SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


first of nice taking my post out of context for those that dont want to look up vlad brought up tmorph as look tmorph is banned. which Is ban becasuse it goes in and starts modifying core game files. it you can play as a orc but make your character look like human. is a .exe file that is is actively injected into wow. which is something that blizz can detect as this thing actively modify the game.

addons on the other hand are passive they sit between the player and the game and only work with the approved files when they come up they dont even override the file they just filter it to the player. to give and example take a glass of water put a blue lens over it thats an addon and. tmorph on the other hand is taking the water and dropping blue dye INTO the water. blizz cant tell what you put in the water but they can clearly tell the water is no longer clear.


Justifying the addon by telling me not to play where players have the addon? nice argument!

SPY indeed automate decision making by alerting the Player a Decision needs to be made! It also give them a targetable button to click that give my current hp/mp values and class I am playing.

That’s a lot of not automating?


The targetable button is called raid frames or arena frames. You are right, this addon is an abomination.


Your solution was to make the game look for “Spy” in your addon folder, the single silliest suggestion possible. Spy doesn’t use fancy Spy-specific functions or commands to function, it gets info from a combat log dump of information provided by Blizzard. It is literally a single command line. So to “break” Spy you need to break that function.

Otherwise, your suggestion to:

…is circumvented by literally renaming the folder and addon to anything other than Spy. My “PinkUnicorn” addon and someone else’s “CutePuppy” addon would be doing the same functions and the same API calls as thousands of other addons, feeding said info into customized windows and frames like so many addons do, detecting players just like the verboten Spy. Suddenly everyone would have “DefNotSpy” and the problem would be solved because Spy was no longer in use.

Then if “DefNotSpy” got banned we’d swap to “SrslyNotSpy” and then “OopsNoSpy” and so on…


There is No Reason The Opposing Faction need access to our Combat log! None! What I am doing is for me and my faction to know…



Have at it, rewrite this to be faction specific but not hostile specific.


I didn’t though. You said :

So they can’t scan for the files according to your past self. But then:

So, your argument is: Blizzard can’t scan game files but bans people who use tmorph by scanning files.

bUt sPy iS An AdDoN nOt a PrOgRAm.

Come on now. It doesn’t matter where you download it, it’s a program.

This is why your defence of Spy looks stupid. Again, I’m not against the add-on, but at least use a defence that is strong and makes consistent sense.


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’m in favor of disabling all addons. It would be fun to see all these people who suddenly can’t play without a mod telling them exactly what, where, and when to do things.


SPY automates player actions! That is WRONG! If a player wants to know who’s around they can walk around like everyone else and look!

There is no reason people should be able to Mount up and ride around in a massive Gank group and be able to HUNT/ TRACK players that are NOT VISIBLE!

If a players actions are played well he should be rewarded for those actions, if I hide under the sea with Under Water Breathing while Horde pass by I should be rewarded for that counter game play by not being found.

With SPY you cannot hide, the addon counters in game actions!



Wow is an MMORPG with PVP being available . Wow was not created solely as a PVP game. Breaking things, because of PVP issues, breaks the RPG part.

The combat log and add-on access existed back in original Wow and still exists in Retail. Blizzard has had 15 years for making API changes: They have left this capability.

You can play RUST, which I assume, is more “fair” than Wow.


Ask the addon creator to remove the addon. Asking Blizzard to remove the addon is a futile task because, as has been noted in this thread numerous times, removing this addon would require a change to the API that would cripple a number of other addons. It is unrealistic to expect Blizzard to make such a radical, non-vanilla-like change, to its API, 15 years later.


I would be in favor of an addon free server. Give us the option for hard mode vs handicap mode.


That is a reasonable suggestion. If so, don’t allow players to choose faction: Allow Blizzard to control the faction and thus stop these unbalanced server issues. (Of course people are not going to like that - they may not be on the same side as their friends.)


Thats not a bad Idea. I would maybe modify it a bit and put a toggle in character creation with the average faction population and if it reaches over something like 60/40 then shut the high side down for a bit.


It would require some thought to make this work:

  • Like, 1 toon only - thus you can’t still choose the faction that you want to play.
  • And can’t back out of creator creation. If you back out then Blizzard defaults to a specific class and random name.
  • Etc …


It did not exists 15 years ago, and SPY also did not exists 15 years ago. Furthermore the addon is automating player responses.


All need be done is to code or encrypt Opposing Faction Logs. There is no reason Horde need access to Gash’s combat log… None!

The need to see Gash hits Mongo for xxx damage or Mongo kills Gash with Mortal Strike for xxxx damage

They do not need access to our logs.


The functionality that currently exists is the same as it was in Vanilla. I do not think it should be changed. Just need to learn to cope with Spy existing, the same way you have to cope with hunters having Track Hidden. #nochanges.


I’d use spy even without the notifications of stealthers. I personally love being able to keep track of who is near by and the kill/killedby and KOS stats… super useful addon even for those things!

If any of you played UO, the player list in spy reminds me of when me and my group entered an area the first thing we do is drag the enemy bars to the screen so we can keep track of who we were fighting and their health + coordinate targets.

If they nerfed the addon to not automatically populate the list, at least allow us to click them to add them in manually.


Thats a Class ability, all players shouldn’t have it.