Stalaggs first grand Marshall


This is purely a hypothetical.

Judging by the current state of things on stalagg and after hearing people talk about it every day I’m very confident the last remaining alliance will leave with the next round of transfers.

Except me!

Let’s pretend I’m the literal one and only alliance lvl 60 on stalagg after the exodus and i go out into the world and kill an afk horde.

Will i get Marshall on stalagg killing 1 horde a week?


No, because that’s not how the honor system works.


Am i not the top points contributor for alliance in this situation? That puts me in the top bracket for the week no?


There’s more to it than that. There’s a minimum contribution, and you can only rank up so much each week.


Not to rain on your parade, but if you ain’t 60 by now I’m not convinced you would be a contender for it. GM/HWL is power gamer content, so the people that are 60 and have been for weeks now, getting gear, are the ones that are more likely to put in the long hours each day.


In this hypothetical I’m the best geared (and only) alliance left!

I know it’s all a stretch. The constant chatter on stalagg about alliance bailing with the next round of xfers just had me thinking.


even being the only one, you have to pvp a lot.


The same people who exploited this game so far are going to exploit the honor system to make sure no one gets to rank 14 they don’t want to have it.


Yep, hands down… There was so much talk behind the scenes before the game even launched about PvP brackets… And limiting who pvps toegther… I’m convinced some people with barley a life outside of WoW will do anything to control getting rank 14.


sounds like im glad i left this server after day one waiting in que forever.


Next round of transfers? Did I miss the post about this?


In vanilla the nolifers made the pvp grind so bad that people were literally losing their jobs and marriages over it.

Eventually the top guilds on most servers agreed to honor caps and taking turns for r14.


Blizzard should have perma banned all the players who exploited the raid xp bug. That was there one chance to clear out all the trash from Classic WoW. This game will never reach its potential now.


That’s untrue… I don’t believe anything anyone says about vanilla. Why? Because so many people pretending to know what it was like in vanilla, and it simply was not that bad. Today’s casual is yesterday’s hardcore.


You would need 25 hK a week to qualify for honor calculations to be #1 on server alliance as the only ally


25 kills is about 24 more than i planned on being able to get.

Blizzard give alliance the wintergrasp tenacity buff plz!!


@Smartdeath I’m glad to see you were talking about how hard it will be for horde to get R14 on our server when you didn’t fundamentally understand how it works. dot com/watch?v=rOmDUYlZXGw

Watch this.


I got as high as rank 11 on my Warrior and tapped out. I was unemployed and still felt like the grind was taking way too much of my time. Not only that, I raised up to 9 or 10 on this guy, and 8 on my Pally.

Just an awful system to deal with. I feel for anyone that plans on doing R14 for classic.


I did 13 in Vanilla. 14 was too much for me. I got a raid weapon instead.

With the crazy playtimes I’ve seen people having this time around, I don’t think I have it in my to do the grind again. It’s just too much.


You don’t know what hypothetical means do you.

Are you convinced this is an extremely controversial and important thread? Lolol