Solution to the bad rng of Arfus, HH, dragon skins

Yup. Love this too.

Even some like “bad luck” currency that will drop instead of say… Invincible. If you farm enough you can buy it.

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Engagement metric? Isn’t that why the trading post exists?

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Jesus Christ, stop needing everything. Never seen so many spoiled man babies in my life.

By that logic you shouldn’t even be wasting time on wow since you could die tonight.

I think the problem is Blizzard needs to pick a lane.

They made the post on the forums about the Love Rocket drop and it gave people false hope. People are still dealing with RNG for all the holiday mounts and it doesn’t feel to them like anything has changed, which was supposed to be the point:

They should have increased the drop rates for the first drop for all your characters or just sell every thing on the vendor for high holiday currency.


I have never seen so much hate and blatant rude sarcasm as I have in some of the comments regarding Arfus.

People have not only given suggestions but have given perfectly reasonable validation for those suggestions. I see some people commenting who must be truly miserable people, trolling just to add insult to injury.


It’s people who probably got Arfus fairly quick and want to feel superior to people over pixels. There’s still people like that in the game sadly.


I don’t get the complaint and constant crying over anything someone wants with a drop rate less than 99.999999%

It’s a rare drop, deal with it.

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Who are you to tell anyone to “deal with it.”? We all want what we want and we are all entitled to our opinions. Comments like this are exactly what I’m talking about in my comment above.


Me, myself, I.

You can want what you want but don’t complain about the drop rate for a rare mount. Or do, it won’t change.

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We’re not talking about the mount. We’re talking about a PET. Big difference.


Oh yeah my bad let me revise that statement:

“You can want what you want but don’t complain about the drop rate for a rare pet. Or do, it won’t change.”

(Arfus sitting at 1.1%, the mount .3%)

I’m really glad those who make comments like this don’t work for Blizzard…

or do you?

Have a good one. I’m done.

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This was a point I raised in an earlier thread. However it was suggested to me 2 things to combat it:

  1. To make the loot pumpkin from the HH could drop a chunk of candies thus making it still desirable to do. E.g. first run of the day could drop 50 candies or some such.

  2. Blizz could…now stay with me here…release new content every year thus ensuring people keep coming back every year??? Mount recolours they love to do? New mounts? New toys? Pet recolours or new pets? Achieves? etc.


If I did I like to think I’d make the drop rate even lower and require 15 renown with all factions as well as a 200k price point just to watch GD explode.

Too late now of course, but this definitely should have happened.

Why they still can’t seem to grasp this would be a nice secondary way to earn rewards (and still keep them fun to earn) is beyond me.



They will if the rare stuff sold for the amount of candies that you would get from max or majority participation.

Arbitrary numbers here: Let’s say the mount sells for 1000 candies and the only way to get that much is to get all the candy buckets, do the dailies every day and kill the HHM every day.


Then the forums would be flooded with “omg i missed one day because my grandma died and now i dont get the pet” :upside_down_face:

Yeah true so it should be the amount of candy you can get from doing all the candy bucks and 10ish days of dailies and HHM kills.

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