Stalagg or Herod?

During vanilla/BC times I took a free transfer off a high pop realm to a new realm and wound up on a dead server

Who said Herod will have a good community?

Some say the Herod community will be toxic, moreso than the streamer server.


I think most of my guildmates made toons on Stalagg last night but we still have our names reserved on Herod.

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Dude, there are so few realms at this point that every realm will have more than enough people.

Think about it, with layering, a “low” pop server is probably at least 10k people spread across layers. When layering is removed, that’s one hell of a server, even if 25% or more drop off.

If there were 25 servers, I’d get it, but with the limited number, plus the use of layering, every realm is going to be well off.


It’s wow and the outrage culture. Every server will have it’s level of toxicity. If you don’t want toxicity your best bet are the RP servers, and even those will have it (generally at a much lower level).

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Go to the one with higher pop imo. On the day of release a lot of the people coming in will be tourists. Which means a dead realm.

I think most of us believe that both Stalagg and Herod will be full with a queue at launch.

ALSO, keep in mind that layering goes away in Phase 2 of Classic WoW.

This means that where servers may have 40-45k+ players on it in Phase 1, Phase will remove layering and drop the server population cap to 4-7k (whatever the server cap will be). There will be MASSIVE queues on EVERY server.

That all being said, Stalagg will probably be the most balanced in experience whereas Herod will be the large server with probably bigger names in the classic wow scene and probably have a lot more trolls at the same time.

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I think queue times are gonna be a thing for a lot of servers.

I’m predicting all servers are unplayable from the start for a few hours due to Ddos attacks (like every launch), which will give a lot more people time to get home from work. Now you have a ton more people all trying to queue at once.

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best bet is to go with what the CM said. i seriously doubt blizz would tell their rep to tell people to move if they werent worried about it being a problem, but i am confused why they would let it get to the point where servers are maxing out when its less then two weeks to launch.

Having said that, i expect to have double the servers on launch day. i suggest reserving names on multiple servers if you have a name you really want.

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Stalagg has LAG on its name tho… hard pass


But will Stalagg be Horde:Alliance balanced? This is my concern, I have this thought it’s gonna be heavy Ally…

Sadly atm, there is ZERO way to know this for any server. Don’t trust these random polls out because they are the VAST minority of groups voting.

Right now I am just hoping Blizzard does something to try to keep the faction balance.

There really is nothing they can do that forces faction balance that doesn’t take agency away from players.

I get that players in the abstract make a lot of terrible, selfish decisions…but that’s sort of what Vanilla is about. Choices are meaningful and there are consequences to them.

At the moment Herod is where a lot of big guilds are going to be. This is both good/bad depending on what you are looking for in a server.

Stalagg is the unkown. Uncharted territory. Its too hard to say what it will be like officially.

That being said Herod is likely going to experience queues longer than a lot of working players have time to play at launch. Stalagg is your best bet for avoiding that at the moment.

Edit: I’ll note that my group switched to Stalagg. Only a few of us, but we think it will be fine.

Stalagg will be full soon. If you read up on reddit you can see that 50% of the people who are going to play haven’t even subbed up yet. Also gotta remember that most people are going to drop off since classic is not what they expect.


WAIT…is Herod for real going to be where my Pserver folks are playing?

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I was on Herod and purposefully went to Stalagg Horde because of the long queues. Good luck all :smiley: we will see how this goes.


Herod is where the private server guilds went, yes.

Im glad to know someone is going horde. :slight_smile:

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Woot Woot hellz yeah! Server Pride :smiley: :smiley: :rainbow::rainbow: