Nobody wants spell batching

and so does every single dual wield Fury Warrior in both solo and PvE tanking…

FYI I piped in about the DM buffs stacking both here on the forums and on our theory crafting discord because my guild used it on Loatheb for the MT to stack massive amounts of Stamina

likewise I complained about the devs decision to continue to leave Decursive broken for Classic as they did from TBC onwards.

so fix something that needs to be fixed but add in an unintended exploit so some gimped class can be a tiny bit non useless?


ALso you should go try what I suggested about spam buying things then trying to mount or shift form or cast anything for that matter. THAT is spellbatching and THAT is what affects so many classes.
Not classes that are there just for 5 minute buffs and who rely on a bug to do some damage for 1 second.

Let me break down exactly how spell batching or whatever they call this is complete garbage

Watch this pull

Look how long the mobs lag before they turn to attack. The serpent literally ran through the agro range AND the mob, attacks the caster, THEN STARTS RETURNING before the group turns to attack

Again, look how long it takes for the dogs to drop agro after he feigns

To any trained eye this looks flat out JANKY, like the worst private server lag you could imagine.


Batching is simply a 15 year old, archaic technical limitation due to computing power and internet back in the day.

Even if you are a #nochanges fanatic, which is honestly an idiotic position for several reasons (vanilla did have several issues), why would you want this garbage in 2019. Just so sometimes mages can sometimes polymorph each other on the same tick which is sometimes funny (as a mage player btw, this has happened like 3 times since launch) at the cost of constantly clunky mechanics occurring on the order of dozens of times a minute when ever in combat.

I truly cannot believe anyone in their right mind would defend batching. While we’re at it, let’s truly be #nochanges and force an fps cap of 30fps (since everyone was playing on garbage computers back then) and make moving thru Ironforge or Orgrimmar take 1 minute every 10 yards while your computer loaded the 1 frame per 10 seconds it was running at handling all the players in the major city. Do you not realize how ridiculous enforcing artificial archaic technical limitations sounds? But batching is somehow okay cause mages polymorphing themselves sometimes is such an essential part of the game that everyone and everything else should suffer so it is possible?

Btw, to Mr Paladin trolling the thread, pservers did not have batching and sitting still worked. If you think the whole game and the hundreds of thousands playing it (if not millions?) deserve to play with this garbage just so you can play a meme reckoning spec (which, btw, is removed on mounting, on being feared/polied, and in numerous other ways) and isn’t viable in the first place, you are so selfishly minded it is unbelievable.

Another aspect of all the artificial lag/batching related issues I don’t see anyone talking about is how long spells are queued. I have several times stopped pressing a spell during a global or during another cast, only for it to still cast when the global/cast beforehand ended. Like literally >500ms.

You can see me press Iceblock 14 frames before the Death Coil hits me, but the cast command gets absorbed into the nether because the game enters into a global from a scorch I stopped pressing years before my first scorch ended, into artificial lag entering another global cooldown, into artificial lag for it to realize I am no longer in a casting state (during this lag of which it absorbs my Ice Block press/cast), leaving me to get deathcoiled.

Fantastic mechanics. Artificial lag. Wonderful.


Thank you for your fantastic post Aristeia

Just another example of spell batching being trash

Watch Ebbn perfectly lead his target with a nade and it whiff despite blowing up literally on top of the mage

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This right here is an example of someone trying to act smart, but making a fool out of himself…batching was part of the game, go play BFA if you want changes wtf

Actually Mr. smartass, there is skill involved in landing epic kobe grenades…i have several examples of it on youtube, instead of spending all day on the forums complaining maybe you should do some PvP and practice and you will learn how batching works :slight_smile:

Here we go, this guy again.

BATCHING in it’s current state WAS NOT in vanilla and I played as a Rogue on 400+ ms in Australia.
We never had mobs hitting after cheapshot, sap etc, mobs never spun around when stunned, vanish worked.

I think it’s you who’s stuck in BFA mate.

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actually it was - and to prove it I give you the ultimate video evidence showing spell batching:

Instead of Kazzak getting 1shot with all 1816 white auto attacks + SoR attacks, notice how it gets divided into 4 attacks instead of all at once?

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Pretty sure it’s not intended for a warrior to be able to charge a mob, cancel the auto and run away, just to have the mob do nothing after the charge stun. They just drop combat and never even aggro on you after the charge as long you don’t auto.

Also like I’ve said before execute is being batched twice currently. Here’s a quote from the post about it by Ekbert:

"Some background first; the way Execute works in vanilla and classic is in two stages. When you cast Execute the damage of the skill is calculated including the excess rage, the cost of the skill itself is deducted immediately (15 rage untalented), the Execute damage is applied at the next batch tick and then a server-side script runs which after a delay reduces your remaining rage to 0. Additional bug reports from warriors indicated that any rage generated during this trigger window is lost once the trigger reduces your rage to 0. For example, if your Execute cast procs Windfury Totem then the rage generated by that extra attack is not factored into the Execute damage, and is then completely lost when the trigger reduces your rage to 0.

The reason Execute feels clunky in Classic is because this trigger delay is double the size of what it was in vanilla."

I find this thread very entertaining because everyone seems to somehow seem to have this crystal clear memory of somehow having a sub 200ms connection when broadband/ethernet connection back in 2006 when less than 1/4 of US citizens even had ACCESS to a high-speed internet connection, let alone had one installed in their home.

People who think that SB + MSLag back in the day averaged less than .4s are either kidding themselves, misremembering, or were part of the tiny fraction of users who actually had a one of the rare + expensive broadband connections that even existed back then.

There are admittedly problems with batching but I can promise to you that what you’re seeing in game now with SB is exceedingly closer to the original experience most users had with their 200-550MS connection that was the average back in the day.


I had 100ms “back in the day” and it feels way slower and clunkier in 2019. Go figure.


Smartass? That wasn’t me in the video and that druid would wipe your face on the floor in PVP

I’ve seen countless whiffed grenades in the duelers tournament which is the best pvpers in the world

I think you’re just actually bad at the game and spell batching made you good so you think you have some sort of authority to speak now :laughing::joy:


Another video for you guys showing the perniciousness of spell batching. In this video, the enemy is attacking me while stunned for a full two and a half seconds.


I put together a video showing a breakdown of the combat processes due to spell batching.

It’s pretty rough, but shows what I’m seeing during this pull, and the assorted delays associated with spell batching. I’m also working on the feign death video and going to break it down also

Video playback is at 25% speed and recorded directly from youtube

If you pause at 16 seconds you can see the complete disconnect with reality the servers are running on when you look at the hunter pet’s focus bar, and the mob’s target of target focus bar


Feels like even my chat is batched. There is always a delay when I send a message.

I have noticed this as well

Yes - if I send a message to another person in my battlenet account while playing classic WoW and they are on another server, there is about a 1-2 second delay.