So you're just going to ignore DH?

Countless posts reflecting a pretty unanimous opinion of havoc at the moment, and the devs continue to ignore our spec.

Havoc has been largely ignored for the entire expansion thus far. Aura buffs dont fix our issues. We were entirely bottom tier for the whole of CN, propped up by frost gems in SoD, and in SFO we again continue to be just ignored.

The community has spoken at length on problems since SL began. We need our baseline abilities to actually deal damage, being propped up by this venthyr dot is increasingly frustrating. None of our abilities on their own deal damage, the entire spec relies on maintaining a dot. This causes us to suffer massively in AoE outside of our 3.5 minute meta thanks to our 4pc that does nothing for us. The dot is just bursted through in aoe before it can even get a full duration tick making it just worthless in AoE.

Buff BD, or buff the conduit for BD. Change 4pc to reliably reduce meta’s cd to 2.5 or 2 minutes, and for gods sake get rid of this ridicilous sqrt scaling on eyebeam. Our most iconic ability is supposed to be AoE and does next to no damage and is primarily used for a haste buff.

Stop ignoring havocs issues, if you dont have a dev that plays havoc and understands it, then find one…because frankly havoc being ignored has gone on for far to long now.


Unfortunately it seems like all of us are saying the same thing over and over, and it’s becoming more clear, they obviously don’t care anymore. We can’t even get a response!

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since 9.0 came out the dh has been being ignored from the start
always being one of the worst dps since the first patch it seems that they just want this class to stop playing.
It’s frustrating being a dh because you can be fully equipped and you’ll never get to do the same dps and any of the other classes arrive and with less ilvl they do double the damage.
I met someone who told me that he created himself a hunter just because he got tired of him waiting for a long time and that they almost never accepted him in keys for being dh and the easy thing is to be invited and do much more dps without being so equipped.
I wouldn’t want to stop playing this class because it’s fun but it’s getting more and more boring being ignored.
I sometimes think that the only thing left is to wait for the next expa, although I don’t know if it’s worth paying for something that doesn’t feel comfortable .

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Lulz 9.0, try since they were released in Legion. The entirety of Legion we had the least amount of response out of any class for the whole expac. They’ve been ignoring us as long as we’ve existed.

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Thats incorrect, we were kings of AoE in Legion why you ask? Lets start with the fact that our Mastery was amazing then, until they nerfed it 40% because because people, mainly other classes, complained that we were OP.

Since then, we’ve had to rely on borrowed power, Corruption, Tier Sets, Azerite Powers, You name it weve had to live off of it. Trinkets? You Bet! Weapons that have special effects? ABSOLUTELY! because we cant get it with our actual kit.

I have only been saying this since 9.1, we gotta ALWAYS fight for our share of the meat and its usually scraps. Im so done with it, I’m back on my 18 YEAR OLD HUNTER I’ve had since Vanilla because its… its fun, a lot more fun then a DH right now.

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In legion as far as raids go, we were never top once. Not once, then even in pvp it was a s-show for dh in ranked 3s. WE weren’t even the top class for aoe in legion. Keep in mind we had heavy handed nerfs to our legionaries at time when blizzard specifically said, oh we don’t want to nerf your legendaries and make you feel bad for obtaining them. Look at how many times they nerfed anger ring.

Did you run Majordomo’s Dinner Bell? If not you wouldn’t.

You see they fixed the Dinner Bell in Legion, but in its prime? It was a straight buff to Mastery or your highest secondary. and if you wore anything in Kara that had the mark, it doubled. so if DHs were stacking 40% Mastery, i believe it knocked us up to 66% sometimes 80%. I was doing 5 mill DPS in burst alone.

Add Chaos Blades, and Meta and Fury (Now Glaive Tempest) to that concoction

This was the reason for our 40% Nerf. Because of this trinket and to add fuel to the fire, they nerfed the trinket there after.

CORRECTION - The trinket gave stats based off your well fed buff, so if you had a mastery food buff. It would give Mastery

Wouldnt matter if you ran that trinket or not. You were still out done by other classes on mythic bosses.

Edit: Either way getting off the point, yes we have been always above average but the fact still stands as far as feedback goes since Legion, it was/has been largely ignored for DHs, with other classes getting far more reception for the most part then we ever have.

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You ever tried not playing Venthyr and playing a build for chaos strike and blade dance??

Good point our low dps is why we always play with the same talents and don’t try other covenants never thought of that. after this i will be able to do dps like a hunter, you open my mind :v


You’re funny, I hope one day you guys complaining find some way to enjoy your class and not blame blizzard for your “forced” play style

Except we can 100% blame Blizzard for the forced play-style, Chaos Strike and Blade Dance is a great build, except the build sucks when its overshadowed… hilariously overshadowed, by the Venthyr Sinful Brand build. You’ve seen the numbers, its astronomical, the difference between the two.

