SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


Incorrect. If you are hiding from the opposite faction and do nothing (the key thing) Spy is totally blind. If you do a thing within 50 yards of the opposite faction, Spy will know.

So if you get spotted, you did a thing.



Please look at your combat logs. It does not Alert them to your presence unless some attack, buff, debuff, loss of buff, or the normal presence of stealth (the little stealth sound) is done within 50 meters.

All this is available to the combat logs. Without the combat logs, it will break every addon like the boss threat, recount, and other cast bar addons.

Added: Or other actions as noted by the reply above this one.


Yes so I am supposed to not play the game? If i herb they know, if i am drinking they know, if i just finished off a mob they know your clearly avoiding the facts to justify your arguments here.

You are using Red Herring to distract from the fact that nobody will be in the world doing nothing!


Fact remains without SPY players needed to use there own in game senses to find and or hunt players, this automates the process dumbs down the game and ruins good game play of tactics.


Right. Those are all things you can do, all things that alert Spy. But you know what would prevent Spy from being alerted? Moving 50 yards away from commonly traveled paths/areas.

I guess. But then you could just as easily repurpose that as:


Blizzard has taken the general stance that Addons can and should automate info gathering, but they should not automate decision making. In the case of Spy, this would be automating selecting the detected player (not possible for an addon to do as a result of API limitations that intentionally prevent it).


Game. Yes, Wow is a game. Games has rules. If you don’t like the rules then either adapt (i.e. change tactics) or don’t play the game.

As a note: All these specific PVP related posts affect the other players playing on PVE servers. Every nerf affects more than yourself.


Spy is cool, keep spy, gnomes love spy, spy, spy, spy, its the gnomes in your combat logs spying on you. We are tiny and mighty and spy unseen, gnomes for life!


Jumping in here. Games have rules yes. you listed 2 options. There is three. The third is change the rules if they are unfair.
On your other note. You talk about nerfs but the game itself is not getting nerfed. Its cheating add ons that have been used that are called into question and if we can get them removed then it brings the actual game back into balance.


Its hard to take you serious with a name like that, roll gnome next time, would be even better rogue.


Each of us are looking from our perspective. Is WOW a MMORPG or is it a PVP game? PVP, centric games, are like call of duty and fortnight.

These NERFS are affecting the MMORPG part. You ignore that there are PVE players.


I like play game, grogg happy!


Well all we can do is plead our case to blizzard, which these threads are doing. It is true that each of us look at it from our own lens. PVP, PVE, its all the same. If something is breaking the game then it needs to be addressed. IF the game breaking thing requires other things to break then so be it. I am sure there are many people that are intelligent that can work out a solution for the pve side.


I like looking through my monocle.


Do you just sit and hide in water all day? really want more context to this lol
How do you stay down there so long as a dwarf rogue. you have a water breathing item?


yea but as its been explained to you multiple times its not breaking the game and that 99% claims about what spy is or how spy works is untrue


says the person that spams that sentence repeatedly. As stated we are trying to talk to blizzard. Not you. You are intent on attacking the messenger and not the message. Shoo troll.


your the one that spams the message and have been repeatedly told no that not how spy work or other fact presented to disprove your claims


Keep bumpin the thread. This is what got the last nerf to spy. By the way blizzard agreed with me sooo…


I didn’t take time to read this. The answer is no.


I loved the Spy addon. The changes they made are not good and it sets the precedent for other changes like this if enough people cry about it.

For people who STILL have an issue…if you think 50 yards is a lot, it’s not. It’s barely enough time to hear the beep from the addon when someone is running up to you on a mount when you’re running. You hear the beep, look around, by the time you see something the player is on you. They actually broke the addon. Good job you joyless people.