So you're just going to ignore DH?

This Thread wasnt about PvP…

I don’t care, you still stupidly gatekept what a DH was because they’re a “pvp main” like ??? Get over yourself.

Clearly you do care if your berating me over a post that was a few weeks old.

No one said in this post that our issues with the class stemmed over PVP, period. This wasn’t a PvP thread, I think it was Glaive who myself and a few others called out because they were a PVP main with no raid experience or M+ for that matter to see what we were talking about. At no point did any of us say we gatekept was a DH was. I told Glaive he wasn’t a “full time” DH because all he did was PvP, that makes him a FULL TIME PVPer, nothing more.

EDIT - Over a month old. Get over YOURSELF.

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Lmao okay 5head

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And Evokers ignored when the next new expansion hits and the ones after.

DH was ignored the expansion we came with, Legion. Bit of a difference. There’s a reason there was only 2 blue posts on dh regarding anything sort of info/feedback, which was the lowest of all classes the entirely, and its simply because Blizz has ignored DH since its release.


Its honestly my fav. class, feels bad when I see how DH’s don’t get any attention at all lol

I just game back to this thread and it’s funny y’all bring up my name again. Double check my stats rq please Kaiba

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Imagine thinking if you play a class 14 hours a day for 5 years you’re not a full time player of that class

This is a really good point, it makes me extremely scared for the DH talent trees. Especially after Mage trees. Mage is arguably one of the most fleshed out classes in game and you’ve got top tier mages thinking about rerolling. This matters because DH has been poorly designed, though fun imo, since launch and if the mage DF tree is sad you can only assume DH DF tree will be a lot of 3 point nodes and not exciting

Sorry I just saw this, You have M+ rating and PvP rating, but no raid experience. This is what were were calling you out on, or may have been someone else, I dont really care anymore hence why i havent responded at all. You had to have just done that within the last month or so because, it wasn’t there when you initially spoke up

You’re right, it was done recently. Time doesn’t matter. You and multiple others were saying “you’re not qualified” even though I was, but maybe these stats make you a bit happier.

All I was trying to point out was the builds that are used in PvP are completely different to how builds are used in PvE. The results will be extremely different as well. If you found a way to make it work for you, then more power to you, but at the end of the day when it comes to raiding at least (Its also different in M+) any DH will always go for the meta build because without it, their under the tank on the meters

Wrong. Scroll up to your posts about me on here from June 13th. Had to go get KSM just to prove a point to you people. Wild how your attitude has changed. I’ll see you all again in S4.

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The guy has a condition.

You’ll never win because it will always be something else. Next you’re not in Limit or whatever.

Sorry my fellow Not A Real DH.

Also, are you podtender in PvP or Naiya? I was trying Korayn a bit but working around the 15%-35% one bang seemed kind fruitless.

He really didn’t gatekeep at all, not in any meaningful way in the current discussion at least. He was just saying that Glaive’s opinion about what builds are viable in PVP doesn’t translate to PVE. Glaive used their experience in PVP to argue over which builds are good in PVE, which is obviously wrong. They also claimed they had experience PVE which they did not have at the time.

It has never been a matter of whether or not they are a DH player, and certainly not of whether they are a good DH player or not, but whether or not their opinion about the viability of DH builds in PVE is based on PVE experience or on PVP experience. If the discussion was about PVP, then their perspective would have been much more useful, probably much more than his, but it wasn’t, it was about PVE.

The only thing that could maybe be interpreted as gatekeeping was the fact that he seemed to imply that in order to be a full time DH player, you would need to play DH in all types of content. Him expressing his opinion on this matter was somewhat unnecessary and rude on the question at hand, but I don’t think Glaive’s attitude was much better than his.

My humble opinion on this if it can appease you in any way is that PVP players are usually more skilled players, because competing against other players is harder than against mobs. That usually translate in the fact that PVP players can usually succeed easily in PVE in terms of skills. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to actually do PVE for their opinion to have value on the way their class fares in PVE (which glaive did, after the argument it seems, and still retained her opinion so good for them).

Now since you’re talking about night fae builds, I’m curious to hear specifically what build Glaive while working on her KSM and how she felt it performed compared to the “meta” sin brand build if they played it at all.


Im sorry that happened or im happy for you.

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Lol. I guess the reason you misinterpret things is that you can’t read two sentences in a row.

get the ksm you can do it perfectly with any badly equipped pj, that doesn’t show anything. and i get the ksm with my dh having 260 from ilvl :v