Soar speed nerfed by 30%

So either theyre incompetent or theyre lying lol

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People literally crying about “nerfs” to a race they can’t even play yet. This is peak GD.


Blizzard literally nerfing a universally praised system to the point where all the testers now hate it. This is peak Shadowlands development.


Yeah I hear you man.

I’ve been playing since I was 13 years old, stayed even through WoD and it’s been floating for me since then and as much as I was starting to get the glimmer of hope (with cautious optimism), the last few announced changes are making me hesitant again.
If this flops, oh well, more GW2 for me: they have better flying there atm anyway (and gameplay is just far more engaging (for me at least)).


Just commenting in another thread dedicated to the reminder that this is a game and not a full time job.

I just wanna have fun.

They allowed Destro Warlocks and Survival Hunters to run RAMPANT; Meanwhile, something that won’t matter at all in the grand scheme of competition is getting nerfed into the ground for no good reason.

Yeah, I also have been running GW2 recently. I have a huge love for a game that allows massive multiplayer events to thrive in an open world setting. I wish Warcraft could learn from it, rather than stealing a few of the more unique ideas and turning them stale.


I agree, the reasoning they gave is just what pisses me off, like… Druids are super OP in instant flight, able to herb etc without changing out of that form.

Not to mention Worgen and Druids had a mass advantage in the maw for months untill we could finally mount up in there.

Vulpera can literally make a point anywhere in the world they can teleport to.

And are we going to forget about Mage portals? City portals? Let the Dracthyr have their fun, if you want to keep the speed nerf, then reduce the CD to like 2 minutes, or just put the speed back to what it was and leave the long CD. People were praising it so much, why nerf it when it was loved!


From my understanding, Blizzard are taking a lot of leaflets out of GW2’s books for their mounts this time around.
Like, granted Anet didn’t invent physics and flight, right, the two parallel are very similar and, I’m fine with them taking inspiration from other games, but the few changes I’ve seen are making it a worse version of the source material- which you know, oof and all that.
They’re also tampering with mount customisations and I’m also fine with this too but adding weight to the physics in a game that has a tonne of inertia probably isn’t the smartest move with what people are used to.
Realism and some crap I guess.

They’ve kiiiiiiiiiiiinda done this? with some treasures spawning in NPCs and I guess escorts too? but I do agree: they could try to go for that more player engaging aspect with the game.

jesus christ I quoted the same thing twice, excuse me.


Kinda sorta, ZM was close-ish. But it’ll never be Dragon’s End epic. Honestly even Shadow Behemoth blows pretty much every WoW world boss out of the water at this point lol.

Only thing I can think of that was relatively close was when Oondasta was brand spankin new to us and it required two full 40man raids to kill it. Hilarious, awesome, all around fun.

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True, except horribly frustrating with Soowon’s difficulty, and angered many people when it was required for the Siege Turtle; Anet at least listened to changed that eventually (a day after I got my kill kms).

I actually haven’t done Shadow Behemoth since the changes- is it decent?

Oh boy… Oondasta.
That’s some PTSD right there lol.


I suspect it’s because they don’t want to rework the old zones. When 310 speed was implemented a lot of people would suffer game crashes. I suspect it’s cheaper to nerf speed then update old zones to handle it.

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LOL, everyone was just plain dead.

Yeah! Updated graphics, huge and fun as ever. Little bit more challenging (not much but yaknow), and the map still fills pretty much any time of day/night. Slightly better drops. Amazing experience for anyone new to the game for sure.

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Yep :C not even Secondwind could save me.

Rock on, dude! I’ll have to give it a try some time this week when I catch it on cycle (well, that and Svanir, FE and Jungle Wurm too).

Anywho, back on topic:

The reasons were just hogwash.

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YES. Why does this thing not fly at full speed also!?!?!?!?!?

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Because Blizzard manages the fun allowed in their flagship game as if they’re a stereotypically crooked banker tending miserly to their store of liquid assets.


“You may have… one HALF portion of fun!”

Oh thank you Blizzard! So generous are you Blizz! Thank you, thank you!


So they’re Ebenezer Scrooge before learning about Christmas.


Doing the same thing, expecting different results…

SL 2.0 incoming.


A whole half a portion!? Hoo-eee! Massuh Blizz bein’ generous today!

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Look forward to this time next year when Ion lies and pretends theyved learned their lesson again.

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Extensive testing has been done. It’s twice as fast when you take the time you need to maintain momentum and top speed into account.