Solo Que is already paying dividends

When it comes to Tanks in Solo Shuffle, Protection Paladins have a distinct advantage due to the potency of their off-healing. Our current plan is to have Protection Paladins only match up against other Protection Paladins, while other Tanks can square off against each other.

This was from Desvin in the community council forums this past week. It’s interesting because:

  1. I think Solo Que is already forcing the design team to look at areas that are going to cause problems and make adjustments. Ideally, this will force them to be more thoughtful about PVP in the future.
  2. This is absolutely the right call, and I applaud the Dev team for pointing it out.
  3. It’s the sort of thing those of us who’ve been advocating for solo queue have been saying for awhile now - you can make changes to instanced PVP that makes it a lot more fun and engaging.

Any time you suggest something akin to this Prot Pally change, people either say it can’t be done, or the idea is stupid. But here we are, with the team working on this doing the right thing with (heretofore) no problems.

This is very welcome news both on it’s face, and what it implies about the thought process from the team working on Solo Queue. This is great news for the future of PVP in WoW.


Let me guess, the reward is honor and 35 anima?


Don’t forgot first win of the day will be 10 conquest points

YEAAAH progression :sunglasses:


I mean the gear system in SL is borked. For all I care it could reward zero. I’m just pumped they’re looking at classes with outsized favorability in arena.

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But is it a yield trap?

I don’t look for solo queue to be around for very long.
There are ALOT of balance issues in one on one encounters and this is going to shine a giant spotlight on many of them, and the forums will be on fire with the complaints.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it and it will be great for class balance as a whole, I just don’t see Blizzard wanting to commit to this can of worms they are about to open.

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having fun is the reward.

lol because nothing else provided them with the necessary data?

No, it isn’t. The proper call is to address the bad class design and complete lack of anything resembling balance since BFA.


Just wait till double leggo, 4-piece set, covenant trinket one-shot combo breakers out shine the embarrassment that corruptions was. I will be something for sure.


How weird that a Paladin takes umbrage with it. Noted.

Plenty did. But the system here required it. So you can see how that’s good for the playerbase.

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It will happen and nobody really cares about balanced games. They care if they get the shinies or not after spending time.

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Oh I think people care quite a bit.
Some classes are so far beyond what other classes can handle, it’s masked now because it’s always been about group compositions.

In equal gear and skill, Hunters, Druids and Pallies are going to steamroll most other classes in one on one.

And toss in gear disparities and it’s going to get much worse.
I just don’t see Blizzard going through the trouble to create a matchmaking system that sorts by class AND gear.

You match up a 200 ilvl anything against a 249 anything and it’s just going to be a clownshow of 10 second matches where one side doesn’t have a chance.

The forums will be in a rage, and Blizzard, doing what they always do, will pull the entire project, toss it in the trash, and say " we tried a solo queue system but the playerbase responded negatively to it so we removed it."

It’ll be garrisons all over again. It was their half arsed housing system, people complained about it and now when you ask for player housing they can point to it and say “we tried it, it didn’t work”.

Watch and see.


The trend of the whole industry tells otherwise.
They care if they can do OP things, when they can’t they get mad.

You do know that the 249 dude will then go to your side too in the following matches right?


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I’m talking one on one solo queue, which is what I assume the Blizzard rep was referring to when they said about making prot pallies only face other prot pallies.

The whole industry that cares so little that nobody buys carries or boosts so they can win to reach their goals?

That industry?

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I wouldn’t waste your time. Anyone who writes “Cringe” isn’t worth arguing with.


Good call, i think i’ll follow your advice on this one. :+1:


itt we pretend that no one cares about balancing


These are the WoW forums. Where knowledge comes from the gut.

The solo shuffle is exactly the soloque, it requires 6 people to startm 6 people join in and it keeps swaping the 6 accordingly. Tank dps and heal will fight tank dps and heal, as matches goes on heals get to the other team with the tank for instance, then dps changes etc etc till all rounds are complete

They actually do sell p2w stuff a lot in many games.
Thats not the subject though.

No succesfful pvp game dig in complete balanced and fair. LoL isn’t a balanced and fair game the objective is ltierally gearing as fast as possible and keep the gap to obliterate the other group, nor is dota balanced and follow the same recipe, nor is fortnite where people have different resources, hell even CS people 99% of the time runs with rifles and snipers mainly and ignore all other weapons aside pistols.

Honestly dude, congratulations this was possible the best argument you ever posted.
In case you didnt notice you wrote Cringe, so even when you hit the nail, you manage to say your opinion is useless.

Indeed, take this advice too.
Learn about a subject before posting about it.

You see what I mean? Galaxy is an understatement.