Soar speed nerfed by 30%

Pretty much to be expected sadly.


I really don’t understand Blizzard design goals with this kind of stuff. What’s the point of this nerf? The skill already has a massive cooldown and is inferior to regular dragonriding since you don’t have any upgrades, basically only relevant to old zones. If they want to still want to ahead a nerf it, they should at least remove the cooldown.


This is classic Blizzard “fun detected” moment. Soar has had universal praise and the feedback has been “Hey this is great, can you lower the cooldown so we can use it more?” and Blizzard’s response is to make it less desirable instead.

I feel like an idiot for thinking maybe they had finally improved on listening to players.


The thing that bothers me the most is the reason for this. I get it. Dracthyr go zoom too hard, slow it a little. Ok. So where’s the give to go with the take here? Its a 5 minute CD ability. You want us to have the fantasy of a flying race, but you put them behind a 5 min CD lock. Its already a gimmick at that point that’s gonna fall to the wayside to regular mounts and flight paths once the novelty is worn out.

The excuse for the nerf is what frustrates me greatly.
Don’t claim you want to keep it from being advantageous over other classes/races when Druids have instant flight form and can herb gather in said form.

Or when DH can do their fancy glide zoom in instanced content.

What advantage does Soar in the open world have over others in hunting transmog? Getting there? Flight paths, Mage portals, summoning stones, instant summon friends below level 50.

Pet battles? What, by dive bombing onto a fightable critter that MIGHT be blue quality?

These reasons, respectfully, are bulldung.

If its something to do with load issues in old zones, just be honest and say so. If you think soar ACTUALLY has some mechanical advantage in open world content, you need to review all your classes and realize a good handful of us have open world travel perks.

Keep the speed nerf if you must, they are dummy fast still anyways. But compensate it by trimming the timer.

Better yet (in my opinion) Just remove soar outside of the isle and give Dracthyr normal flight with normal speed based on ride training level, just like how druid fight speed works.


Blizzard will never learn, this expansion will end up just as horrible as Shadowlands at this rate.


The thing is, Dracthyr can also just use regular mounts.

I have a question. I have zero desire to play a Dracthyr. Will I be forced to play a Dracthyr for the start of the expansion or can I start with my main in the new zones?

The non-Dracthyr races will be coming upon the Dragon Isles in the typical kind of ‘discovery’ or what have you storyline. You will be able to play your main.

Your main will work fine in the new zones. Dragon riding will unlock rather early in story content for everyone.

Ok, thanks for the info.

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But don’t they need to go up and down to maintain speed? You don’t just go in a straight line which I thought the speed booster was meant to cover not to mention you need to start from an elevated position which you aren’t always at…. Or do I have it all wrong.

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Correct, they have to maintain momentum so they arent just magically flying 900% straight at some rare secret item thats been hidden in Westfall since 2004.


The item is the last paid license for common sense.

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You know I went to FF14 with the mass exodus, i’m still subbed there and log in weekly (burned myself out from playing non stop for months). I only subbed this month because all the great things i keep seeing in wowhead and the praising of alpha testing. It got me hopeful for WoW again. It made me want to play WoW again, so i subscribed this month and realized that even though dragonflight is great shadowlands is still garbage. So in this lone month i decided to contribute feedback as much as i can.

Seeing the negative changes to my main class Paladin with its talent trees (RIP Protection), the Soar nerf when the cool down is what should of been nerfed. And how they aren’t showing off end game at all makes me think that my hope was misplaced. I haven’t preordered yet because I know better after being burned twice. And it looks like I might not buy dragonflight at all if negative changes such as this continue to be put into the game.

Blizzard doesn’t realize they have tons of people in other MMORPG’s waiting for Blizzard to redeem themselves and catch up to the other MMROPG’s that are far ahead of them. Just because they removed borrowed power doesn’t mean everyone will jump onto wow if there is nothing to offer in end game or if its no fun because they removed a lot of fun content or just didn’t add any to begin with. With FF14 still making positive changes, focusing on its weaker parts and turning them into strengths, and ashes of creation being closer to release within these next 3 years Blizzard will soon find itself in a position they will not recover from.


I honestly don’t see the issue. It’s a racial, not a mount. :woman_shrugging:

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Man it’s like the Mechagnome racial “outrage” all over again.

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Maybe the issue was that 930% speed was too fast for the game to handle. In that being there will be pop-up issues or where they will hit an invisible loading block if they go too fast enough? :man_shrugging:

Can not they use flying mounts normal like? Whats 5 min if they can.
Thats funny.

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If that was the issue, they certainly didn’t mention it in their official post on the subject.

Their reasoning for nerfing Soar’s speed was because it gave them a “drastic efficiency advantage” over other races.

But only outside of the Dragon Isles, mind you.

Entirely for outdated content.


Pretty sure that’s the max speed of Dragon riding, which isn’t changing. Though it is possible it may break old world content.

Either way, it’s just a racial and it’s still over 600% speed.

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