Stalagg or Herod?

My guild is still on the fence.

We want to have a good community but fear that Stalagg may end up too low population. On the other hand we want to avoid long ques and private server try hards on Herod.

What is everyone else doing?

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eating salami


I think people should switch to Herod. Not just from Stalagg, but also from Fairbanks.


This is how I see it:
Faerlina: Streamer server. Big No there.

Thalnos: Why risk language/toxicity issues with it being the Brazilian server?

Herod: Was the best last choice remaining until Stalagg came along. Over population concerns with ALL the sweaty try hards. I know of some private server guilds that purposefully went to Whitemane (despite being an est guild) to avoid some of the monolithic private server guilds on Herod. Not to mention the 90+ multiboxing guild that announced they are going Herod.

Stalagg: Has the potential to avoid all of those issues above, and chances are it will become plenty populated by release. Right now my friends and I are focused on going Horde on Stalagg.


Stalagg for my Alliance and Horde on Herod. Me and my friend are taking our time to level and enjoy it on both. I also have one for RP PvP

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Probably going Stalagg myself. And I wouldn’t worry about the population. I promise it will be full with a que at launch. Plus since this wasn’t pre-announced I doubt many people know about it yet. I just found out about this new server 5 minutes ago and I am sure many others don’t know about it yet either (work, school etc).


I knew about it since 20 mins before it came online. Was lucky to get the name I wanted

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Herod if you want to play with the best of the best. Stalagg if you want to avoid heavy types of competition.


If you are fearful then probably try herod.

Stalaggs for the fearless.


Stallag! Laggers unite!


Same except I saw it on reddit like 6 minutes before :joy:. Got very lucky

Every server is going to be full come launch day… the penny pinchers and people who still think they have to buy a copy of the game havent made their characters yet. Remember back in the day each server cap was 3k… and if all 3k of those players were on… the world was very populated. Stress test 3 the other day had 45k on a single server. Either way there will be plenty of players for each server.


if the Reddit survey is an accurate sample of the interested player base then the Number of players will double on launch as ~50+% do not have an active sub and thus likely have not subbed just to reserve a name.

Herod que on launch 10K+ with 4hr+ waits to get in. count on it :smiley:

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I would not worry about Stalagg being low population. Lets look at the server list. Herod and Whitemane are still full. FULL meaning long lines as it stands, and worse if people continue to go there. You already have many high population realms. The rest are medium. This is 3 DAYS after name reservation with 11 days till launch.

Every single server on that list will be high and or full at launch. The only real question for me is how many of them are just tourists vs long term players

On 8/26, when I log in for the first time, it’ll be on Herod.

If there’s a quick 5 minute queue, no problem.

If there’s a 30+ minute queue, I switch over to Stalagg and never look back.

I think we’ll know on Day 1. So, wait and see. Make your decision on what will probably be the busiest day of this game’s life.


Same here. Was literally just thinking about doing the same thing xD
If the queue for Herod is too bonkers, then I will go with Stalagg. I was able to get the name I wanted on Stalagg anyway so that’s a plus.

That moment when he realize it’s launch and you ll be spending half the day trying to log on any of the servers…

30min. hahahahaha


Whichever has the shortest queue, wins.

Once I get in, I’ll play for like 5 hours straight and I’ll stick to that.


If you’re Alliance, go Herod. We’re slightly Horde-leaning, and all it will take are just a few more Alliance guilds to put us close to 50:50.