Solo Que is already paying dividends

Sounds just like normal arena.

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These are good points. Fair enough. And it saves us all the embarassment of getting the first kill but the Sub Rogue still pulling out the 2v3.

Well except you’re assigned comps. So they won’t have the pick of anything. What may happen is that more people queue as healers. I think that’s a good thing.

I mean, in LFG. Healers can pick what/who they want. They can sit there for 15 minutes and find 2 fully geared, glad alts to play with. Why play solo q?

How does the saying go again?

Solo queque will hopefully get new players, not just existing ones.

I guess just hope there’s always a bunch of prot pallies queuing up or this will suck pretty hard. Needing an exact match isn’t exactly a good way to keep queue times down.

IMO tanks queueing up is a bit abusrd in the first place.

Peeps will q solo shuffle like crazy if the loss rewards are good enough and rating isn’t blocking gear from being worthwhile

However if most players can’t spend their time effectively in solo q, it will empty out quickly

The dopamine has to be meaningful and consistent to keep peeps in the dopamine feedback loop

Gonna make gear delta even more glaringly obvious

Only loss rewards will support this thing because very few will be able to count on winning until nothing but high gear sweats are left

Gonna be 30-50 ilvl gear gaps in tons of matches, pissing off high gear teammates to no end with crazy toxicity as they basically auto lose the combos with the low gears

Just level the gear to a 6-10 ilvl gap max and normalized borrowed power

Let more peeps have fun in pvp


There isn’t really a reason. I don’t know many healers who are interested in the idea of solo queue, as they already have a list of people to play with. People that they know aren’t going to flame them after a match.

LOL what a waste of time for both players and devs.

Yeah but the people who don’t have that group likely aren’t playing PVP.

They are.

They’re just floating around in the finder blaming gear, boosters and “bad teammates” for their current predicament, which they find themselves in for the xth season in a row.

I think that solo queue has potential, and will probably be popular, at least for a little bit.

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Now I know where you got your character name from.

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IMO tanks being useless in most of PvP is more absurd.

Lack of identity/role.

People not wanting to lose their kits to give them one.

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They’re OK in BGs for the most part. It’s just Arena.

Tanks work better when there’s strategy. Arena’s a bit like chess. The moves, and their counters are known out through the first X (20?) moves. So it’s more tactics than strategy.

There’s a lot of pressure healing and you wouldn’t have to do voice

I don’t know why he’s woried about that. If you’re friends aren’t on, and its a sperate rank, why wouldn’t you?

I heal and I almost exclusively pug.

Cant do much when you’re just a low DPS on the team. If tanks could actually tank against players we’d fit in.

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If you actually read the post, you would have seen this:

When available, Solo Shuffle should be the most efficient way to earn Honor for 9.2.