Standardize charms or standardize turnover

I am extremely annoyed with how inconsistent the stance is on charms. Either commit to standardizing them completely, or obsolete them each new xpac.

Here’s my story, and I am sure plenty of other people have just as bad, or even more infuriating stories.

Saved a ton during WoD > took a break in Legion > came back in BFA to find my charms worthless > upgraded my pets, then stockpiled again… I am not just talking a few charms, here either. I am talking 5-digit quantities, and I am sure someone has gotten f***** over with a larger quantity than myself.

Until now, I fully expected polished charms to go obsolete, as it seemed every two years they would do so.

I dropped them all on level and rarity stones pre-DF. Now I find out I could have saved them to purchase the new DF pets. I basically had my charms made worthless twice, or call it 1.8 times w/e… Quite a significant amount of lost gold if you consider I could have bought the new pets and sold the pets early on, when prices are highest.

Pretty irate. Either turn all charms back into polished, or OBE all charms at each xpac launch. The inconsistency is ridiculous.

At the very least, make a damn blue come on here and post whatever the BS adhoc decision is at each launch.

Blizzard was pretty upfront about switching from the old Shiny Pet Charms to the Polished Pet Charms. There were announcements, it was on WoWhead, and discussed here. I’m sorry that you missed out because you weren’t playing at the time, but that’s not Blizzard’s fault.


The point is they ruined the entirety of WoD and Legion trainers. There is no reason to keep those two xpacs out of rotation if they are not going to change charms moving forward.

It’s nonsense. They even nerfed the shiny charm reward in those two, so it’s even less pleasant for the new or returning players who want to farm the pets bought from shiny charms themselves.

Sorry but really don’t understand your logic. Something happened one time, Shiny Pet Charms were around for two expansions then the charms changed, now they MUST change every two ?

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No, standardize it. Either change them or announce they will never change.

It doesn’t make sense that WoD trainers now give 1 charm. Why did they obsolete those two xpacs and leave it unchanged since? If they’re now on the “no change train” why are shiny charms even still a thing?


This isn’t true at all. There’s still things to purchase with the Shiny Charms, there are multiple achievements to be had, and they give decent pet experience (at least the WoD ones).

This also isn’t true. The Legion pet WQs give a commiserate number of Shiny Charms as the BfA/SL/DF WQs give Polished Charms.

Again, you’re just upset that you missed out on the announcement of the switch to Polished Charms because YOU chose not to play at the time. Then you compounded the issue when YOU chose to assume that they were going to switch charms again instead of taking a few minutes to verify the change. As I said before, none of that is Blizzard’s fault.

Sure, the first round… my fault. Hence no post at BFA launch.

Has there been a blue post confirming polished weren’t going to be changed for DF?

There is zero reason one person can’t spend 2-minutes to communicate the official decision here. If it’s such a problem to get a blue logged in to the forums, then make the decision permanent. It’s simple.

Show me such a post and I’ll concede. Otherwise, you should really stop letting devs of games you enjoy screw you over due to sheer laziness.

I am 100% certain if they suddenly didn’t include a mount reward for the “ahead of the curve” in the final raid of DF, and didn’t make any such indication of it, there would be an outrageous amount of outcry

Not too different from what this is.

There were 0 - ZERO - posts indicating that they were going to change. One more time: It is YOUR fault you assumed that there was going to be a change. You got screwed over because, in YOUR laziness, you chose not to make sure that there was going to be a pet charm change.

You can tell what sort of additional reward - like a mount - is attached to an achievement when you look it up in the Journal. So, while there would likely be an outcry about not getting a mount with the final AotC, 99% of it would be from people who looked at the achievement (or read about it on WoWhead or the forums) and only 1% would be people like you who went out and got the achievement only to then realize there was no mount.

And how would I have gone out to confirm there would not be a change?

I checked maybe once a month for a post confirming whether or not they would change and there was nothing but speculation from the community…

I am literally asking for the option to go to wowhead or a similar place ( these forums for example are the perfect place for it) to check if it was being changed or not.

