Spoilers: Elune’s Identity and more

Just watched a video Accolon (I know, I know) posted a couple days ago on YouTube.

Apparently, someone who seems to be a reliable source told him that there is an original creator of the universe that our story is set in. This creator (or creators, apparently it hasn’t been decided yet) created what we’ve heard called the First Ones. The First Ones fit no where on the cosmology chart and instead use creation magic, as they are the OG creators of everything. This is the big one: Elune is supposedly a First One.

Elune is supposed to be our connection to the First Ones so that it won’t seem as if we’re dealing with something totally new that was pulled out of no where.

What do you all think? Does this have any merit, and would you be pleased if it’s true?


Not surprising, someone had to have created it.

The expansions comes out in 60 to 90 days and small details like this haven’t even been decided? Sounds about right.

It depends on how they include it in the story.

It’s a nice idea but they’ve been so laxed on doing anything with Elune or her priets so I’m not to optimistic that they will use this as an opportunity to give us a good look into who Elune is. I’m actually hoping they leave her a bit vague.


Yeah. I think her enigmatic nature is what makes her truly interesting. Not much mystery left if we know who she really is. Though, I do want to understand more of what her motives are. Especially after letting her chosen people’s home get barbecued.


Benefits night elves, invalidates horde race’s religions.


Only if Blizzard gave the Horde a first one which clearly – and only – favored a Horde race as clearly as Elune does Night Elves, and that First One is in every way Elune’s equal, not her subordinate or lesser.


The power of Elune on Azeroth has already been shown. It’s not like her being a First One is going to change anything about that.

That contradicts Chronicle’s origins for the universe but they’ve already started retconning Chronicle anyway despite it being “the lore book” so I shouldn’t be surprised.
Way to con people out of their money with those books Blizz. Screw you.

Still I don’t know why I should believe a random dude on youtube. “Source: dude trust me” is not a valid citation.


I know the truth… Elune is one of the pre-Hartnell incarnations of The Doctor. I could swear I saw that blue box in Winterspring.


IT makes sense with elunes connections with the light and shadowland specially with her being the mother of the naaru

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Everything is a contest lol even if horde have races that also worship elune lel


Things worked better when Elune was mysterious and most of the races religions / deities were on par with each other. Having almost every race of the Alliance some sort of titan construct derivative, chosen champions of the Naaru, and now chosen champions of some sort of other prime god, while most of the Horde races just kinda exist and at best are tied to nature gods or lesser elementals is kinda dumb tbh.

And even putting aside faction disparity, it kinda further homogenizes the Alliance. Great, now you’re all some sort of weird cosmic divine servants except for the Pandaren (who don’t matter b/c they’re split between factions). Because when everyone is special no one is special.


As for how it relates to the Horde story, well there’s a few ways this can pan out, none of which are good.

-The Horde simply doesn’t exist in the narrative anytime this comes up and its champions are neutral again (As done in Legion).
-Somehow, Ana’she is part of Elune and the Tauren got her name wrong all these years, or something similarly forced.
-Nelves are effectively neutral again due to the Cenaurian Oval, Ellipse, Dot, or whatever new derivative of the CC we’re stuck dealing with again.
-The story goes out of its way (inadvertently or deliberately) to hammer home just how wrong the Horde player is for not believing in the Nelf goddess.

Main pint being, maybe it’s a mistake to have the only connection for the player races to the supposed first ones be a very race specific racial deity, because it now has to be homogenized and watered down for everyone, or it screws over the races who aren’t deemed as important.


tends to happen when you play as noble savages


As a night elf fan since my first day in this game, I’d probably not like it.

It’s jumping the shark. Like, why does Elune have to be some omni-god? Honestly, that makes her feel a lot less special and, for lack of a better word, intimate than a Moon Goddess.

More than that, it really does make her worst in some cases. If Elune is a moon goddess, who is some powerful, but ultimately non-omnipotent, mother-bear figure, then it makes sense why things like Teldrassil could transpire: that’s just not in her power to stop. But, if she’s some “First One” with magic that’s beyond the cosmology used to create the universe…? Then, it makes it seem like the night elves were just too small for her to really care about, and, man, what a gut punch.

This feels like a “careful what you wish for”. The mystery of Elune has been one of the longest running secrets in WoW. I’ve really enjoyed learning more and more, trickling out information, with each expansion. But, now… If that’s what happened? If she is some First One? Meh. I’d have rather had the mystery.


Thats cause you not thinking outside the box lol, you are so narrow minded, there are many reasons why a creator goddess couldn’t have helpped lol

Yeah. I mean, I can contrive any number of reasons she wouldn’t or couldn’t have helped. That doesn’t mean any one of them would be satisfying.

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To you maybe, dont speak for everyone, I mean its in the name lol the first ONES so seems like theres more gods or goddess that are on the level of elune, some that might end up bad. Some that might require elunes power and attention To me that is Highly interesting

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Gods that are so important she can’t pay attention to the kaldorei being bar-b-que’ed, but she can come in a heartbeat when a big, green lizard kicks it and needs a fancy funeral?

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Why? That’d just be a retcon.

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See now your making up lore, we dont know when or why, you are already assuming she wasnt busy in legion she cant be busy later, its weak logic

I’m not making up lore, I’m speculating.

This is a speculation post.

The source of this post is “I heard some dude on the internet say that he knows some other dude who says he’s a good source, and that second dude said a thing”. There is no canon here.

Your specuation is very narrow, we dont have elunes story, just saying your logic is week, for all we know her not helpping has to do with the events of the shadowlands breaking which we know happened before, its silly to assume that she had time for yresa means she had to have time for the burning, you dont know what happened between then and now on the cosmic scale.