Some Naxx 40 statistics

Pre-burning crusade: 895,000 level 60 characters on U.S. servers, 900 guilds with only 1 boss kill in Naxx 40.
There was only 23 guilds that fully cleared Naxx 40.
Less than 1,000 players have killed Kel’Thuzad. Thats less than 0.1% of the players

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Stats are all so low… cause ya know, BC was out in a few month after Naxx.

Why head bang in new raid when new content is just next door.


My guild stopped after 4HM because TBC came out. If TBC didn’t come out, we would have beaten Kel. More people would have stepped foot in Naxx because Spider Wing was easy.

Hilariously, I was still in T1/T2 when TBC dropped. The first green drops and quest rewards replaced most of my gear. From memory, the few players that had Naxx gear didn’t replace anything until well after they hit 65.

I remember just getting invited because you needed 4 priests for Mind Control for that one boss. Being a priest was in high demand.

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70 NA guilds or 51 if you require that they were before the 2.0 pre patch.

Nice necro


This is a correct memory. In fact it wasn’t until the stats bumps post 2.0 that I was even able to replace my trinket and KT shield. I was deep into T5 by that point. It was insane.

So the real question is how much easier was Naxx in WOTLK vs Vanilla? What were the contributing factors? Gear? Skill? Scaling?

Having played on pservers people will pug Naxx. Everything is min/maxed and people know what to expect. There will be a massive gold sink though.

Much, much easier. In Vanilla my guild was one of those 4-5 boss Naxx guilds that kept getting people poached to the one guild actually pushing for a KT kill.

Naxx in WotLK was like a tourist version compared to Vanilla with all kinds of mechnanics that would have been an instant wipe able to be handled week 1 with people still in t6 TBC gear.

We were selling Undying runs within 2 months of it being released. Had my paladin alt get the achievement February 27th, 2009, about 3 months after WotLK release. It tooks 3 months in Vanilla for the world first KT kill.

Magnitudes easier. We cleared Naxx 10 absurdly quick relative to my past raiding experiences. We’re talking like, first month quick, Naxx 25 in the same month I believe.

One of the first guilds on Spinebreaker to do so. Then we disbanded with Ulduar around the corner due to some brotherly fighting and loot whoring.


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Hard to compare Naxx to other raids. When Naxx was out the announced TBC and shown some gear from dungeons having better stats than some naxx gear. Why would guilds Push for content that could be considered irrelevant in a few months. They didnt know that some tier sets would be usable to raids for TBC. Alot of issues my guild had in vanilla was filling for some boss fights in Naxx. Where they could be a standstill for a week since we didnt have X amount of warrior tanks for 4 horsemen. Since other guilds tanks didnt want to save for 1 boss we would be stuck. Alot of people would rather farm the easy parts for gear instead of saving to 1 boss that isnt a gurenteed kill or loot. There was alot of other issues with Naxx that explains the clear numbers. People like to blame “Its the hardest raid ever” Well I would disagree that the raid itself was difficult and outside issues created/added to its difficulty.

This mage is currently wearing naxx gear from Saph…

and grobb… . .

Whats your point?

This warrior currently has no pants on… sans pants.

Is that true? Maybe not, but you can’t see through this little window, so I guess we’ll never know.

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you can actually check my armory profile… im wearing them now.