Solo Que is already paying dividends

You mean nothing as usual.

How’s classic going? You hitting 35 soon?

40 already, but not updated.
Hopefully you will achieve 35% winrate by next month in your rbg.

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No. I yolo, which I’d explain to you but it’s not in the Classic players vocab.

What if people don’t have fun with it then?


well it’s a brawl in 9.2 so I guess you could not queue

then dont participate? look at my pvp achievements. when was the last one? decade ago?

“Help help my teammates are holding me back”

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This event doesn’t actually resemble the solo queue people have been asking for.


It’s not going to fix anything and will be just as trash and broken as the skirmishes where you can queue w/ no partner showing up and just get rekt. Except now you’ll get to lose rating doing it :smiley:

And if you win you can loot 35 anima with a weekly chest that gives you your give up 50 honor 5 conq or another 35 anima. But only if you unlock the progression tree in Zereth Mortis after 10 weeks.


Of course not, that has always been the Blizzard way.
Take something we ask for, and twist it somehow, so that it’s not what we asked for at all.
Again, see: garrisons.

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I think they should probably scale up everyone’s gear imo. Else it will still put people who do arena’s at an advantage over other folks that don’t do them.


I was picturing something like a battleground queue for rated grounds or something. And have a separate premade rating.

Thats because people demand things and won’t own the results. Blizzard is correct is trying to hedge against both toxicity and healer problems. 90% of the people complaining for solo queue play DPS. Be an adult and roll a healer, and help build the community you want to see flourish. Don’t expect it to be handed to you.

Why do you think this will only affect you and not other players as well?

The reason it can’t be what people ask for in this case is because they don’t want League of Legends toxicity.

They really should be doing it for RBGs. That’s the area that needs it most. I can find two other people. I can’t find 9 others with specific demands - Bear carry, warrior shot-caller, the right healing comp.

My major worry about solo Queue is that “first kill wins.” This just means everyone is going to tunnel the weak link.

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Nobody asked for anything remotely like this event. Players don’t need to “own” blizzard’s decisions that create something that doesn’t resemble what players wanted but call it by the name they were asking for.

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No one asks for a lot of things. And Blizzard doesn’t really owe you anything.

You’re asking for something in their game. And now you’re asking them to disregard long-term issues with the business model because you want it. When it flops, and you going to make up the lost revenue?

Nah it’ll be fine, Blizz will just release a few more store mounts and they will be back in the green instantly.

I’m the same so maybe give a worthwhile reward if many aren’t finding it fun?

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I’ve more than given up on PvP in this game but yal keep up the good fight

I mean, the first kill generally wins anyway. Going based off of HP alone doesn’t always depict the weakest link, either.

I think your first point hits the nail on the head though, solo q arenas will have long timers. Healers will have no incentive to que for this, as they typically:

  1. Have the pick of the litter for comps/DPS
  2. Majority of toxicity will be directed towards them
  3. Will pair with sub-optimal teams

So that pretty much just leaves DPS, which is alright, I wouldn’t mind 2v2 DPS only, but I doubt they’d swing for that.