SPY Addon?

It’s been in the game for ages. It’s not leaving. I thought you classic folk were all #nochanges right?

It was in vanilla and hasn’t been an issue and blizzard agrees. Go cry elsewhere.

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Should is an opinion. They aren’t removing it because 90% of addons work by reading the log and displaying that info in a more desired format. Just like DBM, msbt, healers must die, etc.

Blizzard doesn’t agree with you, either.


Apparently they do, because they lowered its range as a first try in making it not so intrusive.

There will be more bet on it!

What’s your goal in world PvP? It’s a terrible way to get honor after battlegrounds are introduced. If it’s to disrupt someone’s gameplay then making them sit on a flare for five minutes seems fairly disruptive.

Can you rephrase the question?

-pats head-

Nothing to see here folks, just another talentless rogue getting flustered that one of their infinite advantages are dialed down.

You’re commenting based on my avatar and without reading the context of what I said previously.

This is the Exact definition of ignorance.

I guess I can try, it was mostly rhetorical to lead into the other parts of the post. When you’re out in the world ganking people, what are you trying to accomplish?

I supposed based on your premise I am out ganking people my goals I would presume would be to kill Horde?

Again that wasn’t much of a question either, have a nice day.

i have 2 max level rogues, i simply dont bother changing my avatar for each post.
Spy has never concerned me in the slightest on any class with or without stealth, it changes nothing.
If its a game changer for you it tell me more about you as a player than anything else.

Did I say it was a game changer? For someone throwing around insults, you lack basic reading skills.

I don’t know if you’re deliberately missing the point or what, but let’s try this again. When you’re killing horde in the open world, what is your goal when doing so? The correct answer is not “make them dead”. It could be that you want to disrupt their/questing grinding experience, or that you want to accumulate honor points, or you want a personal challenge, or something else I haven’t thought of, but there must be something you’re looking to accomplish.

says the guy that played the “huntard” card…

This could be said about any useful add-on.

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The point, you missed it.

Funny how its always the other guy that misses it instead of the one in the mirror… oh well enjoy being scared that someone might know your in the same zone as they are, lol

Spy is cheating; it takes some pretty absurd mental gymnastics to justify the addon’s presence.

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Really so as a Warlock hiding under the bridge with a party of Horde mounted riding toward you, without SPY you would be safe…

You would be rewarded for being diligent and being aware of your surroundings, with SPY nomatter how good you play, they are going to know a Warlock is in the area and all they need to do is 360 degree scan and then look under the bridge and now your dead.

SPY removes the ability for players to play well and be unseen.

This entire subject has become laughable at this point.
Cheating? lol
Removes ability to play well? Come on.
I can play with it or without it just fine myself on any class, stealth or no stealth… this is perhaps the most overblown nothing burger in the history of these forums.

Demon hunters can see me in stealth. I’ve never had a problem sneaking around.

Its really only the 5000 HK assassination rogues who are complaining about it. Its no big deal, and i still dominate anyone I fight in a bg.

I actually enjoy it when people think an add-on helps them versus a rogue. They quickly find out after they are lying on the ground with a flag of ownership in their corpse that they were mistaken .