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Brokenwind Reacts to This Video!


Wait… are you really that petty to do this? Mad that people got the WoW beta and you didn’t? Did you really take the time to make this list? What a snitch. Dude get over it, you clearly have too much time on your hands

wheres joana on that list?

Actual qualifications for Classic beta:

  • Subscribed
  • Opted into the Classic beta

Things that aren’t qualifications for Classic beta:

  • Time played in WoW
  • Skill in WoW
  • Prior account suspensions
  • What you did in-game
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Your girlfriend
  • “Toxicity”

I hate to be the one to tell you guys this, but Blizzard is a company that is in business to make money. Its a smart move to take a small portion of there beta invites and send them out to people that are going to stream the game in front of thousands of people. Who cares that that small number don’t “test” the game. Despite what you think, streamers make up a very small portion of the people playing the game. The other bigger portion, non streamers, are testing the game and reporting bugs. You just don’t see it because they don’t stream.

It’s a good thing you don’t get to decide who is qualified or not. sheessh.

Careful, Pokimane gonna go on a copystrike spree again.

Has 3730 achievement points and thinks that they can dictate who is and who isn’t qualified to play the game? LUL. The Beta is used for two purposes: 1: Finding bugs and reporting them so they aren’t there on release. They want to make it bug-free. 2: Advertisement. You don’t want just some random few WoW streamers that collect like 100k viewers total to advertise the game. You’d want to spread it to people who haven’t even played the game and their collective like 1 million pop fan-base who hasn’t ever played the game to start wanting to play the game. Just because you didn’t get into the beta, doesn’t give you right to judge who should and shouldn’t.

Because Blizzard knows it will basically be free advertising. A beta test doesn’t have to be strictly for testing the game, by giving beta invites to high profile people (even if they didn’t play classic WoW) more people will see it in turn leading more people to play it on launch potentially boosting sub numbers. if it attracts inactive or new accounts.

Let’s be honest here, the game doesn’t really need a lot of testing. I’ve been seeing minimal amounts of bugs, especially the number that are being submitted. This is purely for advertising, it’s not a real old school “beta” now. If you look at the selection of people in there, some haven’t played it before, more that weren’t subscribed for years. But blizz is going after their follower base for views/advertising. It is what it is y’all.

Beta’s have long become advertising/marketing features more so than legitimate tests. The stress tests, I’m sure they’re real. But the regular beta, not so much. It feels the population is there just so there’s people around the hand chosen.

But, the part that blizzard decided to make it so you had to have an active account to even have a chance to get invited, that part there is skeezy. Mix that in with streamers who weren’t subscribed for years, or if ever, that’s what people can be legit mad about. It is a way for them to extract just a bit of cash now while leading up to the launch which could probably be sooner than later, but they have to ride it out for marketing/advertising that was set and established long before beta.

Oh, and that my followers on twitch can be mad that I’m not in it to give them my opinion and watch me play it for them to decide if they want to jump in too… all 68 of my followers, all mad! I was in the Wrath beta, and i’ll probably never be invited back by the number of bugs I submitted for Wintergrasp and the missing Dance Studio. That Dance Studio never happening, boy that stung. And, it could even be a big money maker these days with their cash shop. You hear that Bobby K?!

I got the invite, not a streamer either… my only gripe is the fact that I can never get past the realm select screen. Therefore I cannot partake in the fuss that is Beta. I hope the streamers taking up space are actually reporting bugs and other technical issues.

Didn’t get an invite?

Its just a game… if you can load it on you system, log in… aren’t you quallified?

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Lol edited comment. Asmon scared em off

You haven’t even played the last two expansions, it seems you wouldn’t even make it to your own list… And yet you think you are more deserving of it than someone like NMP? He may be bad at the game but you are clearly worse and have probably a much lower chance of becoming better. Unlinke NMP who is friends with multi-glads. And that pretty much goes for anyone else on your list too.

You play a nelf on Moon Guard… And imagine being as dimwitted as you and think the people who are STREAMING their GAMEPLAY to THOUSANDS of people aren’t going to have the bugs they experience in their game be monitored in some capacity.

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I have the achievement. I no longer have time for love…


How absolutely terrifying.

LOL @ OP deleting his rant

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I had to delete it. Im being spammed in game