The fact that you stated that one day us complaining… that’s where I stopped reading, because you have not played a full time DH when you make that statement. And by full time, I mean since its release. So until you actually understand that, you will always see us DH players that have been with the class since Legion, “complaining”.

Now onto why we can 100% blame Blizzard for why its like this. Lets start with our Tier Set, 20% aura buff for Blade Dance and Chaos Strike, okay for starters, this should have been baseline from the start, why lock it behind a 2pc?

The 4pc is garbage to begin with, we lobbied for it to have some kind of synergy with Demonic or Eye Beam, instead we got a Convergence of Fates trinket watered down into a 4pc. Right off the bat, they ignored every aspect of what we wanted or were looking for.

Our Mastery… is just awful, its Chaos Damage. Like I said in a previous reply, it was great in Legion because it AMPLIFIED anything that did Chaos Damage (i.e. Chaos Strike | Eye Beam etc.) They nerfed it by 40% then buffed it 14% in BfA, hasn’t been touched since. Still garbage.

They chopped off Blade Dance at the knees when they took our Dodge effect away from it. Not to mention its not even worth using unless you go into DwF and FB and even then its only more Damage on the last Target struck. Capped at 5 Targets with reduced past 5. Garbage.

Fel Barrage is on the last talent row… Stupid. Really Stupid. Also thats Chaos Damage too, Mastery affects it.

They took away Bloodlet, again, stupid… VERY Stupid.

Finally (theres much more, but i dont want to make this post any longer than it needs to be) We have Covenants and the Legos, while we only use maybe 2 of our many useless legos right now, we only have 1 useful Covenant in that of Venthyr, it was Night Fae but its EONs behind in damage because Blazing Slaughter is 100% grade A GARBAGE.

Should I go on? Blizzard is to blame. At the end of the day our class was gutted by Blizzard being reactive to the community complaining that we were doing too much damage. Instead of being proactive and actually finding a way to resolve the matter without shooting our kneecaps, they just went in and “Pruned” everything. inevitably shooting out kneecaps anyway. We have legos that we dont use, Like the Fel Rush one, thats utterly useless. DGB which adds RNG to your already random rotation based off of what is up currently. and we press one button to fish for CoH procs to occasionally hit a second button, to KEEP A F***IN DOT UP. Yeah, “Dont blame Blizzard” Im blaming them.

P.S. This has nothing to do with PvP… Don’t make this about that… We suck in pvp too.

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I am trying to find an eyebeam/blade dance build. I like love both abilities so I want to use them. I do not like momentum I do not like using a movment cd for dps.

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And that was great, you were indeed ignored since 9.0 pretty much what made Havoc a top tier DPS spec the entirety of BfA.

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Thats not what made it top… but you keep on thinking that

For starters our Chaos Strike got nerfed in BFA, before it scaled with Crit, now it just a chance on hit to refund fury. Secondly Eye Beam during the time also gave us a 100% damage buff on the targets hit. Thats gone Now.

Also we relied HEAVILY on borrowed power due to Azerite Traits, and Corruption, and Slappy Hands. take those away we were garbage.

It’s a dead spec. At least it died on the middle of the meter thanks to Sinful Brand.

Bow to your WW and SV overlords.

I’ve played DH since release actually as I have ever elite set from every season since release for DH on top of completing top level content. You’re all blaming blizzard for the wrong things is my point. Blame them for overturning sinful brand not “demonic isn’t baseline” or “chaos strike and blade dance deal no damage”

I play an NF blade dance/chaos strike build that is highly competitive in both PVE and PvP. If you can get over the fact that Brand is overturned and change your stat distributions to build for Haste which is CDR on blade dance and haste on demon blade (AA speed of course) you can have all the dps and class-fulfillment your heart desires

Can blame them for a lot more than that. Blame them for removing every other cooldown button we had. Chaos Blades? Gone. Nemesis was trash, but it’s also gone. Blame them because Metamorphosis is watered down because of Demonic’s continuing existence. Blame them that we have no scaling (mastery sucks, versatility is our best stat, crit doesn’t add refund chance anymore). Blame them that we have no dedicated AoE spender, and our base damage rotation does almost no damage on its own.


I would argue the crit based refund was a horrible mechanic. You could build for mastery if you wanted and take vers with it after maybe 10% haste or so. you’d just would run COR and Beam CD Leggo to spam annihilation. And you’d still do more than most classes single target