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well shame on them for harassing you in game. What did you do that was so wrong? You saw something Activision Blizzard did which is questionable ethically and called them out for it. The truth of the matter is this.

Being a streamer should not give you special access. Beta tests ought to be randomized and based on system specs. Beta tests should be about testing the game on different hardware configurations , as well as stressing your servers and testing your net code. Activision Blizzard is promoting highschool type popularity contest nonsense if they decided to give preferential treatment to well known streamers. Granted it is their product and they can do whatever they want. But challenging that decision (if it is true. it may not be) on whether or not it is ethical is OK.

This is because the “what streamers is worthy of beta” list?. You don’t deserve the harassment neither in-game or in the forums, but next time you better think what you write, because calling a rank 1 multi arena gladiator not worthy of beta is really foolish.

Asmongold using his popularity to “release the hounds” on the OP speaks a lot to his character as an individual. And saying how happy he is to have made people like the OP upset is pathetic. Online persona or not, he went to far.

He was being harassed even before Asmongold saw the thread, because not everybody was ok with that list he made.

not true, once that video he watched made it on to youtube it started, thats how i found out about it being posted online.

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Regardless. He should not have been harassed for it, and Asmon only made things worse by making it personal in his reaction video. To be frank Asmon owes the OP an apology. Using the bully pulpit is what Asmongold did.

Honestly i dont blame asmon for that he doesnt have control over his fans and he reacted to a video about my post so i dont blame anyone for it. Im just stating, I had to remove the post

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If that is how you feel than that is how you feel. I can only speak for myself. I have to say I lost a lot of respect for the guy. Again online persona or not it speaks to his character as an individual.

Asmongold’s time spent in game, and his in game achievements should not count for anything. One could make the argument that only software engineers, developers, programmers etc. should be the ones to test a product.

That being said whether or not Blizzard did give special treatment is a rumor. However, I would sincerely hope it is not true. If it is true I’d appreciate them being transparent about it. This is so high school and that isn’t something a developer/publisher should be engaging in and neither should streamers who have the ability to influence the viewing audience to go out and do something negative (in this case bullying the OP).

Honestly, you guys need to stop acting as some kind of self appointed moral arbiters. You’re not qualified, and I promise you no-one cares what you think.

Harsh, but true.

then don’t call it a beta test.

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Quit crying. It’s not just streamers. Go back to BfA if you’re that upset.

Quit crying. It’s not just streamers. Go back to BfA if you’re that upset.

wouldn’t that just make the situation worse?


make love, not warcraft

That will mean the end of the world… of Warcraft.

just gotta type /love after killing someone in pvp

So this post is basically: Blizzard shouldn’t advertise their game by giving early access to people who are able to spread the interest in their game to a wider audience because… they don’t play World of Warcraft…

Also if you follow your statement to its logical conclusion then giving early access to people who review games/movies should be random (or if they’ve played the game for X amount of time). I mean… you actually are making a case acti-blizzard would make if there wasn’t free advertising to sweeten the deal. Its a very anti-consumer way of thinking. How will people know the game is something they would enjoy if the person they trust to have an opinion similar to them about the game can’t review the game before release. Should the consumers make this decision themselves based on promotional material only? I believe this is what happened for the newest battlefront game and a lot of people who bought the game, unknowingly bought a game that was full of micro-transactions.

It is really no surprise that Blizzard is giving access to any streamer who is interested in playing the game and is willing to basically give them free advertising. As long as you are willing to think about your contentions for more than five minutes before giving your knee-jerk reaction to something that is actually a positive for almost anyone involved. I mean seriously… do you think they are kicking people off the beta to give room to these streamers? No. They already had their plans to add X amount of people to the beta. Adding a few streamers here or there isn’t going to cause their servers to crash.

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i prefer hatred and frustration. That’s why i’m gonna play rogue and gank dem nabs under mobs

Ahh how nice of you to assume my intelligence. Perhaps you should learn to read and not chastise Someone for being on MoonGuard. Not everyone on my server is as sharp as a bowling ball like you. :kissing_heart:
Would you like some fries with your salt?

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Why wouldn’t they? They are using it as a beta test, they just are also using it for advertising. You really expect them to call it something like “WoW Classic advertising campaign and beta test”? That would be redundant, stupid, and cause backlash. They are calling it WoW Classic Beta and there is nothing manipulative about that.