SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


Then the player should do that! An Add on should not be doing it for them and popping up telling them enemies are in the area.

I have free will in the game as do you, if i see big bad Horde coming I might decide to hide. SPY removes my ability to do so!


You’re fighting a losing battle. People are to inept to understand the concept of utilizing available log data to assist with game play. But they LUB DAR THREATMETERS, DAMAGE METERS AND DBMS. HERP DERP…


You are using “phase” incorrectly here and your english is all over the place, so now I’m not even sure what you’re talking about. Are you claiming:

(A) That the moment a stealthed rogue enters within 50 yards of a player, that Blizzard’s API automatically pings that player with a combat log entry letting them know that a rogue has gained Stealth aura within their vicinity. (This is not true).


(B) Claiming that “technically” someone can detect a stealthed rogue second-hand by another player literally seeing the rogue in-game by proxmity and notifying them through Spy’s back-channel communication (a petty semantic).

Please clarify so I can retort accordingly.

Apply this same argument for people telling you to not use Healbot, or not use DeadlyBossMods. Your argument for why it’s okay to use Healbot and DeadlyBossMods also applies to Spy.


spy addon is part of the game don’t like it go to pve or transfer

(Baridorielor) #65

How is it cheating?

How does the Addon robs them of this element of the game?

How does the addon automate the process of making finding stealthed players or anybody easier?

Would you care to explain on that?


Deadly Boss mods helps the players against AI content, it has no effect on other players in game.

I do not use Healbot, I think this might be the add on telling players where the healers are in pvp, if so that should be banned too!


Hijacking yet another thread… when will blizzard take care of the important stuff!!! Shadowbolt must be renamed to “Spicy Purple Meatballs” or else warlocks will revolt! HEED MY WARNING! Infernals will raid down on your city!!!

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Ok… how? I keep asking this but no one seems to know.


I see. So as long as it doesn’t personally affect you, then the addon is certified acceptable? That sounds incredibly narcissistic of you. But kudos for the honesty.


The add on scans for players, whether by logs or other thats what it does.

If i am hiding under the bridge waiting for you and your posse to pass, under normal play you would pass.

With SPY it would alert you I was around, then you and your posse would look around and ultimately realize I was under you.

It prevents good game play.


You changed the premise of your question and then made it to be personally? Any add on that tells players information or locations of others is bad.

Where it be me, you or anyone else.

(Baridorielor) #72

Can you elaborate it even further?


It can’t. It has no idea how the addon works. It just doesn’t like it and therefore is bad. QQ


(C.) The unfiltered combat log of player1 gets messaged of auras of player2 when player1 gains access to the phase of player2.

For example: If a warlock with soulstone already on them and enters my view distance, I can know of this fact through the unfiltered combat log. However, this might have changed with the 50 yd nerf, because the combat log is now limited to before view distance range. I’ll need to test this with the addon I’m messing with later.

Edit: A rogue on the other hand doesn’t enter view through max distance. They enter view through being seen. A low level can flag the addonss stealth detection message. This is what I’m getting at.


Misuse of the word “phase” aside, I await your proof of this, as this is not at all the case.


Yea i guess thats the main problem. I don’t know either


I Spy … someone crying within 50 yards of me… :smiley:


Are you asking me to make you an addon that prints from the unfiltered combat log?


Spy is a much better add-on now. The range reduction has gotten rid of the excess long range noise and now pinpointed the immediate issues / targets for us.


The addon DOES NOT DETECT STEALTH CHARACTER for god sake, how many misinformation you can have?!

The addon only read your own combat log and flash shiny lights.