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Solution is excited to bring you multiple offers this patch!

We have been selling to the Greymane-Tanaris and WoW community in general for over 8 years now. We have a 100% completion record on ALL of our sales, and have thousands of happy customers from dozens of servers!
We offer our services to those without the time, guild, ilvl, experience, etc who still want to experience high end content, learn how to clear it themselves, or just want that sexy mount or good gear.

I will try to keep this updated as far as pricing and details go.
We do NOT sell specific items (except mounts and essences). Sorry for the inconvenience.
WE ACCEPT GOLD ONLY! If you have the cash and want our services, please use the Blizzard Store, buy tokens, sell them on the AH, and we will be happy to help.
IF YOU ARE NOT ON GREYMANE-TANARIS: Please contact Imba-Greymane. We do take gold on many servers.
FOR ANY SALE: You are welcome to afk and let us carry you (make sure to tag the boss for raids so you can get loot!) or join us in Discord. We can teach you what we are doing as we go along, so you can prepare yourself to run the content on your own in the future!
We have completed thousands of sales over 8+ years. We would never compromise our reputation and integrity, or do anything that would lessen the experience a buyer has. Our foremost goal is to give you what you came for in a fast, professional manner, and for you to enjoy your run with us.
FOR MYTHIC DUNGEONS: If you want a run through a +10 and are on a different server, our price is ALWAYS less than the price of 1 token.


Mythic +10’s: 150k (extra 10k for specific keys)
Mythic +15’s: 500k
Anything in between is negotiable. Please whisper Imba-Greymane.
Spots for these are UNLIMITED. We can run as many times as a buyer wants. We run these throughout the week, as long as we have sellers online.

ALL +10’s come with:
On completion of dungeon, a 60% chance of a 430+ piece, and any gear our sellers can trade, as well as rank 2 of an essence based on your spec (Either Essence of the Focusing Iris, Life-Binder’s Invocation, or Anima of Life and Death).

On the following Tuesday, in the Harbormaster’s office, you get a GUARANTEED 440+ piece of loot, 17000 Residuum (used for buying 445 Shoulders, Chests, and Helms), and 5/15 of the pieces needed for rank 3 of the essences above. You also get a TON of artifact power.


Spots to this are limited to 5 per week. Runs are Friday nights starting at 9 EST (8 server time). We clear Azshara first, then do the rest of the bosses.

Full Clear: 400k. This is PL only.
AOTC: 160k. We will trade anything that we can to carries.

Full clear with loot trading: 650k. Anything that we can trade goes to carries. We try to balance our raid composition and not overlap armor types for buyers. However, if you want that higher chance at getting a certain trinket, certain armor type, etc, we can stack our raid for an extra fee.

Specific bosses ARE available, PM Imba-Greymane for more details and pricing.


Spots to this are relatively limited (only a few per week). Runs are throughout the week, based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Both carries include the mount (Aerial Unit R-21/X) as well as the essence (Vision of Perfection).

Full run: 500k. Includes all bosses. These drop 415 loot, but certain rings, punchcards, etc in this raid are still best in slot, or close to it.

Just last boss: 350k. Just King Mechagon on hard mode. You still get the mount and essence.


Mythic Jaina: 2.5M. Spots to this are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and there is a short waitlist ATM. Please PM Imba-Greymane for up-to-date details. Runs are Monday nights at 10 EST (9 server time).

We require a 250k deposit due by Friday at 10PM EST, since we do not overbook these, and if buyers don’t show, we waste a lot of time for a lot of people.

Any loot that you want goes to the buyer as well.



Coming soon.

As always, if you are interested in any of these services, please contact Imba-Greymane, or add VORPLE#1358 on btag.

After your run, we encourage you to leave a comment here with feedback/suggestions.

Thanks, have a great day, and may all your hits be crits!


I’ve used this service to help me quickly upgrade my Essence of the Focusing Iris, and have gotten a lot of gear upgrades. I don’t have a lot of time to pug these, so Solution makes this process smooth and easy.

They’re always courteous, and give friendly advice to mythic dungeon mechanics. Special shoutout to IMBA for giving tips on my class (which I am still learning to play better) .

Thanks SOLUTION for offering this type of service to the casual player. I am definitely satisfied with my experience, and look forward to many more runs with you guys.

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I’ve known many members of Solution since MoP.

They’re all dedicated to making their buyers happy. Never once will you feel ripped off or worried. Never.

You WILL get what you paid for.

I’ve used this service multiple times to get my alts geared to the teeth. hands down the best solution to for sure getting your 10 key done for the week. they even give tips for when you’re ready to start running keys on your own with advice and different tactics on getting it done in time

These guys are great! I am very happy with their service.

I bought a 10+ mythic keystone carry the last 2 weeks and I have been extremely satisfied with solution and the teams helping me I did one afk and got loot and the chest on Tuesday, and one on discord and both went very smooth and I received loot each time as well as my chest loot all for a reasonable gold price! Thanks Solution for everything I look forward to future purchases.

Solution has been great they helped me with several purchases on my Ally toon soon the receive my rank 3 for my essence I had a very easy and very smooth time running with them each time and will gladly be back for more I got loot and had fun i can’t wait to get more and will buy all my runs through them!!! Thanks you Solution and the gang.

Was very happy with the Mythic Jaina Kill was very clean and quick!

Thank you for the HM Mechagon carry. The run was relaxed and painless. The people I ran with were very chill and polite. I highly recommend Solution’s carry service especially if you are just a casual like me or simply do not have friends online you play with consistently… like me.

Thanks, Imba, for organizing the run for me and thanks to the folks who helped me out.

Thank you guys so much for the mythic Jaina mount carry! It was fast and clean!

Do yourself a favor and get this service! I got a HM Mechagon carry from these guys and it was painless. Thank you once again and I’ll be keeping yall in mind for future runs!

Are these rates still accurate? The original post was written nearly a year ago, before Jaina was adjusted to drop two mounts per kill. Just curious, as I’m interested in a water elemental mount but feel like the market has very likely shifted since then.

No, this post is dead, but blizzard won’t let me delete it. Please see our new sales post on the Sargeras Forums: <Fat Panda> Sales