Still no Access following Invite - Please address this

It is called “customer service” for a reason. AND you’ve posted more than once “post in the Classic forum.” Um, “Beta & Stress” test invitees are NOT actually allowed IN the beta, thus are locked out from posting there.

BTW, I do have 2 Legion PTR accounts, no idea why. BUT I was able to download and spend a bunch of time trying to get past the log in server. After the STRESS was finished, I tried to play on the test server" as promised, but it was it locked down so I could not do that either.

To clarify, I simply want confirmation that those of us with invalid/corrupt Account states, have been corrected.

Even if the Beta Server goes down, I should have had the option to download it, and should have it if the Server is brought up.

Our Accounts are currently flawed/invalid. This is an issue.


Actually, it’s Customer Support. And the classic forums are open to everyone. The beta forums are not, but the original Classic forums are open even if you don’t have a sub.


The beta/stress tests show up as a Legion PTR in account management

Let’s be clear on several issues here then I’ll stop. 1 this is customer support. Not Customer service. 2 generally speaking when the thread has locked do not make a topic on the same issue. 3 this is a developmental issue not a customer support issue. Would that all said? Good luck. Hopefully if you get in you actually test. And you don’t want to just play around on the servers earlier than everybody else.


The thread locked resolved some (many? Most?) issues.

We are a subset of the issue, and our specific problem was not addressed.

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Then contact customer service. And your particular issue can be addressed . Good luck.


I’d say those of us sticking on these forums trying to fix our issue are more willing to test than those who just got the invite and didn’t contact CS to remove a PTR account when we figured out, before CS, that having 2 PTRs was the reason we didn’t fet flagged. Unlike those who just got in and didn’t do anything to try to fix the issue who just wanted early access and complained about not being able to get past the login screen on a stress test.

That is what we are doing here.

This was a reasonably wide spread replicable, identical issue.

This was not an individual issue.

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You’re not understanding because you weren’t dealing with the issues from yesterday like a lot of us were. If you have time you can read the history of that locked sticky thread, or I can brief you that Vrak had contacted the Devs, as CS won’t know the answer until they hear back from the Devs. It doesn’t make sense to open a ticket every day or so asking for an update when one can be provided here once CS hears back from the devs. I don’t see why this is such a concern for you.

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Widespread? I don’t think so. Your best bet is to contact customer service. Blues here cannot fix your accounts.

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I am a software QA/Tester in my profession. It’s a blessing and a curse as I tend to critique and find issues while living every day life :). Betas and tests are exactly for that and it sucks when people just think that because people are wanting updates on an issue we are “mad” because we do not get to “play”. I would say most of us are passionate about this game and want to help make the game the best it can be and as accurate as possible.

No one here asked CS to fix our accounts. We simply asked if there was an update from the Devs regarding that. Please scroll up and read the posts on this thread.

I’m sorry but You really have no idea what you’re talking about. Look at the thread from yesterday, it was widespread.

Of course you are. So are you and everybody else who posts here


What is your problem? Man, just step away for a bit…

If and when they receive an update they’ll pass it along. They’re not going to withhold the information from you.

Neither can a CS live agent. In fact, it was the interaction with a live agent which rendered our Accounts invalid.

Where will they pass it along? This thread was supposed to be a place to provide that. I don’t think Vrak is going to call my cell phone or send me a personal email, and again it wouldn’t do any good to open a ticket about it since CS won’t know until they hear back from the devs, and I haven’t heard if Vrak planned on making a thread dedicated to address this issue when he does hear back.

I wasn’t geared enough for the login boss. Probably saw my ilvl 370 and said nope.