SPY Addon?

You’re a Hunter you have Humanoid tracking, so the add on isn’t needed as you already have a radar that notifies you.

No, i posted on my hunter as i see no reason to swap toons for every topic.
I also play Rogue and Shaman at end game and have going back to the beginning.
The existence of this add on changes nothing on any of them for me.

That’s fantastic, I am happy for you. I however am more of a tactician in my game play no matter what class I am playing. I may choose to fight or not to based on situation, sometimes I enjoy just fishing in an area or farming resources by myself, this add on alert Enemy Faction I am in the area even if i’m not visible to them.

That is a problem for me, at least on my Rogue I can stealth and get away, but on my Warlock, Warrior, Hunter there is nothing I can do to prevent SPY from alerting Horde I am hiding.

So somehow them knowing you are in the zone, which they probably would anyway from viewing the remains or genchat, is a game breaker to you?

Seems minorly beneficial at best, but personally I think it might cross the line if only just a bit. But that’s of course just my own opinion.

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Yes, what if I am just fishing and then hide under the water, they know im there because SPY

Blizzard nerfed the combat log range to 50 yards a little while ago. Which, was almost certainly due to this addon as they stated it was due to an addon for why they did that. Characters should load in at a greater distance than 50 yards giving you time to dismount and stealth before you are in range for the addon to notify them.

I tended to just mostly run around in stealth. Thus, they never got the popup that a Rogue stealthed nearby anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve actually quite enjoyed having this addon as my own little “hunter tracking” while sneaking around. But, I’ve since unsubbed and haven’t logged on to Classic since the nerf to the range. So, I’m not entirely sure how useful it even is nowadays.

Knowing you in zone, does not tell anyone where you are. Under a bridge, in a building, cowering behind a tree… it does none of that… it simply there is someone from the other faction in the same zone.
You are exaggerating my friend, plain and simple.
I don’t care if its in game or not, i’m fine with or without it, but the assertion that this breaks anything or is cheating or is anything at all is just silly to me.

Nerfing the range actually BUFFED SPY! Now players know you’re really close…

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The one thing all this nothing has exposed, is who the less than optimal rogues actually are.
The biggest nothing burger every has been turned into a 10 course meal.

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Your attempt to dismiss us based on Ad Hominem has been noted, you have brought nothing to this discussion.

It’s whatever I still get the first strike due to sap ect it doesn’t matter. Sure they’re more mentally prepared for attacks but that is about it. The add-on doesn’t ping the rogue or let them see the exact location of the stealthed rogue. It is fine.

I am not talking about Rogues! I am talking about My Warlock and my Warrior!

People keep looking at my avatar instead of reading my words.

You say “us” like you have this giant crowd supporting you when in reality it’s not that big of a deal and doesn’t really matter. Judging from most of the responses in here nobody sees it as a big issue.

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There are a lot against the addon, it is big enough that Blizzard is already actively tuning around it.

This is cute you logged on your alt to make this 1 post?

Your OP and where you placed this thread suggests otherwise but if we are really talking about your lock and rogue you shouldn’t worry about stealth anyways. You have a red bar above your name dude you ain’t hiding from anyone. Like I said before you don’t get an exact location and it doesn’t ping you.

Yes, I wanted other Rogues opinions. So lets play a scenario shall we?

I am farming on my Warlock and see over the hill a party of horde! I gasp and run and hide under the bridge! There are no dead bodies in sight, they should run right by correct?

Wrong~ Because SPY will parse my logs and pop up telling them I am in the area, then they just scan 360 degrees and think lets look under the bridge and im dead.

This add on automates what the players should be doing, and counters good game play by other players!

Isn’t cute that you’re now changing you’re story from it’s a rogue problem to now it’s a problem with all your alts. Get over it and deal with it. Don’t want to get ganked then don’t flag for WM or PVP. Also this is my OG Vanilla character that I’m going back to maining so :kissing_heart:

Anyway no point anyone wasting your time with him. His view is right and everyone else is wrong and should feel bad!

I never said it was just a Rogue problem? It is annoying to Rogue, but on my Rogue I can get away!

On my Warlock I cannot! Addon should not counter good game play by automating what the player themselves should be doing.

My view is mine, I base it on facts. Right or Wrong is decided by Blizzard, I can;t believe you logged on this alt just to comment on my posts 3 times now!



That’s all I got.