Some Changes


I wanted to voice my opinion on the current state of the game. Thank you for your consideration.

This game would be more enjoyable with the following changes:

  1. Client / server architecture that does not lag when there are more than 100 people in a given area.

  2. No batching.

  3. No leeway.

Thank you again.


I like batching


You’d think a company like blizzard would have servers 1/10 as stable as private servers but guess thats asking too much.



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I asked Leeway out on a date.

Why? I have read healers generally do not like it.

Without spell batching, the game rewards faster reflexes. Additionally, many spells that are currently lagging have instant impact. Examples: stealth and blizzard.

If I wanted to play a game which rewards fast reflexes, I would play retail, no? One of the reasons I enjoy Classic is because it’s relatively chill.

While the rare situation where your heal goes off, your mana is spent, yet the tank dies due to batching is quite anoying, batching makes purposely overhealing rewarding. That is, healing a tank at full health basically cancels some of the incoming damage due to batching. I like this mechanic.


It requires the entire engine to be rebuilt from the ground up. In other words, an entirely new game.

I saw 2 priests mind control each other in AB yesterday, made my entire weekend.

I’m a healer and I’ve accepted that you just can’t allow your target to get within the range of when a heal will land at the same time of death.

same. am old. i like batching.

Maybe if 10,000+ people weren’t on the server at one time that wouldn’t happen.


And whos fault is that for upping server capacity? Hmm… might be blizzards?


True as that is, Blizzard could correct the problem by reducing the server capacities by a small degree and offer free transfers to medium and low realms, which in theory would become high populated again. It’s up to the players, and Blizzard has deemed it futile to go in that direction because people are willing to sit through queues to play on the largest servers possible.

If the players truly wanted Vanilla server capacities, or slightly larger capacities (say by 1000 or so additional players they would have tried their best to have organized a something similar boycott on the forums and spread out on the servers available after launch to have Blizzard realize the players truly want the game more in line with Vanilla server capacity.

Hate batching and leeway. 2 really dumb things.

I buy water from merchant and wait like it’s software from the 90s to actually see water go into inventory. Such software fail.


Don’t bother. People like that don’t have a good reason. They’d like anything blizzard told them they should like. Or simply like it simply because the fact other people don’t. There is no logical reason to like spell batching if you play as a healer. The only type of healer that would say that is one that wants to hide behind it as an excuse for poor performance.


good I dont want a bunch of try hard master reflexers on classic wow. go to retail or fortnite.



It would be quite interesting to examine your data :slight_smile:

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Two mages sheeping each other is one of my favorite things to ever witness in WoW.

I remember the first time I saw it, in Warsong Gulch in 2005. I was a Holy Paladin and one of the mages was a friend of mine who would scream very loudly on Roger Wilco at times like that.


this can still happen but with 50-100ms batching, like it is on P servers. P servers had it perfect where you can gouge blinks and stuff, but it felt like there is no lag.


I think you mentioned this in another thread, a while back. I hadn’t really appreciated it at the time.

Though I’ve played WoW since Beta (with some breaks), I had never played mage (or rogue, or shaman, for that matter). But, now that I’ve been playing this mage, sheeping each other (or sometimes killing each other!) is something that makes me chuckle.


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I don’t know if that should be grounds for the abomination that is spell batching.

You know, the technology that made sense 15years ago.

You don’t drive an old restored car on lead based gas, just because thats how thing were ran back then. Or because some people thought “that smell was one of their favorite things.”

Its a cancer.