SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


Post on your vanilla toon please.


Ban the Spy addon.

Do as World of Tanks does:

  1. First offence is a 7 day ban.
  2. Second offence is a permanent ban.
  3. World of Tanks doesn’t do this but should: Delete the account and all related data.

(Eilethalua) #123

Stealth classes are not perfectly invisible. The stealthing action has an audible, very noticeable, component. Movement reduces the level of stealth. Multiple classes have abilities that improve the chances they will detect a stealth class. (Warlock’s Detect Invisibility and Felhunter Paranoia, Human’s Perception, Hunter’s Track Hidden).

And there’s always the simple action of having the Combat Log open. I did that the other day when some priest put Mind Vision on me, and found out exactly who the priest was and who they moved it to next.

I believe that most people strongly opposed have a very distorted idea of their character status when stealthed.


From my experience as a druid I can tell you I have walked through the zone stealthed for over 10 minutes moving the entire time and out of nowhere I will have 5 mounted circling my current location trying to find me. This happens nightly so the point of saying Spy does nothing to stealth class if they do nothing I am highly skeptical about. There are skills that track in the combat log that we use while stealthed.


Did they use perception, catseye goggles, or catseye elixers? If they boost their detection over 50 player levels and see you, the log will announce your active auras that they can see to them.


That’s what gets ya. Like I said, even a buff wearing off if you’re within 50 yards will tip you off to Spy.

I did a code audit the other day on Spy, fully explaining and going in-depth on how Spy works and how it does what it does complete with limitations. I refrained from posting it because, with code snippets, it grew into a 1600 word long post. I don’t see the posters on this forum caring THAT much to read such a post.

But even the bandage debuff falling off of you when within 50 yards will trip Spy. Or, feeding your pet within 50 yards. In its simplest explanation, anything that would write to the combat log. You need to be a submarine and go into “silent running” mode when within 50 yards of players.


Don’t have to change the stuff in game. Instead just ban people that use spy addon problem solved.


Yes being able to send a pet on someone with spy and have the pet not lose aggro when that person goes into stealth is a bit broken.


so you would say Blizzard buffed the add-on then? I still have no problem with it.


Good luck with that!


Then make a target macro and click it endlessly looking for me. Don’t use an AUTOMATED add on that scans for me


Spy does nothing to help track you besides say a stealthed player is in the area and you did nothing besides walk for 10 minutes then you just happened to be found. When I look for stealthed players I search areas I would go to as a stealthed player to avoid being spotted.


The button that Spy generates is a secure action button that uses a macro command that can only be generated outside of combat. It doesn’t scan using this button, because a secure action button must be clicked upon. The macro command must be tied to a secure frame template.

The macro command is auto generated through variables collected through various means, though.


Dude, I would be happy to sit down with you and go over what Spy can and cannot do, but I don’t think you actually care enough to learn.

If you are stealthed next to me and I detect you, tab target will function just fine to target you. You make it sound like stealth is this end-all-be-all ability that is utterly broken by Spy, when in reality there are many in-game tools to counter stealth that I think you are conflating with this hyped up boogeyman addon.


Ahh yes the folks who roll cheap classes to gank are the crying group here.

Addons are good until they effect you huh?





Just an FYI, hunter’s can literally track things in Classic, so reading this post by a hunter is a little humorous. I’m guessing tracking was removed in retail?


Good idea. Let blizzard change the radius to 0 yards so we can’t use damage meters also. I can sit back, shoot my wand and my party / raid won’t know if I’m doing 50 or 500 DPS.


lol. I get it - the Dwarf Death Knight of Classic. You rolled Rogue and leveled to 56 just to troll. Damn - that is COMMITMENT. /gulfclap.


I have it and use it! I am fully aware of what it does. Thank you however.