?

“Total sheep psychology to feel threatened when someone challenges the consensus and lash out at him.”

So you listened to some classic talking head, who didnt think through an argument properly. And then get mad at people who call you out on your failure at reasoning…

EVERY loot system is able to be abused. The thing is every propblem with loot trading is also a problem with someone ticketing it to another player and if you dont have one you will have the other.

Just one takes more time, costs more money and is overall a slower more wasteful and annoying process.

What is odd, is that the mere fact that they caved and changed there policy on loot trading based on the failed logic of a very vocal minority in a highly biased echo chamber, screams that they might compromise elsewhere on some other vocal group who cant argue and make another change that you might not agree with…


Do guild dungeon runs instead.

You can do those but raiding is different. My trial run in vanilla was bwl with a higher end guild when mine disbanded. 40 people vs 5 people. Big difference and different mechanics.

It’s honestly not THAT different. Raids are just glorified dungeons with better loot and tuned for 40 people instead of five or ten.

If you’re taking a trial you do not trust through a raid immediately, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s actually not a problem because you simply keep a guild policy that no item shall be equipped until stated by the guild leaders.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Without a doubt; no matter the silly workaround because there is always one of those… We would not be having this conversation right now if there was no such possibility of Loot trading, a truly Non-Authentic feature.

I had always heard the master looter needed to make the ticket but maybe that was an urban legend. I googled it and found this

I was master looter in three different guilds in four different expansions and never misclicked when handing out loot so I never actually had to do it. Apparently I was wrong.

They said “just don’t have scumbags in your guild and it won’t be a problem.”

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

The only people in favor of loot trading are the ones intending to abuse it.

Accidentally master looting an item to the wrong person almost never happens. I raided for four years, vanilla, tbc, and wrath. I saw an item misassigned once out of hundreds of raids, thousands of items.

Loot trading solves no legitimate problems that a pop up that says “Are you sure you want to assign [ItemName] to [PlayerName]? This action cannot be reversed by a GM” [YES] [CANCEL]


The way people around here act one has to wonder how raid guilds got by on retail WoW for years with all the rampant abuse that apparently is going to happen with this system.


Agree to disagree…