Some Changes

Feels like Vanilla to me. If it is off Its not by enough for most players to notice the difference. I just know I don’t like it cause its not 2004 anymore but #nochanges and all :roll_eyes:

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I understand that this was part of the reason batching was added for wow classic, but I’m not sure rare one-offs like this is a strong enough reason to keep a system that causes so much frustration (healing especially).


Spell batching is great :slight_smile:

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Laughter first, then cleanse. That’s the vanilla way

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Nice to know that you get to have a chuckle meanwhile the vast majority of players do not like the system at all and very much feel like they are playing on 56k (sarcasm, somewhat) and you cant go into a non-layered major city without having 5+ second lag time on any actions.

I was very much anticipating and looking forward to the opening of the AQ gates because of how iconic and monumental it would be. Now I dread it because I know it will be a giant lag fest of sling shotting pvp players and massively delayed actions. I hope I am wrong in that, but I am not getting my hopes up.

Edit: also not very encouraging that your only response is to the jovial question of whether you cleansed the batched mind control paying no attention to the valid and often constructive criticism whatsoever. People aren’t complaining because they hate the game and hate Blizzard, they are complaining because they love it and want to see it improve.


I seem to remember rogue’s always complaining about vanish all through vanilla. What’s the difference?

Nice post by the way. I mean no disrespect.

We’ll be lagging horrendously even without batching. The framework doesn’t allow for that many players in one area, Blizzard never attempted anything of this calibre again for this reason.

Even in WotLK, they had plans to use the zone beneath dalaran in much more detail but had to relocate the argent tournament near icecrown to avoid the massive lag caused by the shared faction city.

thanks for your non-input

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This happened fairly frequently in Vanilla to my druid trying to NS heal. This IS true to Vanilla. Whether you like it or not is a different discussion.

I feel like the biggest discrepancy is that some abilities which used to be, or at least feel, client side are now server authenticated, presumably for security reasons. I get why they wouldn’t backtrack on that, but it does feel different because of it.

I didn’t say it wasn’t true to Vanilla.

Thanks for your useless post. :slight_smile:

This marks the first “changes” thread that I’ve ever agreed with. That would be because these “changes” are actually reverse changes that shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Who’d have thought?

Batching and leeway were in vanilla, actually.

This is true. Batching was in Vanilla, however it wasn’t the batching we have today. Today’s batching is equivalent to 400ms, which is a much longer window than it was in Vanilla. Leeway seems more extreme as well.

edit: One thing to add as well - batching in vanilla was a natural byproduct of the servers capabilities being used at the time. The batching we have now has been artificially implemented to attempt to recapture said mechanic. However, it was overshot by quite a bit.

Well, if you have evidence of that, I’m sure everyone would love to see it. I want things as accurate to vanilla as possible, but “no batching” is not correct.

Personally, I think folks are experienced what those of us with decent internet always experienced.

Close enough.

The phrasing is difficult for me to ignore, but I’ll try to address the point you’re making.

Yes, Classic recreated the vanilla batching. That’s the point of Classic: to recreate vanilla. Batching is just as much “artificially implemented” as every other mechanic or feature of the game, such as energy and mana regeneration, even down to graphics.

“Graphics were the way they were in vanilla because PCs were bad and couldn’t handle it, but now we have better. We should get updated graphics!” Exact same argument and logic as “Batching was for people with bad internet back in vanilla. We don’t need it now, so it should be removed.”

If it’s inaccurate to vanilla, fine. Fix it. But to suggest Blizzard remove it completely demonstrates that those people do not actually want vanilla.

Artificial batching @~400 ms is “incorrect”, as it is a much longer window than we used to have. Retail still has batching, but it’s not 400ms, and it’d be closer to what Vanilla was than we have now. Want a source? Google it.

Once again, you are correct, however this specific mechanic is tuned improperly. It’s pretty common knowledge. As I said, retail still has batching. I can still get polymorphed with my grounding totem down in retail. It just isn’t as heavy as it is in Classic (which is too much, even for Vanilla recreation standards)

I’m not looking for Blizzard to remove batching. Blizzard has, to this day, never “removed” batcing. It still exists. I’m hoping to have this false recreation withdrawn.

Not a very compelling argument compared to:

Again, if you evidence proving this is inaccurate, please share it. We’d love to see. But I’m not about to roll over for an argument as weak as an assertion followed by “Google it.”

It’s a common belief, sure, but no one has shown any evidence of batching being inaccurate to my knowledge.

Just a bunch of people “not remembering it being this bad.”

The OP is, though:

And you agreed with it:


By Celestalon on 2014/06/18 at midnight (Patch 5.4.7)
I don’t want to get too deep into the under-the-hood workings of WoW servers, but here’s a super short version. Any action that one unit takes on another different unit used to be processed in batches every 400ms. Some very attentive people may have noticed that healing yourself would give you the health instantly (minus client/server latency), whereas healing another unit would incur a delay of between 0ms and 400ms (again, on top of client/server latency). Same with damaging, applying auras, interrupting, knocking back, etc.

Exactly the same, the formula hasn’t changed in 15 years and still exists in Retail.

The artificial batching they implemented seems to cause a ton of problems that just don’t feel good.

I’m good with warriors charging each other, double gouge etc, but it reaches much farther than that.


Give an example.

Still can’t believe this thread of all threads got a blue response lmao. Like bruh, did ya’ll just come back from a 2 month vacation and click on the first thread you saw?