SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


SHHHH, don’t come in here with your facts and logic breaking up the pity party…


You’ve made the claim that someone who is already stealthed while greater than 50 yards away from a player will become known to that player once they enter 50 yards (even if they remain unseen to the player in-game). Your claim seems to be on the basis that you feel that COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED will receive an Aura Apply notification simply when the rogue gets in range, even though they applied stealth aura way earlier on and out of range.

So yes; you claim this. You prove this.


Stealth crippled? Lol, every single day almost all day long there is an alliance rogue on our server that constantly burst clothies down instantly and then vanishes, resets, and does it again. He almost is never caught and murders poor fools all day long. Think he is doing just fine


Thats not the point, I don’t want you to know I am hiding under the bridge. SPY prevents my free will!


Rogues have successfully ganked me multiple times after the change without it notifying me… Sooo its fine now.


Trying to consider if it is like cheating. Aren’t their classes, specs, potions, and other things in game that can allow this to happen as well?


It’s not the spy, it dont work that way.


Okay. I’ve made a SUPER basic addon that spam everything that the unfiltered combat log gives you into your chat box. Everything. I didn’t add any filters or anything. Use it in a place where no other players or NPCs are, except for maybe your trial account character or a friend.


## Title: TestAddon
## Author: WhoCares
## DefaultState: enabled



local AddonName, TestAddon = ...;
TestAddon.EventFrame = CreateFrame('Frame');

TestAddon.EventFrame:SetScript('OnEvent', function(self, event, ...)


I’m not doing your investigative work for you and conducting in-game tests. You made the claim . You back it up.


If all you are doing is hiding under a bridge, spy will not pick you up because you are doing nothing to add to the combat log. 50 yds is well within visual distance, so you are either being seen or tracked by a hunter.

Also, someone else mentioned buffs being picked up by the unfiltered combat log, but this was recently hotfixed with the combat log range nerf. Buffs will only appear in the log if they are applied within 50 yds.

Alternatively, all I have to do is know your name and create a /target macro.


I just did. I gave you the ability to not only see it for your own eyes but to also experience it. Now’s your turn. I recommend using it in retail though for the full experience. Retail is nanners with the combat log spam.


SPY Addon is the best thing ever. Vote for Combat log scans 2020


Using the combat log is cheating!


The SPY addon is a user friendly interface of the combat log. It’s making available information more accessible to the players. Yesterday, I used my combat log to track down a player who was hiding in a hut making bandages. Their name showed up in my combat log, I typed in /target (player name) and then sent my pet after them to show me where they were hiding. Did it all without any addons.


It is a nerf in the sense you no longer get their coordinates from across the zone.

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I have a feeling that some players can’t play so they blame addons and cry for their removal.


Weird, I just did too and it doesn’t seem to magically announce Stealth auras for already-stealthed rogues.


Yes, and I didn’t claim that it does. I claimed that once you see a stealthed rogue it will announce it. The dwarf fellow we were talking to just a moment ago claimed that he was leveling and couldn’t hide. I claimed that him being in stealth and being seen by max level characters sets off the log, not that a stealthed character that is phased out of vision of the max level could see said character in the log.

Edit: Keep in mind that a max level character can see stealthed units from much greater distances. This means that Spy will launch off some fireworks if you are merely detected at this greater range.

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I can see that but for the average player who is using it to give them a heads up there are enemy players close by. It’s definitely not a nerf and is more effective.


I agree with this. It is more effective. 50 yds is the right distance of knowing if an enemy is getting too close to you.

Another thing though: API can’t pick up exact enemy coordinates. Here’s a copy paste from Wowpedia.

posY, posX, posZ, instanceID = UnitPosition("unit");

String - The unitId for which the position is returned. Does not work with all unit types. Works with "player" , "partyN" or "raidN" as unit type. In particular, it does not work on pets or any unit not in your group.