SPY ADDON Removal Entirely

Often on any class I am playing I will play tactfully and Avoid outposts and FPs, I will kill Mobs around corners or in houses, that way when I see enemy Faction I can hide and wait for them to pass by. With SPY I cannot do that!

This add on removes the in game Players Ability to not be seen!


hide in an area with no mobs and you will not be detected.

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It allows you to target them, give you there HP and Mana %. Now being 50 yd range you know they are super close!


Not to mention in vanilla hardly any of us used addons so the play was much more organic, now you just get people ganking with spy addon and its not fun for anyone and the people who sit around spy ganking are just as miserable


Organic and Servers only had 3,000 players. Now we have 15,000 players with SPY add on!


What? I could be hiding under the sea and SPY will detect me!


The subject is to remove Spy entirely. Do you only take issue with the combat log part?

I take issue with the Add on popping up notifying my location on any class even if hiding in a house or unseen ( Not View able ) unless you’re a HUNTER with Humanoid tracking.

If I play my Druid pop out and go Sea Lion and try to swim away, SPY should not pop up DRUID lvl 40 50% HP 20% Mana. I just feel the add on does what a good player would be doing on there own.

If I see a dead mob, but no Horde, I am going to see if they might be inside the Tower, this enables active and counter active play.

SPY ~ Just pops up and says dudes close, you look and know hes in the tower!


So far I have noticed spy usually only shows a person once I can actually see him or he is in my visual range, which I guess is nice so its not needed anymore.

But then I also get info on rogues stealthing, which I had no clue where there before.
So basically all it does now is alert you that either rogues or ferals are in the area and what lvl the ppl are.

But ye I bet all of you defenders of spy always check combat logs while you are in your major city half afk browsing the AH.


Pro-tip, understand what the addon does before you open that fecal dispenser on your face… You’re wrong on basically every point, other than the distance nerf they did to appease the snowflakes who already cried about it…
You also have no idea what impacts this will have to threat meters as they also rely on the combat logs. GG, you played yourself.


You are being found because there are thousands more online… a hell of a lot more people then in vanilla. Spy is ok and doesn’t break the game… play the game the way you want. Use it or not there are a thousand other add ons that are worst.

So what it tells me a player went stealth near me. That doesn’t mean they will attack me, I still go about my business. I don’t need an add on to tell me there are stealth players near… I always assume there are stealth players NEAR. lol

PS. Before this add on I was one of those players that created an extension of the combat log window on my screen. It was pretty hard to sneak up on me. =)

But if that player was hiding from you and you couldn’t see them because they played well and hid appropriately this add on Counters there game play because it will Popup and tell you an Enemy is near.

This add on isn’t being used Defensively, its being used as an HONOR HUNTING Add on!


It doesn’t bother me. I might get it some day but probably will not change my game play much.

It won’t be removed, deal with it.

thats not how it works.


Oh it will, you will all the sudden get pop ups of players that are hiding from you, that you didn’t even know were there!

Then you too, can gankfest hiding players because your cheat add on told you they were around.


Ok… how?

Thats blizzard taking a sledgehammer to nail something down when they could use a regular hammer (cease and desist to addon maker, ban users of addon)

Blizzard is like a parent who is unable to come off with any credibility and authority so they have to resort to breaking everything to prevent people from using them instead of just making discipline

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Thats EXACTLY how it works, I am running along the road cross a bridge and POP UP Spy I target its a mage at 30% drinking, I look around me and see nobody and decide to look under the bridge… There they are! Dead Mage!

Otherwise I would have carried on my way, this add on game me unfair advantage by alerting me of a player that was hiding!


That’s entirely the unfiltered combat log, unless another player spotted you and had his addon alert other users. If you have certain Auras up, it will flag you into the unfiltered combat log. Some buffs will even spam you into it. The log can be very spammy. I don’t like this either.

The API does not allow for players to get the location of other players, unless they are in your raid or that the other player has broadcast their location.

The API does not provide health status, mana status, level, or class through the combat log. It only does this after a player targets or mouseovers you. However, addons can document your last known status or guess these things based on the information provided by the API.