Now you’re arguing for the same thing I want lmfao

Speculation, not confirmation of a change. You just assumed.

You mean posts like these from when they switched from Shiny to Polished?

Battle Pet Currency Changes in Battle for Azeroth - Polished Pet Charm - Wowhead News


Pet Battle Changes in the BFA Pre-Expansion Patch - Buy Stones Now - Wowhead News

There was a Blue post at the time, too. I can’t pull it up anymore - the format of the forums has changed - but the first link has a copy of it.

Funny how there were NO posts or articles about a pet charm change prior to Dragonfight. But of course, it’s Blizzard’s fault that you assumed there would be a switch.

There are a lot of things over which to get annoyed with Blizzard. Screwing yourself over because you made an assumption based on something that happened over 4 years ago isn’t one of them.

Lengthy forum thread that ran from mid July through end of October had some pretty strong clues …

(Current Pet charms - #7 by Haggles-moon-guard)

We had gotten cautious about surprise changes so the folks testing the Beta were looking into the pet and pet buff vendors, who were still using the Polished.

This is precisely the problem…. It wouldn’t have been difficult to come here and say “hey, this time it won’t change”. There were quite a lot of Reddit posts asking and 50/50 split from the community who was speculating whether it would change or not.

Why would they come and announce that they weren’t changing anything? That’s just silly.

Was there speculation that there would possibly be a change? Sure. Was there any evidence - other than a change happening 4 years ago - that one was going to happen? No. There were no Blue posts about a change. There was nothing in the patch notes. The currency in the beta continued to be Polished Pet Charms. There was no indication whatsoever that they were going to introduce a new Pet Charm.

Face it. You screwed up. Own it. Stop blaming Blizzard for what you did.

It’s after the fact, but in the future if you’re looking for somewhere to give you a possible heads up on changes like pet charms, the WarcraftPets Discord server had a handful of Alpha/Beta testers that regularly checked whether or not we’d be using PPC or a new currency in DF. They also provided updates on how many PPC we’d need to buy the new charm-pets. Can always drop by if you have questions or need help catching up on pet news.

Let’s say it’s 100% my fault then.

Blizzard can still do better with minimal effort moving forward. You’re missing the point

I think changing them every 2 expacs would be fine. They should have switched them this expansion, but pet battles were very clearly an afterthought this time around.

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Because it is.

The minimal effort is to make an announcement when there is going to be a change. If there’s no change, there’s no need to make an announcement. Do you go to the grocery store and expect them to announce over the loudspeaker, “Attention, shoppers: the orange juice is still not on sale?”

I understand your point. You want Blizzard to hold your hand and tell you when they’re NOT going to change something. MY point is that’s dumb.

Hold it. Yes, it was announced that Pet Charms (now Shiny Pet Charms) would become obsolete. But the exact day this was going to be done was never announced. I remember this, because I, through sheer dumb luck sunk all my Shinies into levelling stones just before the change.

A lot of people were taken by surprise by the change, however. And were stuck with a huge amount of Shinies that were all but worthless.

Even an exchange rate for Shinies to Polished would be useful. Or make the Shinies good for something. They’re still rewarded for doing the Draenor Circuit. There needs to be something more they can buy, other than pets that everyone has already.

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Except it was. Both of those articles I posted were from before the BfA prepatch, and both remind people to spend their Pet Charms before they became Shiny and they couldn’t get the upgrade stones.

Right. People who didn’t pay attention. That’s not Blizzard’s fault. It wasn’t a stealth change. It was publicized.

People new to the game or new to pet battling don’t have them. I’m sure there’s some people who buy the pets and sell them on the AH. The charms aren’t worthless.

Back when this happen I went out of my way to info as many as I can of the change…here on these forums…MMO Champ…many of groups on Facebook…in game on all the realms I visit in hunt for low price battle pets…many of us did almost weekly here about the up coming changes.

I even asked months ahead here were we learned of Dragon flight if anyone knew we would change or not …I had my feelers out there checking.

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