So you're just going to ignore DH?

If vs wizard cleave I go Dreamweaver bc I can keep my build and still use vicious ink condi, other comps I play Niya. Never korayn

I should rephrase that because I use the same conduits regardless of Dreamweaver or Niya, at the bottom of the tree though you will lose a big defensive passive if you take Ink on Niya, where as you do not lose a defensive passive if you take Ink on dreamweaver (emphasis on if you use the exact build I am for NF)

LOL the only balance update for season
4 was a PvP nerf for havoc.

This company is a joke. I need to let me sub expire.


Absolutely atrocious.

You have not tuned or done anything with Havoc since the 4pc set, a really bad set, came out.



This is being linked over the CC thread so that in hopes we get something from Blizzard in terms of Communication

You must play without a damage meter, props to you

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This just confirms that the lead dh dev is Hanson the butler from scary movie:

We shall only use two buttons

Yeah im starting to see a trend where the Demon Hunter is just forgotten about, such a cool class yet left in the dirt.

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I’m just so frustrated. the venthyr playstyle is sooooooo boring, and it doesn’t make up for the boring nature with good damage. I’d be happier with it if it was competitive damage wise with other classes in high keys, but it just doesn’t come close. if blizzard if going to keep us doing negative damage in keys, they could at least make it so NF was better (soft cap the hunt maybe) and we could actually have fun playing the class. So many people are just not about chaos striking until our number 1 key is broken. If only bilzzard listened.

demon hunter? whats that

People want what they see in the mdi and what is meta if I am tanking my own key I will invite anyone with the gear and the rating. Do not care if its meta or not.

So youll invite someone who has 291 ilvl for instance and a 3K rating no matter HOW they got it? whether it was skill or money that got them there?


If they do not have the skill it will show and that person would be put on a list of people not to invite. I do not look at fotm classes. I have been in some dungeon’s with full melee group and we did fine and other that were full ranged and the dps had no idea what to do. So again I invite I learn who has the skills and who doesn’t by playing with them

And yes one of the melee dps that rocked with Havoc dps. they were top of the meters at all time. Mush respect to them for playing well.


There is no way to tell if someone paid for KSM/KSH before playing with them, not sure why you even said this. LFG doesn’t show “3128 M+ score but be wary, this guy bought it from some dudes on Ragnaros”


I do not know either but I will take anyone that has the gear and the rating. If they lack the skill well as I said I put them on a list of who not to invite but I will take any dps that I feel can complete the key.

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To some extent. You can tell sometimes by checking their raiderio. Did someone go from timing ~15s, then start timing 20s? A little sus, but people take breaks or have friends help them out. If I start checking the 20s they started to time and it’s filled with people timing 25+, I’d call that a carry, paid or not. KSH had to at least pull their weight because there is no way you could 4 man a 27 dungeon(except maybe junkyard, things will get crazy this season with Mechagon in the pool).


We do well in raids they said. We’re in the middle of the pack they said.

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It’s almost like every fated affix massively buffs burst classes and dh has absolutely 0 burst whatsoever. It’s okay though because I’ve heard that blizz did internal testing and found dh was fine in all scenarios


Officially at the bottom guys… But lets keep nerfing them.