Still no Access following Invite - Please address this

So you have to post in the Classic forum. The Devs don’t take feedback/suggestions/bug reports from the Customer Support forum and the SFAs who post here are NOT liaisons with them. It is not their job to pass that on to the Devs. Posting in Customer Support will not see it “corrected”.

I’m not looking for Dev to come here. That is not a reasonable path of communication.

I’m looking for feedback, as we have seen, from Customer Support, who gave us feedback previously in related issues.

The discussion taking place yesterday did not conclude. You can bow out, a CS rep can move this if they like.

I just noticed an option for beta/stress test in my launcher. I’m not sure if it’s a delayed stress invite or closed beta, but it does appear blizz is looking into this.
(i was one of those who paged CS to remove a PTR account)

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I am at work, but I noticed a new PTR account showed up in my account management. I cannot confirm if it is for the stress test or the closed beta. I am guessing it is for the stress test as the system is finally catching up.

Edit: It seems that something caused me to post on a different character than what I have been posting on.

That’s my assumption, too. and I’m also at work so I can’t verify until I get home.

If you install it, log in. If you got the Beta there are three realm options. If you only got the Stress Test there will be only one option. You can still try out the stress test. It will be available until 6pm Pacific.

Good to know. I’ll give it a shot in a couple hours and see what’s what. Do you know if the flag status is removed after 6pm PST or does getting accepted once ensure I will be able to stress test the next two events?

I’m afraid I don’t have any information on that, Dokta. I’ve forwarded my information up, but CS is unlikely to be the one providing any updates on Beta or Stress test participation. It is more likely that if any information is available someone in Community Management (the blues that post in General Discussion, etc…) will be the ones to post.

Actually, they should be. The restrictions should have been updated yesterday to allow posting there. I’m confirming if all restrictions were lifted, so you only need an active account, or you need to be flagged for beta or the stress test.

Edit: Should be anyone with an active account can post in the Beta forum as of yesterday.


It just showed up in my launcher too. I downloaded it and it is only the stress test not the actual Beta

Thanks for checking. At least I can mess around with it a bit tonight before servers go down for good though.

Dokta, check your account, see if you got flagged for stress.

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If the stress realms go down early, which they may, people are going to freak .

But now y’all know that updates will not be posted here in all likelihood.

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I just got access as well. That was a wild ride.

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I just got updated as well. Due to developing school tonight I unfortunately will not be able to participate in any way. I’m glad that you all got it fixed as well and hope you enjoy at least a little bit of time in game!! :):smiley:

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It appears its available now.

Thanks for your efforts on this Vrakthris.


When I checked about an hour ago I now have access I was one of the ones who contacted CS and had PTRs deleted yesterday.

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I also want to say, of the 3 CS reps I have worked with on this, all have been very good, respectful, and responsive.

No complaints in that regard.

I take it back, apparently I might be able to provide an update…

They are still looking into the overall issue, the causes and how to prevent it going forward, but it looks like they were able to rerun the original list of invites. If you were originally invited into the Stress test, check your account and see if you have the option now.


I do!
Thank you for sticking by us even though we were close to a nervous breakdown.


Hi, so I was originally invited via email, but still have no option to download the client.

I don’t have two PTRs and submitting tickets has gotten me nowhere. There has to be a better way to confirm this was fixed for those of us that didn’t get it resolved during the stress