Spell Batching, why has it not been removed yet?

Okay, so it works the same for your one spell. We’re discussing the other countless ways the current version of spell-batching DOESN’T work the same.

What in the hell is your comprehension problem?


because it has the greatest impact on dual wield Fury Warrior tanks (aka both factions Horde and Alliance) and their ability to maintain permanent Enrage/Blood Craze uptime which means +25% dps AND +25% threat and a self-heal

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If they fixed it to work properly, nothing would change, then would it?

We don’t want batching removed entirely, we just want it to work like it did back then.


Time to shut up about all these little things people think should be different. We are all playing the same game. No one suffers more or less than anyone else from the game’s idiosyncrasies. It’s fine. It’s fun. Classic is way better than retail has been for 10 years. Leave it alone. Don’t mess it up.


To be honest, I hate batching. It makes the game feel sloppy. I don’t like dying despite having activated a spell like ice block, or having melee hits land on me from frost nova’d mobs way out of range of me.

We can replicate the game without trying to replicate the crappy internet of the past.


But it’s already messed-up, lol.

In fact it was intentional. The idea of Classic is to recreate vanilla WoW as close to what it was as possible, for better or worse as emphasized by Ian Hazzikostas.


Just as importantly, Hazzikostas says, is that Classic “is what it is” and that players have to take “the bad with the good”—even if that means missing a boat because a priest mind controlled you. "There is no lobbying the developer to change that because the game is what it was in 2005," he adds. “It has to be accepted, which then frees everybody to find all the positive aspects, all the upsides of that friction and those inconveniences because there’s a certain acceptance of the downsides.”

Classic is meat to be what it is. It is meant to be vanilla for better or worse. Like it or not that’s how it’ll be.



Unreal. Please read before you reply. We want spell batching to work how it did in 2005. NOT how it is currently behaving.

Get this through your heads. I want the game how it was back then. How spell batching behaves now is WRONG, it is not because I Am not used to or don’t want it. It is flat out not working even close to how it did.


You must be the first person in the history of the planet Earth that remembers perfectly how a game’s netcode worked from ~13 years ago.

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When you put in hundreds of days on a character, you tend to remember how things worked.

For instance my muscle-memory tells me it’s safe to bandage because my fear just landed on the mob and it’s now CC’d.

Only in current classic wow this isn’t the case and I get hit by the feared mob breaking my bandage. Classic is full of these issues.


And it fails in classic because it doesn’t feel like vanilla. In addition to introducing a number of bugs.

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Man you got me! You’re 100% right. Since no one can ever remember anything properly we should just make up everything as we go… oh wait lol blizzard did that already.


I really have to sympathize with Frostedbits here. I feel like I’m going nuts just reading these comments. It can all be simplified very easily.

Spell batching would be fine if it worked the same as it did in vanilla, but it does not and is causing bugs. That’s where the problem is.

Idk what kind of smoothbrain response “You must be the first person in the history of the planet Earth that remembers perfectly how a game’s netcode worked from ~13 years ago.” is. 13 years ago wasn’t the stone age. There are plenty of resources documenting how things worked back then.


I DEFINITELY remember interrupting casts in vanilla at like .2s remaining, which is now literally impossible. I’ve seen my kicks fail at .4s and it’s atrocious.

It was consistent and reliable back in the day, and batch conflicts were hilarious but not terribly common except in edge cases. Now I’m seeing them everywhere.

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Careful. I made a post similar to this that started to gain a lot of traction and the forum mods deleted it and gave me a 24hr ban. These forums are run like north korea.

I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.

Warts and all.

We wanted the same warts, though. Not new ones.

The intricacies of spell batching as it worked in vanilla would be extremely hard to remember accurately after 13 years. Especially considering the general state of peoples’ internet connections in 2006. We also don’t really know how much or how many times spell batching changed between 2006 and today.

And Blizzard didn’t make up spell batching. They have a 1:1 vanilla reference client and server which functions precisely as it did in 2006. Whether or not they replicated that precisely cannot be known for sure since no one has access to said reference client, but we do at least know for sure Blizzard has an accurate reference.

I think instead of screaming about how it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to and Blizzard is full of dumb dumbs you maybe should just be asking questions about how it is supposed to work. That’s a much more productive approach and much more likely to lead to an actual solution if there is another one, in my humble opinion.

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They are the same.