SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


I believe the coordinates shown are your player coordinates, not the enemy that spy picks up.


As much as i want to agree, when I’m stalking a group trying to pick someone off… its annoying when i get near one and all the sudden the whole group rushes to him. The add-on does have an effect on my game play. That being said its a double edged sword and i use it when another player may have gotten the drop on me and stealth right away when it beeps. I love it and hate it. Its both useful for and against me.


It’s impossible to remove this addon without removing all addons that see the combat log.

It may be possible to remove combat log messages that message stealth actions from the opposite faction, but then you would not be playing classic, you would be playing essentially classic+


How do you know that Spy is the source of your sorrow? I can generally tell when someone in my party is being attacked by looking at their health bar in the default raid UI. Party members also show up on my mini map.


Because before i have even attacked them they re group. Then when i go far away they disperse again. Everytime I am sprint stealthing in the party re groups. What could be telling them this?.. The spy addon. Before they have even lost health. This is an advanced warning of possible gank. Yes you can look at hp to tell if party member is under attack. This tells them before that step can even take place.


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Before I installed the Spy addon, I was using the Combat Log to detect Alliance. I made a separate tab and enabled only 'Enemy players" filter. Every time I see RED font flooding the combat log, I knew at least 1 alliance is around. Spy ultimately works using that method (plus more I bet). If you want spy removed completely, blizzard would need to literally remove all logs regarding “Enemy players”.


I’m nitpicking here, sometimes I even say it, but there isn’t actually a need to parse the combat log. You can pull the variables straight from the CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo() function’s return values. Parsing a string isn’t needed.

This can be seen in Spy.lua line 1836.
timestamp, event, hideCaster, srcGUID, srcName, srcFlags, sourceRaidFlags, dstGUID, dstName, dstFlags, destRaidFlags, arg12, arg13, arg14, arg15, arg16 = CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo() -- P8.0 addded


I’m not saying to remove it i am just throwing in my 2 cents. Its not an easy issue to solve. I don’t think they can do much without breaking other add-ons. I know of the old method but this addon has streamlined it to the point where everyone can and will make use of that. Don’t even need to read listen for the noise. So now its more common place and the potential issues and changes to gameplay are exacerbated because again to now much more common use. I am not saying get rid of it. It just changes things now because the use is more widespread. I feel as though before spy it was uncommon for people to use logs to know of others presence.


There is a default stealth detection sound that can be heard when a stealth character is detected, right? If you are not being detected, spy is not reporting you to anyone, I promise.

There are a lot of honor farm groups out. Many of them are coordinating via voice chat. Try stepping into our shoes here on Alliance-Fairbanks, and you’ll learn this quickly.


Remove all addon features


Im a Warrior. I need this addon. Stop trying to ruin the game for me!


SPY is definitely game-play breaking. You shouldn’t be able to magically target someone just by clicking on the SPY bar. SPY needs to go or severely handicapped.

The 50-yard changes made things worse.


All that spy does is give you an idea of when a rogue is lurking near you. and since that class is played entirely by tryhard cowards with neckbeards… couldn’t care less. You can see every other class before they pop up on spy any how. and just to reiterate: if you play an undead rogue, we get it, you have no friends.


Its much more useful now that when i hear a noise i know they are close.


“and since that class is played entirely by tryhard cowards with neckbeards… couldn’t care less.”

Nice. I wish i could generalize people that much by something they play in a video game but i don’t want to be ignorant.
Spew some where else.


Thanks. I edited my post to account for this information.


I don’t use any addons.

You’re all cheating.


Spy addon detected large quantities of BS, put your tall boots on and run fast, its getting deep in here.


I can give you another slant on this, track humanoid is a specific ability for Druids and Hunters (druid requiring cat form I would love for this to be usable mounted like spy). This is a class specific skill and any add-on which provides close to the same functionality if not superior (stealth warning, zone pop details, etc) would not be appropriate. Add-ons should be convenience items that allow you to automate something you can do manually just as fast with some skill or the correct setup. Spy goes beyond this