SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


that mage wasnt hiding very well. combat log is like putting ears in the game. very rpg.


Make Opposing Faction Combat logs un readable or encrypted to there own faction.

There is NO reason Horde need access to My Alliance players combat logs. I hit you then you can read your combat logs


…ya’ll know that Spy can only “see” you if you enter stealth (or do “a thing”) within 50 yards, right? Like… defeating Spy is as simple as backing off >50 yards, stealthing, and then going back in after them.

It’s not magic. It doesn’t “detect” someone who is already in stealth.

With these teary-eyed threads about how it ruins rogues… I feel like ya’ll don’t understand this.


Well It pops up I click on player I am targeted on them and see health and mana %. If I look around me and see nothing I am most likely going to check in that shack, tower or under the bridge.

This add on removes players free will to hide!


Not true at all, it detects all classes irregardless of stealth!

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Maybe you are not phrasing this right, but this makes no sense. Horde do not access alliance combat logs. Everyone has their own combat log, and the spy addon reads your own combat log.


The Add on Parses the combat logs and apparently mine is in there, Horde shouldn’t be able to see my my combat log at all! There is no reason opposing faction need that.

I am just thinking of an idea to cripple this add on!


That was essentially my reference to “a thing” when I said:

Any event, including a buff fading from you, will alert a Spy user – as long as you are within 50 yards.

Therefore, if you don’t enter stealth or do “a thing” within 50 yards, Spy users are oblivious. As long as your first “thing” within 50 yards of the enemy is your opening attack, then Spy has no advantage. It’s trivial to defeat if you understand this concept.


I am not even arguing about stealth, on my Rogue I can still get away… On my Warlock however hiding is futile, because even if unseen or hiding under the water this SPY tells the enemy I am there!

It removes the players free will to hide from the battle.

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This makes no sense sir. Horde doesn’t see your combat log.


Nobody and no addon has access to other players combat logs. It shouldn’t be too surprising that part of a player’s combat logs are events nearby. This is what it parses. It doesn’t parse OTHER players’ combat logs.


Actually, because stealth phases a player into their own existence, it sends the stealth aura application event into the logs of a player that happens to see them in stealth. A low level player will get pinged if a high level player glances in their direction and gets access to their phase.


Spy is incapable of auto-detecting players UNLESS that player does “a thing”. Sit in that water all you want and don’t do anything, and Spy won’t/can’t alert. But if you buff yourself, summon a pet, etc. Spy WILL know.


Nah lol…I have always played on PvP servers and I do PvP a lot but I do not attack. I defend when I am attacked and I defend when others on the same faction are attacked. I am a defender :stuck_out_tongue: I guess if I saw something on it I might try to avoid it though lol so maybe I would use it for something.

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Spy is one of the best add on’s. First I can find and see my enemy and I can even set them to a kill on site list. QQQQQQQQQQQ is all I seem to see on the classic forums anymore.


All I see is crying from unskilled or low lvl rogues, deal with it.


So now I cannot play the game? So now the playerbase is crippled by an Add on?

Lets say I am under the sea killing murlocs, you riding along, without SPY you would continue on.

With SPY it pops up says Warlock llvl XX you click on it and look around the area and see nothing, you see from targeting me I have UNDER WATER Breathing, you hope in water and gank me.

You don’t see an issue with this scenario?


So… a player seeing a player means that they can see the player? Right. Not sure how this is news?

Sure. One of the features of Spy is it communicates discoveries to anyone else in the group/raid party also running Spy. But it only communicate the location of the friendly player and where they were when Spy saw a thing.

In the end, it’s still the same answer. Spy cannot divine the location of someone in stealth. You have to enter stealth within 50 yards for Spy to see it (or as Holfrak pointed out, if you see the rogue in stealth… you… see the rogue in stealth? Not sure what that obvious point was worth bringing up)

No. None. Spy makes it easier, sure, but nothing is to stop a player from making an extra chat window with built-in combat logs displaying and keeping an eye on that when they’re traveling in zones to catch other players nearby.


I think it should definitely be removed. Not only does it severely impact stealth players, it affects pvp drastically because you literally can’t hide behind a tree, etc., for the most part anymore. That being said i’m still going to use it because to not would be a disadvantage.


You said:

…ya’ll know that Spy can only “see” you if you enter stealth (or do “a thing”) within 50 yards, right? Like… defeating Spy is as simple as backing off >50 yards, stealthing, and then going back in after them.

I was merely correcting that statement. The addon can send a message after the log sends the reapplication message for when an enemy enters a rogue’s phase.