Soar speed nerfed by 30%

Which is why Soar needs to also be given the full dragonriding treatment :person_shrugging:


Dragonriding is meant to be superior. Soar is a flavor racial.

Only in Dragonflight zones though.

Dragonriding does not go outside of the expansion.

When dragon riding does come to the outside zones, that is when it should get the full treatment (Soar)

Okay, and if that happens and Dragonriding becomes available as evergreen content for everyone else, then we can talk CD removal and speed nerf revert.

But as long as it stays in its current state (as a subpar version of Dragonriding) and Dragonriding isn’t evergreen, then the CD needs to remain as is, and the speed nerf also needs to stay where it is.

I’m all for Soar getting that Dragonriding treatment. I think that would honestly be pretty cool, but that’s a discussion for another thread.

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It should not. Dragonriding is not compatible with the existence of normal mounts nor the Old World at large. We already dealt with different classes of mounts by standardizing them across the board, re-implementing differences is only going to lead to more headaches.

If you want Dragonriding, stay in Dragonflight areas.

Or if you want only the system from 2 decades ago, go play classic and let everyone else have a game that changes with the times instead of being stuck perpetually in 2006.


Hard disagree here. I think Dragonriding should absolutely become available outside of dragonflight zones. It is a better version of the flight that is currently in the game.

Other mounts should be brought up to the standard that the dragonriding mounts will have (as far as animations and ability to be used in Dragonriding is concerned). Ion has said that’s a concern they’ll look at IF they make dragonriding evergreen content, which they’ve also said they want to do, depending on feedback.

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Would you agree to remove its CD if Soar’s speed was nerfed all the way down to 410%, like normal flying?

Dragonriding is needless busywork akin to Azerite Armor with less benefit.

Making that the standard going forward would be a massive mistake because of several reasons:

  • Not everyone wants to ride a dragon.
  • Not everyone wants to level up a tree just to do basic traversal.
  • Travel should not be a skill check.
  • Not every mount makes sense to move in the way that Dragonriding does, like Gyrocopters and other mechanical, fixed-wing mounts.

We’ve already had headcahes of people preferring the 60% mount appearances to the 310%, and that got solved when the speeds were linked to your training rather than to the mount specifically. We have done this dance before. Except this time it’s going to make travel worse because it will be far more involved and complicated than just going to a skill trainer, buying flying, and being done with the process.

Sure, I mean, if they were to nerf it down to epic flying speed, then that would make Soar like a flying version of the Worgen Running Wild racial, so if they dropped the speed, that would honestly be fine.

But I don’t think they should drop the speed down to 410%. I think 630% is a great speed for soar. It’s a nice flavour racial, which is fantastic.

I am also willing to allow the Dracthyr racial of Soar to be equivalent to basic mounts and operate in the same manner (no Dragonriding mechanics/progression, match training skill speed, available as soon as basic flying is available). This I take no offense to.

I would much rather have a 410% Soar with no CD than 630% with CD. The CD is seriously such a mood killer.


And this is something Ion has said they’d be looking at specifically if they made Dragonriding evergreen content.

Seriously, Ion has flat out said that if they do make Dragonriding available outside of Dragonflight zones then they’ll be looking at how to make other flying mounts compatible with the system. For some that could mean different animations that functionally do the exact same thing as the dragonriding abilities, but just look different because the mount you’re using isn’t a dragon.

The rocket mounts for example could get a boost ability to increase speed, or, well, a barrel roll works with them too.

The Dragonriding version could be available to Evokers as a perk of the class, to give them a bit of extra oomph because they’re exemplefying draconic abilities. This also opens the avenue toward allowing other races to get into Evoker because that Soar would be a class ability, and the presence of dragon wings isn’t a problem since, well, they’re a mog anyway.

No. Bad. I do not want to have to monitor fuel and vigor just to fly with a Gyrocopter. It has performed entirely fine as-is, and robbing it of the stable performance it has now is a material nerf to it.

You’re welcome to your opinion. Personally I disagree. I love the flying system in GW2, which is what Blizzard is using as inspiration for Dragonriding, and I fully support it being turned into evergreen content that I can use on any mount.

Gyrocopters now:

  • Capable of hovering.
  • Infinite duration.
  • Fully autonomous.

How is suddenly having to maintain constant momentum, having to monitor the mount’s status as well as altitude and flight conditions not a nerf to this?

That’s not how percentage increases works. If we travel 100 mph then current mounts make us travel about 450 mph (simplifying the math to make it easier for you). The soar increase is based on the initial speed of 100 so it’s about 1050 mph. Just over double. 2.33 times faster if you prefer.

Now it will be about 750 mph. 1.6 times faster. That is still very fast but with its long cooldown that’s an excessive nerf that makes it questionable it even belong on your skill bar.

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Lmao Youll “allow” Dracthyr to be nerfed to your liking just because you dont know how soar works??

The GD trolls are something else. Top notch

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Part of finding solutions involves finding areas of agreement.

I would be entirely fine with Dracthyr Flight being treated like Running Wild. Hand it a flight speed based on Flying Skill, make it work like current mounts do, and call it a day. Evokers can have the fancy stuff to emphasize their connection to draconic power.