SPY Addon?

You should probably level up?

I’ll get right on that when they raise the level cap but thanks for the advise!

The level cap is 120, your 92.

If you open up your armory I am 120 but again thank you for your valuable feedback.

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You’re welcome.

Well i guess that makes two of us.

Honestly this addon isn’t going to last. I remember how controversial human perception was at the time. But even human perception was balanced around a cooldown at certain points in the game.

Thats a racial, this is an Addon that give everyone in the Game Hunter Humanoid Tracking for the most part!

It literally pops up and displays target information even if you are not visible or hiding.

Unfortunately there are many addons similar to spy which break the balance of the game. The best we can do is provide feedback.

Personally I am in favor of making stealth and vanish back to how it used to be to counter these addons. And also maybe even bringing back shadow walk.

To my knowledge for SPY to pick up a player they had to use some ability. I havent used it in a long time but i thought it was alk based on the combat log. It wouldnt just say when someone was nearby.

If thats the case then no , i dont care about spy at all. Let them know i went into stealth , let them know my druid cast moonfire.

If not then the only part of it that should be disabled is proximity tracking.