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Why is High Warlord Stino not on this list?


This list is underrated. I understand advertising by giving the beta keys that “don’t exist” to streamers, but there has to be some boundaries. The pokimane one pissed me off.


You do realize that some of these streamers you label as “unqualified” are actually there mostly to just to give it exposure and hopefully promote it right?

And who are you to say anyone is qualified or not? Plenty of people that have played vanilla and plenty that have not are testing it.

You also forgot Mike Preach and MadSeason and I’m sure others.


That is because WoW Classic’s beta is a beta in name only and is just an advertisement. I completely agree with your list some of these streamers should have never been invited and the fact that majority of the beta participants are streamers is pathetic. They are a bunch of horrible players showing a preview of a game that some of us have been waiting 3+ years for.


Ice 2.0 ? hehehe


that’s the Goon.

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a majority? You think the combined pop of the 2 servers is like 100 people?


OP - Do you enjoy making yourself miserable?


I agree that blizz is treating this as “Beta test but secretly also advertising platform”. If you are a tester you should be reporting bugs and experimenting to find faults in the system.

Even in the stress test i found bugs and immediately reported them


Do you police every thread and declare people miserable? How miserable that must be~


Perhaps I used majority wrong I should of said the majority of streamers were invited even though they will more than likely have no good feedback to give in a beta.


I’d say most of those people on that list aren’t qualified. These people aren’t even 30 yet. Most qualified? Maybe. Qualified? No.

Beta is for finding bugs. You can’t find bugs if you had 0 clue what was going on 15 year sago.


19 beta testers. No wonder they’re finding so many bugs. They must be running a dozen PC’s each given their videos.

Not to mention the two or three dozen other streamers you didn’t list.


I’ve played this game since 2006-07, and so have many others.

why does a thot like pokimane get one? she wasn’t even old enough to play WoW back then


Is she the only streamer that got into beta that hasn’t played wow before?

Wish more people understood that. I thought this was a beta test not a advertisement campaign. I’m not mad that I wasn’t invited to beta because I clearly don’t qualify considering I started week before TBC and was 9 years old at the time so I don’t have much experience with vanilla, but I’m sure there are people still subbed, played back in the day, and recall some information that would be valuable to the “beta testing servers”. The streamers that have never played before and received beta to “advertise the game” have enough time to do that in August when the game is fully functioning, thats if they even play it after beta. >.>


It should also be noted that people aren’t particularly upset because streamers get beta access. It’s for a multitude of reasons.

  1. Blizzard is handing out beta keys that “don’t exist” to streamers.
  2. Blizzard is obviously giving streamers keys to promote the game but refuse to outright admit claiming the process is “automated”.
  3. Good portion of the streamers receiving the keys have either a) Never played the game, b) Was a toxic player when they did play, or c) Have never done bug-testing for the game (some currently).

Blizzard has handed out these non-existent keys to streamers that a decent amount should not be qualified for an advertisement campaign they will never admit to and then have the balls to say that the beta invites will be slowing down despite several streamers stating that there isn’t enough participants. No one is mad about streamers getting beta keys for being streamers, they’re mad at the lack of Blizzard community perception and handling.


You forgot Dafran.

Blizzard did this sort of thing in Vanilla. It was explained by both Rob Pardo and Mike Morhaime that the marketing strategy was always to entice the “opinion-makers” and influencers to appeal to a broader demographic. You see this today with other companies who are basically bribing influencers with swag to give games good scores.


“Blizzard, according to Pardo, envisions their market as a donut, with the core players at the center and a more casual audience around that.”

Blizzard going after streamers is not unexpected. Who else is in the Beta, I wonder?