State of Mistweaver PVP - Shadowlands (Week 1)

IMPORTANT: Mistweavers are complete unviable in PVP in the current meta. I’ve created a chart from (data as of this post) to illustrate this massive rating and representation gap. Mistweavers are by far the least represented and has the lowest max CR in every bracket on both NA and EU. And it’s not even close.

EU 3v3 # of Players Max Rating - EU 2v2 # of Players Max Rating
Disc Priest 584 2408 - Disc Priest 793 2407
Resto Shaman 334 2387 - Resto Shaman 311 2287
Holy Paladin 317 2443 - Holy Paladin 406 2447
Resto Druid 85 2403 - Resto Druid 121 2247
Mistweaver :rage: 57 2191 - Mistweaver :rage: 29 2106
NA 3v3 # of Players Max Rating - NA 2v2 # of Players Max Rating
Disc Priest 551 2604 - Disc Priest 567 2422
Resto Shaman 336 2487 - Resto Shaman 284 2412
Holy Paladin 307 2443 - Holy Paladin 780 2336
Resto Druid 94 2491 - Resto Druid 107 2271
Mistweaver :rage: 65 2366 - Mistweaver :rage: 44 2265

I’m not going to write a wall of text complaining about how imbalanced PVP at the moment. I’m simply going to provide a list of issues which are contributing to why Mistweavers are doing so poorly.

  • Low throughput. As a Mistweaver, I can be spamming enveloping into vivifies on a kill target and not actually keep up with the damage while not being CC’d.

  • Extremely poor mana/heal ratios. Other healers are much more efficient and will regularly have >50% mana by the time a MW ooms.

  • Terrible team utility. Life cocoon is not even a noticeable defensive in this meta. It gets ripped off within 2 seconds.

  • Nerfs to baseline survivability. Fortifying Brew lost 5% damage reduction and 5% max health baseline, and cancel roll macros no longer work. Don’t underestimate how important cancel roll is to high level pvp.**

  • Loss of survivability tools from BFA. Burst of Life (20s off cocoon), Exit Strategy (5s off roll CD if hit), Secret Infusion (Mastery/Versa bonuses for healing or tankiness)

I don’t have recommendations of how to rebalance/redesign this miserable class. That’s not my job. I just hope someone from Blizzard notices this to pass on this feedback.

About Me: I was a top 100 rated MW (2764) in 2s in BFA Season 4 and peaked in the top 500 in 3s (2961). Despite the rating inflation, it’s still a fairly high level of PVP that is in the 99th percentile, if credibility matters at all to you.

Note to other Mistweavers: Don’t be passive. If you don’t provide feedback, the class will stay this way.


Prot paladins are better healers than MW, MW truly is in a sad state atm.


Note: Statistics were taken for players at 1700 CR or higher


Please buff mw’s, i’m better off playing with a pug disc or holy paladin with half a brain cell than my mw partner of 4+ years


I can see disc nerfs coming. Not too surprised if this kind of data keeps coming through.


We need more posts like this. Well done. I’m convinced they need a buff or damage needs a nerf and other healers brought inline.


Mistweaver is ignored because the PvP community does not like Mistweavers. As you’ll see whenever Mistweaver is good whether it be in rated BG’s or arena, people start to complain


Feel free to post on your main so I can see if you actually speak for anyone in the community, thanks.

MW, is also the least represented healer in pve as well. Is it because the PVE community hates MW also? What an incredibly stupid post.


Not that stupid when I’ve talked to other Mistweavers in the PvP community that feel the same way

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Still not on the main, your posts are useless and bad. Go away.


yeah mw is pretty awful just increase throughput / possibly nerf the huge burst potential from rogue and war and we’ll be alright


I remember MW in MOP. Man those were good times. Boosted account in full greens, just running circles around the melee dps. Oh you coming for me nerd? Disarm,disarm,stun,rollout autobots. Good times. Damn sucks they aren’t good now.


Well back then paralyze was only a 10 second or 15 second CD so any time they managed to touch you, just para lol

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Now you can see how disc felt for the majority of BFA.

Someone has to be in the bottom.

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I keep crying about reverting to mop/wod MW but only because the spec felt complete. Healing and fistweaving was unique. Mechanically, it was very engaging with the secondary resource, requiring a lot of APM to simply put out heals.

Rdruid and MW are at the bottom together. Funny and ironic because they always fought to heal the same comps. MW filled the same role as Rdruid, but in a different way.

They simply have lost the plot for MW. Look at Expel Harm, for example. Garbo heal and waste of a global in this meta. They returned it and it serves no purpose. Why? Because they pruned secondary resource Chi. It was a primary Chi builder before. And when heals cost Chi, they healed way more than it does now. You simply popped EM and ran around, pushing in with Para on 15sec cd, interrupt and disable, being more aggressive.

WW has also lost the plot, but that is for another thread.


Disc was good for the majority of bfa :clown_face:


So I can take expel harm off my bars then

i mean its extremely niche and situationally useful not a generally good ability though

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Sadly what I think is that the classes needs a rework on a mechanical level, which is sad because I dont believe we’ll get that until next xpack earliest if at all.

But I expect when mythic raid week drops we’ll see throughput buffs, and mana efficiency buffs. I think thats all we’ll get though.