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If we could be objective for a moment, two mages sheeping each other is random and stupid. If that is “fun” then we should double spell batching to make the game even more fun.

Spell batching isn’t “fun” it is “funny” because it is stupid.

It doesn’t reward skill, it penalizes it. And it eats 90% of my Nature’s Swiftness heals.


Well, given the fact that batching still exists in retail and to our knowledge cannot be removed even on the most powerful and fluent version of processing that WoW has ever ran on, one can only assume that OP means that he wants it to return to that level, rather than the current batching that is, like I said, created artificially rather than being a byproduct of the server capabilities. Pretty obvious that op is not in the classic forums suggesting that the server capabilities for classic servers should now surpass those of retail regarding batching. If you want to argue semantics why don’t you join a debate team when your high school opens back up.

That’s the thing — how will one ever prove that it’s incorrect? This is a recreation of a certain mechanic that existed in vanilla due to server capability. Any attempt to recreate that is guesswork. If the majority of people say it’s wrong, it’s very likely that it is. This is something that becomes highly noticeable in pvp environments and even extends to batching trade windows with BoP items like we’ve seen with the ZG enchants.

If you truly haven’t noticed the batching window is larger, youre likely ignorant to much more than this. Again — you seem to have a “prove it or gtfo” attitude and It’s not my job to prove it to you. Everyone has noticed that batching is too extreme - remain blissfully ignorant if you so choose

This stuff happens all the time now though, because the window is so big that I can be poly’d halfway through my fear and the cast still goes off. A near-dead mage poly’d me today while I was draining his soul and after I turned into a sheep I still got my shard.

You have no leg to stand on because you claimed 400ms batching was not in Vanilla. I then linked a 6 year old Blue post confirming that was the old batch window and you ignored it.

During the Classic Beta, the majority of people were absolutely smashing the forums with QQ threads about the damage of Elites in dungeons. I provided irrefutable evidence that the damage was correct; Blizzard also did so and then there was silence.

There’s a reason that “Not a Bug” Thread exists. People have terrible memories.

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The intention of the current batching in Classic is to recreate the batching in vanilla. This is effected by server connection as well. Batching may have been 400ms in total in Vanilla, but currently we have the response of the server time PLUS 400 ms. This is where you see the discrepancy. 400 MS artificial batching PLUS server response time.

I don’t even know why I’m arguing the point. Like I said it’s a known thing, most people complain about it. It’s not the way it was. If you haven’t noticed for yourself you probably barely even play the game. Paladins can cast Divine Intervention, die, have it go on cooldown, and watch their target die as well. Same with bubble. Same with Elemental Mastery giving 2 guaranteed crits if you spam Earth Shock. Again, things that didn’t happen in Vanilla. Whip up all the blue posts you want from this ever-so-reputable company. This isn’t how it was. Swallow the pill.

If by “everyone” you mean some people, and if by “too extreme” you mean accurate to vanilla, then sure.

An exploit that was possible back in vanilla. Not a very strong argument for 400ms being inaccurate.


Try swallowing reality, dude.

I’m no fan of Blizzard, especially with all the changes they made to Classic, but, like it or not, batching is accurate to vanilla. But again… feel free to provide any evidence proving otherwise.

No, your terrible memory is not evidence.

All things that happened in Vanilla. They didn’t even attempt an Elemental Mastery fix until TBC:

Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): Elemental Mastery: It is no longer possible to get two consecutive guaranteed critical strikes from using this ability.

Going to keep moving the goalposts and proving yourself wrong?

No it isnt, they literally copied it out of the vanilla code

No it isnt.

Leeway uses the same exact calc it did for the last like 15 years, it has never changed, retail has the same leeway.

You do when it has no source of stellite valves and seats.

I can absolutely guarantee my reaction time is far better than yours. I’m currently ranked 7 in ZG out of what, 30,000 Holy Paladins?

I’m a reaction snipe master. I don’t care if a bunch of bad players think spell batching is wrong, it’s not.

Lmao. You sound ridiculous. Even more so because you say batching is the same. It’s not. You’re wrong. You’re bad. Stop posting.

edit: healing parses btw

Okay level 11 new forum poster.

Spell batching is exactly the same as it was in Vanilla. You can even look at Joana’s old leveling guides and see the same vendor delay. it’s exactly the same, it doesn’t matter how many times you lie to yourself.

Oh, really? I can look at a single 15 year old video and, based off of a few seconds of it we can find out the answer to this? You wish.

PS there’s addons that target healing for you so any claim you have about heal sniping is a moot point mr. 7 (healing parses mean nothing btw)


You don’t know anything, try leveling passed 11 before you talk about Classic.

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Apparently it’s you that doesn’t know anything, because just like my stance on batching, this addon is also what we call “common knowledge”.

I don’t even know what you mean by “target healing.” There is no addon with automatic heal functionality in Classic; this isn’t the Vanilla API.

Even Nostalrius added 400ms batching, because that’s the authentic Vanilla batching amount.

Ah, the good old private server reference. Because their values held true and we all know they’re dead on the money! LOL!


Just stop.

Link it then. Link the curse page for this addon. I just looked at your guild, if that’s your main guild all I have to say is lol.