Stalaggs first grand Marshall

Has their ever been a blue post announcing bans?

Not saying the bans are right or wrong but to my knowledge warhammer was the only mmo I’ve played that actively posted to the community about their banhammer

I’m not the one saying there are blue posts to prove bans happened.

I was actually asking if they had.

Lol i get it though. Enough time here on these forums will put up your troll guard

Beats me. They never would announce specific players but I think they announced that they did do it. When big stuff like this goes down we always find out the truth though which is why the other dude is being ridiculous.

No. Honor system doesnt work like that.

https:/ /

This gives a very detailed overview.

Imagine being on here everyday and being this oblivious.

Imagine being so gullible you think one easily photoshopped screen shot is proof a wave of players got banned.

You need a certain number of Alliance in the honor pool for that week to get a certain number of rank points.

And you need a certain number of rank points to beat the ‘decay’ of the higher ranks.

It would be impossible for even the #1 standing Alliance to make rank 14 unless there were enough Alliance to complete with. Maybe you could make 300 alts and get 15 HK’s on each of them each week, I dunno.

Oh so you’re on the tinfoil hat. What other conspiracy theories do you believe in?

You understand that that blue post basically said “there were open and shut cases of them knowing someone exploited and they got actioned”

But ok bud you play that crazy tin foil hat card of yours LOL

Its tin foil hat area to expect some evidence? What are you some kind of liberal?

There was evidence, the blue post explaining exactly what type of behavior they have been banning and the screenshot of someone showing the email they got banned. But to you that’s all just circumstantial and you probably just think it’s all doctored. Seriously what other theories do you believe in? Just curious.

The blue post doesn’t say “we issued bans.” The blue post explains what the difference is for why they would issue bans and DIDN’T ban Esfand. That blue post is about NOT banning a player. You are dumb.

This on pvp servers will def be true, back in the day on my server the Warlord never gave up his spot for the majority of the year we found out why later.

The “Warlord” was a shared account for the huge zerg pvp guild, and had someone playing it 24x7, when one person was done the next logged into it and took it’s place. The other two Warlords that happened were handed off to the next two in the same guild on a schedule, also there was a ton of bot exploiting in bg’s for honor farming too many for blizzard to keep up with at the time.

It’s a completely broken system and also dependent upon your server population and faction, was a lot harder to become a warlord on a horde majority pvp server than grand marshal on an alliance pve server.

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everyone posting about people being banned in classic

people posting SSs of ban notices because of exploiting

blizzard explaining exactly what behavior they would ban for

“We HaVe No EvIdEnCe tHeY nEvEr SpEcIfIcAlY SaId ThEy BaNnEd” -child

Honestly, do you think that this whole thing is 100% made up? Like all these people coming out and posting this stuff you truly believe this is all made up? Honestly how many other conspiracies do you believe in? I need to know

Where are all these people? Of everything you posted there was one Reddit post on the Asmongold vid that could have easily been a troll. If a wave of players was actually banned this forum and the classic wow reddit would be FLOODED with posts about it. There would be tons of YouTube videos about it too.

There is not.

If and when there are actual bans issued out Blizzard will make a formal statement and issue a press release. Just like they have every other time they have issued a wave of bans. Just admit you are wrong and stop trying to rationalize your defeat.

Just to put it in perspective, that summer before TBC came out I had the luxury of playing as much as I wanted and tried for warlord on our server. I was playing 16 hours a day of PVP ONLY, I had 175,000 killing blows in those 3 months, not kills but just killing blows I don’t remember what the kill total was I don’t think it kept track of it, but with all of that there was no way to move up signifigantly against the horde of afk honor bots and shared account users on my server.

They held that Warlord spot right up until the pre TBC honor system change which wiped out the ranking altogether, was a bit soul crushing.

Not looking forward to this super flawed system to come back into place, anyone with the title will basically have to be unemployed if its anything like it was back in vanilla.


So you do believe that its just doctored up.

Go through that reddit thread and there is SSs all over the place with people posting bans. Like I said I am NOT doing your homework for you, especially if you are a conspiracy theorist. I have had people on my server in our top guild get banned and not logged in since these bans. I guess they are just playing the long con too for this prank even though they were in the world 4th ony/MC.

If you want to take the tin foil hat theory, that’s cool man. But don’t just sit there with a thread with over 1k comments of evidence and just say “YOU DIDN’T LINK ANY PROOF”. I’m not digging through something I already read just to spoon feed information to someone as lazy as you.

As others have implied you can only rank up so much each week so even if you’re the only one you will be the top ranked each week but still take a good while to get there.

Im a little confused what that means. You just posted a link to the EU Blizzard forums, but no specific thread.