SPY Addon?

How does the Rogue base feel about this addon showing your not only in the area but telling people when you Stealth?

https ://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/spy-classic

Serve me as well too, but i use it for kos list


In many cases rogues still hit first so I wouldn’t understand the controversy from the rogue’s perspective. The only thing Spy helps is to mentally prepare the target to get a defense strategy going.

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No, it tells the player Automatically that there is an enemy in the area! That should not be allowed.


Okay, but that doesn’t give you an unfair gaming advantage over the other. It doesn’t affect the outcome of win or lose in any way. If you have WM on you have to take it for granted enemies can be anywhere you are, even in the capital cities which is my specialty, eh heh.

Imagine a Hunter with no humanoid tracking, now add the tracking does that give you advantage?

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I’m not too sure. If you can target something within range, it pops up regardless of class. Hunters might get the information faster through tracking.

doesn’t matter
you’re crying over nothing.

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How does that not give an advantage? When that pops, you can just spam flairs and AoEs to break stealth…


But that doesn’t give away their position, so no: you don’t just spam flares and AoE just anywhere. Remember, it has to be within targetable range so when you get that alert, a rogue or kitty could be anywhere within 100 yds(I think that’s maximum visual) which means the impossibilities of guessing the stealther’s location are far too great.

Trust me, if that mod actually HACKED the location and showed it on your map, Blizzard would definitely sue the modders.

Heading too Lights Hope Chapel, I see a 60 Undead Mage fishing I hop off my mount and stealth… The Mage that was barely in site of me over the hill all the sudden stop fishing pops up a Ice Barrier.

Another instance a Shaman skinning, I hop off mount way out of site and stealth in the Shaman instantly drops a maga totem and buffs up!

This addon is complete cancer!


I’m not sure how bad Spy really is, but pretending there isn’t a difference between how you would preform with no indication a rogue is in the area vs knowing he is there is ridiculous.

It isn’t humanly possible to be on high alert all the time in pvp areas. Not in the same way you are when you know for a fact there is a rogue within range.


Exactly, Spy take the PLAYERS responsibility out of the equation, instead of looking over the hill for Opposition, and scanning the grounds for dead animals.

This just alerts them when people are in the area, its pure cancer! I said before I seen a Shaman Skinning a bunch of mobs, I far away I hop off my mount and stealth I was probably 100+ yards away. All the sudden this Shaman out of nowhere buffs up full heals and drops a Magma Totem!

Pure Cancer!


a giant nothing burger, the biggest ever, it affects nothing.
So what they know you are in the area, it only makes the fear worse, after you gank one person they know anyway from genchat so… meh, a pointless argument as far as im concerned.

It’s mildly amusing and not a little ironic that the huntards are the ones defending this addon.


It’s fine. Good rogues are still deadly even if the enemy knows you are there.

Really? So how exactly do you attack a Hunter standing on an ice trap inside a flare because Spy told him you just stealthed near him?

Wait for him to go back about whatever he was doing? Hard concept I know.

Spy let’s him know you stealthed nearby. It doesn’t constantly ping you. They won’t sit on trap not moving for an hour. 3-5 minutes 99% of players go back to whatever they were doing.

Besides learn to play your rogue without two shotting someone questing. You have tools to reset and escape. Use them.

You have no idea how I do or do not play my Rogue, insulting me doesn’t strengthen your argument.

The fact remains this add on automates what the player themselves should be doing.


You realize none of this drivel has anything to do with the fact an addon alerts the player there is a stealther nearby…