SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


You are presuming I don’t like the add on because i too play a Rogue. If you would actually read my comments you would see that is not the case.


One can own and use a toilet without understanding how it works.


I see, so instead of discussion you prefer insulting me. Have a nice day!


I was debating your logic, not personally attacking you. If anything, I was just paraphrasing a line from the movie, Drumline.


I wanna read the news of Blizzard busting down the doors of Wowinterface and Twitch to delete the addon from their servers.

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Yes you do, it’s called humanoid tracking.

Honestly posting that on a hunter is comical.


They already broke the LFG addon, your argument is invalid.


Spy also robs hunters of one of their utilities which is track humans, also they have a track that helps them see stealth much easier - that’s also ruined by spy since it detects stealth.

Stealth should be removed from the combat log at the least, that is a pretty legit complaint from rogues.


This addon was created 10 years ago and people only complain now? It does not and can not show the location of a player. I like the addon although I haven’t used it in Classic.



I am curious about this avatar that you are using. The spy addon has been a hot topic for several weeks. And there hasn’t been a peep from you on any of this addon topics.

In fact, in general your last reply as back in September 7th.

Thus the reason for my reply. I assume that you have used this avatar just to bring back the Spy Addon back into light.

This combat logs has existed in original Wow. It still exists in retail Wow.

I disagree with Players asking Blizzard to make changes because they want the game to conform to them and not the other way around.


Great question, i’ve been looking into this addon. looks like the only way to remove it would be to take away the ability to see the opposing factions combat log.
granted this might have its own set of issues, what that is i DO not know.
what i believe is that is takes away the skill aspect and surprise factor in Pvp , crippling some classes and strategy that was the vanilla/classic experience.
That is why i made this post. Should be a skill based game , this robs the players of that skill of hiding/stealth.


So do it then, why do people need addons in vanilla anyways, bad at the game ?


Blizzard usually “breaks” addons through limiting or sometimes outright removing API functions that those addons use to get the unfair advantage etc.

The problem is, spy uses the same API functions that a lot of other legitimate addons use, so they would unintentionally break those.

Their only proper method of getting rid of the addon would to somehow have the lua interpreter detect it, and then display to the user that using the addon is not allowed and is bannable, and if the user still continues using it about a day later, a 5 day ban is issued, and longer punishment for re-offending etc, but then people would just obfuscate and mangle the lua code of the addon to make it undetected so it’s a catch 22, i guess getting rid of the majority of its use is better than getting rid of none of it though.


So anyone that uses the following :

  • HPS Meter
  • DPS Meter
  • WeakAuras
  • Threat Meter
  • ClassicCastbars
  • Real Mob Health

Is a bad player in your opinion.

Yeah alright old man, go back to everquest.


Yeah stealth does have an audible as you said , a very noticeable one as you said but you have to be real close to hear this definitely not 50 yards long. But you know is not only about stealth. Many players when they are questing, mob killing or focusing on whats in front of them, dont turn them camera around, dont zoom out to see if somebody is coming from the other dirrection but now you got spy addon what is giving you a warning when ppl are close by what to be honest is not really the “close by”.


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Because we want Classic to be like Vanilla. Vanilla had these addons.


I call baloney on this, I’ve played from a few weeks after release and don’t ever remember encountering more than a handful of people that didn’t use addons during Vanilla.


To be clear, your game can only look at YOUR combat log. No addon is capable at looking at someone else’s combat log.

Any given player’s combat log contains the events of any player (hostile or friendly) within 50 yards of themself. Preventing a player’s combat log from showing hostile player events would break a multitude of addons. The most basic of which would be things like ClassicCastBars which shows a casting bar for what your enemy is casting.

Only for bad rogues. As has been mentioned countless times, it is still impossible for Spy to detect a stealthed rogue/druid as long as they enter stealth prior to entering the 50 yard radius and don’t do anything while in that 50 yard radius up until their opening attack. Just take note that “don’t do anything” extends down to not letting any buffs/debuffs wear off, either.

If the rogue/druid truly is being stealthy, Spy is blind. It’s only when rogues/druids are dumb that Spy points them out and alerts.


Again i am not complaining for Rogues or stealth! I am complaining that if a good player does everything perfect, and hides from the party of Horde coming down the road this add on alerts them of his presence…

Your free will to hide from the enemy and NOT FIGHT is prevented because this add on lets people know you are there. Whereas otherwise the party of Horde would carry on there way while I hid in the tower.