So you're just going to ignore DH?

Demon Hunters are their Scares!

They need to make mastery affect all fury spenders, period. Either that, or make blade dance and death sweep chaos damage as well as Felblade and Immolation Aura and Throw Glaive. This will increase the value of mastery.

Remove fel rush off the DPS rotation already. It didn’t work for windwalker with Chi Torpedo, and it won’t work with DH. Give Havoc actual baseline spells instead of trying to shoehorn a mobility spell into their damage rotation.

Revert the nerf to Demonic, put it back to 8 seconds. Everyone loves Demonic, turning into a demon is a huge part of the class fantasy and only turning into one every 3-4 minutes is not something people enjoy.

It is beginning to feel like I made a huge mistake going to a Havoc DH from a BM Hunter when 9.2 came out. Maybe I should’ve stuck with the Hunter, if Havoc DH is apparently as crap as has been said. :frowning:

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I think the should rework Fel Rush imo, wont happen this expac but it could in DF, they could add a mechanic to it, like the leap animation in Heroes.

It would be a lot more serviceable if it stopped at your target and detonated an aoe around it. Fel Rush would make you pass by any targets you didn’t have locked in, and only stop at your target.

But we know Blizzard. They’re not going to do reworks, they’ve been lazymode after Legion and still making profits for inferior products, so they’re gonna keep phoning it in.

It’s kinda sad to say but it would actually be better for DH if it was in a worse spot in the raid damage wise. Because then blizzard would notice it at the bottom of the statistics chart that they look at when determining class balance and would toss it some aura buffs like they did with every other spec at the bottom of that chart. And some of those specs were already strong or broken in mythic+ when they got their buffs, so they clearly aren’t looking there.


It’s less that sinful brand is overtuned and more than all the other dh abilities are undertuned.

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blizzard at this point has proven they don’t play their game, nor know how to identify strengths and weaknesses of a class and objectively decide if nerfs or buffs are required for ST or AoE respectively.

They blindly nerf and buff based on data without referencing for themselves that data. Seems like they take a look at WCL and just go ahead and turn the knobs instead of digging into the why and the how.

M+ is a huge part of the game these days, bigger than raid in a lot of ways actually, yet classes are solely balanced around the raid, and when they underperform there, they are buffed. Take a look at the most recent WW buffs. already massive amounts of AoE damage on short cooldowns, but lagging behind in ST. they then buff ST to the moon and that class is now a powerhouse of utility and all around damage.

Yet havoc out here relying on a covenant dot that has no time to tick due to classes like this, and barely beating WW in pure ST even. Take away venthyr cov dot and havoc is basically doing SL Season 1 damage.


Now scream with me brothers and sisters, “BUFFS OR RIOT!!”

Its not overtuned, it just does the most single target damage for pve mythic and raiding. Their point is that the baseline abilities are crappy in comparison and DH’s shouldn’t be having to heavily rely on abilities outside of their toolkits to stay relevant. For example, we don’t even blade dance in pve mythics anymore and that’s what makes Demon hunters, well. Demon hunters, that cool ability of swishing swooshing around and eye beams!!! SWOSSH SOWOWOSSH SUPERMAN BEAM SWOOSH SIWWWIISOOSH CYCLOPS BEEAM!

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Your post paints a bleak picture about the status of Havoc DH. I’m not saying it’s wrong though.

Again I must wonder if choosing to be a Havoc DH was the right move. Sure I’m ilvl 252, double leggo’d, and have the tier bonus. Not getting invited into M+ groups, even on low-ish keys, is annoying, though I suspect that has nothing to do with Havoc (I’ve noted M+ groups are picky even back in Legion).

I don’t want to switch classes again though. I hate having to play catch-up.


I mean, this gambler build is kind of fun, NGL. I wish it was like this for raiding but…

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i feel the same i try to be invited m+ 22+ i always preffer other class dh is bad spot for m+ i just invited when needs a ventyr for their keys but lock can go ventyr xd there is no reason for being invited to keys :v the last week its boring pug keys a i prefer just complete vaul and play something else, i dont want reroll class i just want to play with my dh.

Tried it but apparently I need to reach a certain haste cap and that cache from Xy’mox :s And yeah its fun otherwise!!

I mean if you hit 30% haste youll be fine, you can always have more; I have noticed on some raid fights its quite useful especially for AoE when its needed, still kind meh though

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sammmeeeeeee. was also a hunter with dom shards before a swap and having to try to gear it to get off this dead class now…

even if they made blade dance the same cd as chaos strike without cutting its damage atleast our aoe would go up 2%…

just like how monks were ignored around the time DHs came out, DHs will be ignored with the release of Evokers. Its the Blizzard way

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Monk has, from the very moment DH came out, been historically stronger than DH in PvE and PvP. Not only as a DPS, but as a tank to boot.

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The random gatekeeping of “UR NOT A REAL DH BECAUSE YOU PVP ON DH” from people who only PvE is hilarious and stupid.

DH design sucks, yeah. Blizzard doesn’t tune things properly, sure. But seriously what’s with this stupid “Omg you’re only ‘x’ rating” crap. Zzzz get a better line.

Blur is a 92% dodge and on a 42s cooldown that’s insane uptime on making you immune to most melee. Unless there’s a rogue or hunter on the other team, most of the time they’ll go your partner. Tattoos and the conduit make it so you have a baseline 20% magic damage reduction, on top of being vers heavy for PvP giving you another 15-20% damage reduction. DH is super sturdy into casters which is why stuff like DH/DK/x works so well.

The game has changed a lot since season 1. You also did rbg’s only and for 1800 only. Seems like a struggle. Try not talking down your nose at other people who enjoy a different part of the game from you.