So what do you think the next expansion story will be?

Let’s hear the theories. Cookie points to whomever gets it closest in the far future.


it has to be proper void expansion where we learn how they work on cosmic level over than just fleshy parasites that divebomb on planets.

There’s a cut scene at the seat of the aspects that show some kind of new tree blooming. I’m guessing it has to do with that. That tree, I bet, will attract the attention of the void and will lead into that.

Also, maybe it’s me, but Alexstrasza sounds more and more sinister. That speech she gives when Ebyssian takes the mantle of Aspect of Earth sounds kind of ominous in a way. And primalists keep talking about how the Titans lied to us. There’s a lot of secrets to uncover and I think some allies may not be as benevolent as they appear.

A meteor falls down the sky, inside an evil that will take over Azeroth.

It will corrupt the world, everything will be hostile, except for a tiny faction of NPC´s and hubs. The days will be gone, when you could walk into major cities to sell at the AH, access your bank easily.

You first need to free the world from the evil, slowly unlock the things you took for granted. This expansion will lead to either massive increase in subs, or be the last. :kissing:


Isn’t that the Ardenweald seed / the assumed NE story-
Probably gonna be the new Night Elf world tree / home / some NE story (?)

If so let them have a win not tied up w the void trying to be a foil to their story narrative imo

Old god’s, Azshara and pirates.

You heard it here first, folks.

Noticed some people commenting the possibility of a pirate expansion of sorts, on some unknown continent that is completely new to the lore. Perhaps we will see more hints by the last patch.

Maybe some more Night Elf narrative, with their tree finally growing again? DF made me hopeful again. Malfurion and Tyrande seemed to be behaving like their own selfs once again on Ysera’s questline.

Scarlet brotherhood finally reveals their (supposed) Menethil heir and takes control of the throne. Alliance splits between disadvantaged Anduin loyalists and Light fanatics.

Of course they reignite the war, determined to destroy the horde and cleanse all the remaining forsaken/undead.

TL;DR the Iron Horde but red themed humans this time.


BFA 2 sounds icky.

Yep I agree.

that’s probably for next patch, not expansion. We’re still only at 10.1

that’s just chrono trigger if you add bronze dragons

Shameless self plug.

Gnomes, vulpera, and Goblins leave the horde and alliance to make their own faction and go to outer space in doing so they© blow up the giant sword in Silithus and we discover Hollow Azeroth™ and we the player must go there in order to survive a Snowball Azeroth™. Except the GNomes and Vulpera and Goblins which get to go to an entirely different expansion in outer space. Where they fight evil Sethrakk bent on universal domination. And there’s a faction of the evil Sethrak that become our friends by rebelling agains their evil Sethrakkian overlords and an allied race if you grind all the rep and do dailys for a few months!


Yesssh plz ! :dracthyr_heart:

BFA pvp was gud, so was assaults, warfronts, and the old world revamps. YES PLZ give moar of pvp bfa style content!

Chrono trigger waz gud!

Yrel and her Lightbound coming on Azeroth to extend the Light Mother’s army and the Holy Light.

Something will happen for that with Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight.





If it helps people get a closer concept, there are some possible locations to visit.

  • Avaloren: a base of savage heretical Titan Forged
  • Khaz Modan: Earthen that culturally resembles Dwarves
  • Ogrezonia: assumed to be a small island of female Ogres
  • Bunny Island: known to be the cursed land of the Easter Bunny and the race of Bunnymen-- easy change to the Japanese origins of Rabbit Island mixed with their legends of rabbits.
  • Zul’Dare: abandoned Kul’tiran location that has been fought over during the second war

Something something sword in Silithus

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The Void shows up and it’s big and scary and universe-ending. You know, the same as all the other expansions.

Yrel shows up with the Army of the Light to help but it turns out she’s “corrupted” by the Light or whatever. We have to ask Sargeras for help, continuing the Warcraft trend of bad guys becoming good guys (kind of) that help save the world.

Things start going sideways and we learn that the Void is a parasitic entity that sucks the life out of every planet it comes across or something contrived like that, so we have to go back to the Shadowlands and get Anduin and Sylvanas.

Sylvanas and Anduin establish a platonic Brooding Older Sister/Annoying Little Brother relationship, which pisses off all the weirdos who ship the two together on Twitter. They work together and find some ancient eldritch entity that reveals that Sylvanas is the Chosen One.

Kerrigan – I mean, Sylvanas then accepts her destiny with the help of Anduin and we help her banish the Void and she sacrifices herself except not really because no one ever dies in this clown fiesta of a fictional universe.

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nzoth comes back and a void expac happens and it expands on the void elf story where it left off and introduces void elfs open up to a new class paladin ! then it leads us some how back to the giant sword and we try to heal azeroths wounds , i don’t know maybe illidan will come back somehow too and well catch up with him . who knows maybe sylvanas will comes back and say she is done doing the maw dallies .

and then somehow itll introduce san’layn , vrykul ARs somehow they’ll be apart of the story im not sure how but can only guess . Etcetc

Evil Future Yrel shows up and demands everybody join the Light, Turalyon agrees and invades the Horde, and we have to work with Anduin and Alleria to stop them from killing everybody. And then at the end of the expansion it’s revealed that it was all a setup organized by… I dunno… gnomes or something.

It’s probably the gnomes.

Except Arthas.

In fact, we’ll find a way to kill Arthas again, just for funsies.


Lmao no one is safe from the dailies

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