So when is the Diamond Flask getting fixed?

Oh jeez of course you post something like this.

Vael is such a poor indicator of anything and I wish it would stop being the “go-to” in regards to DPS/Threat measurements.

Not to mention a 17 second fight. A LIP is over a third of that.

Okay, what is your point? Do you disagree with me or do you just take issue with the example I provided?

The dps guys? Maybe. The healing isn’t potent.

Yeah, the guys dying from Blast Wave 30 seconds into Broodlord and being overkilled by 300 damage, stuff like that.

Yeah, but they could also play smarter. Our fights will also be longer than the one minute clears, so they won’t get to stack flask with execute phase and stuff like that. There’s more to it than just getting the healing for chip damage.

Yeah but that doesn’t discredit the fact that in the cases of guilds like yours, mine and thousands of others that aren’t at that level where everyone plays flawlessly, the Diamond Flask set can be very useful.

It doesn’t, but there are easier fixes to those use cases than having every warrior build a heal set and pre pop diamond flask. As a guild and as a raid group, I would encourage them to focus on playing better over using diamond flask healing to mask their mistakes.

It’s seriously not that big of a deal.

If it wasn’t warrior only, and everyone was able to use it in some way in a raid to get around a mechanic, then yeah, it would need to be fixed.

That’s not what an exploit is.

Restorative Potions allow you to ignore two mechanics on Lucifron. Are those an exploit, as well?

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Honestly, couple of enchanted healing weapons will work pretty well for most of what dflask is good for, while letting you pop it in-line with whatever you want.

It’s not super hard to come by +200 healing from enchanted healer/caster items.

It wont get nerfed. No way is blizzard nerfing their flavor of forever. They need subs and they cant risk losing all those bright eyed players who only play the best class and dream of big deeps. They beat the crap out of hunters with classic but everyone knew coming in that hunters arent part of the big 3 so nerfing them is safe and risks far fewer sub losses

Who cares? It makes the game more interesting. And you justsaid yourself it wasn’t fixed in vanilla so go get wrecked

The mage is mad because in pvp, warriors can get healed like 1k hp every 5 seconds and a good burst damage boost for 1 min.

Pretty much classes that should never lose to a warrior 1v1 are losing to warriors 1v1 and are angry. It is pretty overpowered I admit, but still not as overpowered as all the lovely pvp skills that pretty much any other class has at their disposal. Especcially mages.

I understand your issue, but stop trying to spin this from a PVE perspective. You either lost 1 on 1 to a warrior or your premade got stomped at blacksmith from a few warriors with this.

And I have seen you terrain exploit on the roof of MC entrance blasting people from up top where nobody could get to you. I guess terrain exploits are ok though.

False choices are fun.

I’m gonna go with … neither. I just like it when obvious bugs are fixed.

But it’s not broken, as per all your false bug report posts about it.

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No response to you using terrain exploits though. Funny

Who cares about diamond flasks. Let me use mighty rage potions lol.

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Standing on a roof everyone can access is no more a terrain exploit than nuking from atop a cliff you have to go around to ascend. You’re desperately reaching for red herrings. I’m so sorry there was one time 6 months ago you couldn’t faceroll charge/intercept someone attacking you, you’ll get over it.

Now back to the actual topic … Fix the diamond flask. You know it’s a bug. I know its a bug. Blizzard knows its a bug. Warriors just like to pretend they’re not bugs when they benefit from them.

Except that it is explicitly explained that standing on roofs during pvp IS considered an exploit according to blizz rules. If anything, what you are doing is worse since diamond flask isn’t even considered an exploit.